Why do people disappear from Bomjon’s premises?

There is an investigation by the Nepalese authorities, Setopati and Kathmandu Post about the “mysterious” disappearances of Bomjon’s long-time followers. By now it is about 5 people. In reality, investigators could have found the reasons for why certain people disappear from around Buddha Boy, from my articles on this website long ago. But why had disappeared only these people and not others?

I had been warning in numerous articles that Bomjon has a specific “ritual” of creating a chain-reaction of sinful deeds where he involves his, often very young, followers, monks, nuns and lay people, in the brutal crimes he is doing to other people. Thus, dozens of men women and children had become not only witnesses, but even culprits in kidnapping, beating, torturing in various ways, rape, holding hostage and other crimes against me and Mata Ani in 2012. I clearly remember those people and I have write down their names repeatedly in my articles.

Image above: The four missing followers of Ram Bomjon who had been reported by thir families. One of them (Sancha Lal Waiba first from left) had been beaten to death at Bomjon’s order, according to two eyewitnesses. Source: http://thedarjeelingchronicle.com/murder-rape-violence-in-the-ashram-of-little-buddha/ 

Above image: Bomjon walking in Halkhoriya in 2012 when he was holding two women hostage, myself chained to a tree there, around 5 min. behind this path, Mata Ani somewhere else. The nun behind Budha lama second from right appears to be one of the currently disappeared followers. If she was involved in Bomjon’s secrets, similarly like Suresh Ale Magar, there can be enough reason to fear. Bomjon has a policy to silence those who know too much about him. 

So when I have seen the photos of alleged disappeared followers shown in the Nepali media, it only confirmed my observation: Bomjon pulls his followers to do crimes against others, often himself only ordering and watching, and then sooner or later he “rightfully punishes'” those who did those crimes against others, and he can easily justify this to those who are – yes, again, not only watching but even assisting him in punishing the perpetrators – as a way to return the karma that they had done to others… The witnesses, often even children, women and monks and nuns, watch with full acceptance how the “guru” punishes those who, for example tortured or raped Marici (me) or Mata Ani, or who played role in killing his sister Manu… Some of his followers he uses as right hands to punish the former punishers… All these sudden crime witnesses and culprits are involuntarily involved in grave sins, and do not even consider the possibility that one day they will be punished in a similar manner, possibly even by death…

This chain-reaction of involving his followers in crimes had been yet once again confirmed to me, when I saw that Magar monk’s photo in the media, who had broken my right hand, at the order of Ram Bomjon during the tortures in 2012, when I was their hostage, causing me to be physically handicapped all my life. Later on Magar Lama, whom we had known in 2011 as Molam Lama had been also “used” by the “Buddhaboy” to attack Bomjon’s own mother and 5 siblings in April 2012. In the brutal violence were assisting the Polish citizen Tomasz Henryk Tarnowski and the Nepali Darshan Subba Limbu and Bal Hari Rai.

Bomjon, Budha lama and Molam lama (Suresh Magar)during the cremation ceremony of Bomjon’s father in 2011 in Bongjor, Ratanpuri

Did anyone ask why did nearly all the perpetrators who played a crucial role in harming me and Mata, gradually disappear from Bomjon’s photos after 2012? Did anyone ask why did he kill (according to eye-witnesses!) his own sister Manu and the US retired psychologist Dr. Moore? Why did Darshan Subba Limbu disappear from around Bomjon in a few years after he was involved in the sexual assaults and beatings against me and Mata in 2012? And is Shivaraj meme, Khaiba, Shangbo Dong, Usha Tamang, Budha Lama and all those who had been ordered by Bomjon to tie me, beat me, spit on me, guard me during the 3 month being his hostage in the jungle? None of those people can we see on the Puja program photos anymore…

“Two eye-witnesses have told Setopati that a disciple was beaten to death on his instruction inside his ashram. The disciple’s son told us that he has not heard of his father who went to Bomjon’s ashram four years ago.” writes Setopati in 2018.

That people are being beaten to death by Bomjon and his disciples had been but published by me, based on eyewitness accounts to an ex-follower Ivan already as early as 2015. The first account had been described to Ivan and then me about the beating of Bomjon’s own sister, Manu to a critical condition of swollen brain what caused her death a year later, and also, a strange alleged “heart attack” of US citizen Dr. Moore in 2016 in Bomjon’s premises, where he had been “treated” by his followers and his body cremated without autopsy by the cult members. Both deaths had been well known to the public, media and Nepali Government, but there was no will to investigate them. Also, in my article Did Bomjon’s attendants torture a woman to death I had informed about a single source which had mentioned that exactly his could have happened, thus raising the murders done in Bomjon’s surroundings to 3. Still, even if many details are supicious around the deaths of these people, the Nepalese Government did not investigate them and even allowed Bomjon to thrive and ensure a nearly political leadership in 2016 by arraning a megalomaniac “Maitri Puja” in Kathmandu.

During the time I had been kept tied to a tree in Bomjon’s jungle, there had been many elder men in monk robes used as guards to send away curious people who would accidentally wander around the place. Some of those faces I have never seen on Bomjon’s public photos anymore, and year after year I wondered if he eventually silenced them brutally, as they could pose as powerful witnesses to his tortures to me. The man beaten to death could have been one of these…

In another article of Setopati the name of the man beaten to death is published as Sancha Lal Waiba:

It could be one of Bomjon’s nearest long-times associates, a red-robed monk who had been serving Bomjon and sharing all his secrets from at least 2007, when Bomjon moved to Halkhoriya Jungle. I remember that we had spoken about the fact that the monk had the same surname as Jas Bahadur Waiba, with Andrea Good, Bomjon’s main US-Japanese propagator at the time. I have also learned from Andrea that Waiba had a son who sat in Bomjon’s meditation place and went “crazy”, and a daughter whom we called Nangsalji, who was the Halkhoriya ashrams cook and khenpo Sonam Gyurme’s servant in 2011.

Interestingly, even Nangsal had been accused of “getting crazy” at one point in 2011, allegedly from Bomjon’s “spiritual radiance,” and once was found naked at Bomjon’s place by Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski, as he told me then personally. In every case, the father, son and daughter of the Waibas (not related to Jas Bahadur Waiba) had been involved in very strange things and it is easily believable that even in crimes from Bomjon’s earliest times, and he tried to discredit them by announcing them mentally ill, in case they would speak out. If the eyewitnesses told the truth, Waiba must have seen just too much to be too dangerous for Bomjon to keep him alive, even if he was a loyal keeper of his secrets…Apropos…where is Tomasz Tarnawski, where is Nangsalji…?

Tomasz Henryk Tarnowski during his attack on journalists in 2012. Always available for any brutality, Tomek was around Bomjon till 2016. Is he going to be the next missing person? Or was he sent to Poland to prepare the way of his guru to invade Europe as a “religious refugee” persecuted by Nepal…?

Yet, it would be wise for those who helped Bomjon to kill Waiba, and those who had seen it, to become worried for their own lives.

I had been warning in my articles repeatedly that Bomjon is silencing his culprits and witnesses, because they could give a witness/accomplice account about him organizing those crimes. Yet as we see, they are rather choosing the protective wings of their guru than going public, because, obviously, they would be treated themselves as culprits in grave bodily harm, rape and kidnapping by the law. They are pushed in the corner by being pulled to sinful deeds, while originally they had been searching for spiritual life at the world-famous “Buddha Boy”. No way to escape, because that would mean justice and jail for them, but also dangerous to stay with the “guru”, because Bomjon could (and does!) silence them eventually.


Image above: Molam Lama alias Suresh Magar in 2011 in Halkhoriya, when he was new to Bomjon’s cult. Photo made by Andrea Good. 

Bomjon ordered Molam Lama to break Marici’s hand in 2012. This is a photo of my hand after I was released an deported by Nepal’ authorities after they forced me to pay 2600 USD, even if I was a victim of crime.

The X-rays with my name on them can be seen in the article Maha Sambodhis non-violence in Halkhoriya

But Nepalis are not interested in finding this all out, as soon as it is not themselves who are harmed. Until the victims were just some “crazy bideshi” (foreigners), some poor village boys and 17 Madeshis, Nepal thought that could be easily forgiven to the “New Buddha” who has a potential to bring tourist money to the country. Even dozens of victims left behind with handicaps for all life had been perceived by the Nepali Government as only some “cosmetic” errors in the otherwise holy Buddhaman… We, victims, had to wait 10 years until Nepalis are slowly realizing that Bomjon had used them against us as means in his dark “dharma”, and that this is nothing to be happy about, but to fear.

Thus, all those who are supporting Bomjon currently against his latest victims, are already “enrolled” in the next list of victims without acknowledging this. Mani Lama and other politicians, foreign donors, Jas Bahadur Waiba are just a few names of those who are covering up the “Maitreya’s” black deeds over many years. We might soon find these names among those who are going to be the next missing persons from Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s premises…

Recently the family members of those unfortunate followers, whom Bomjon had involved in crimes against others, had realized that they were missing. Yet, the very same families did not question the presence of their children in an environment where rapes, tortures, breaking bones as punishment are the norm, from 2011 till now, 2018! How is this possible?

Image above: Molam Lama (Suresh Magar) posing to the camera of Andrea Good in 2011, during a walk with foreign devotees in Halkhoriya. That time he was new to Bomjon and tried to make friend with the foreigners with his weak English. He was telling everyone he studied medicine. He was friendly and kind. Yet in 2012 h change very much, his entire energy, speech, behavior, I could not recognize him during my captivity by Bomjon in 2012, when he assisted him and showed a shocking cruelty to me when he broke anew my already healed fracture…He was also employed to assist Bomjon and Dorje in other tortures. 

So what should all Nepali parents who have children, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers serving Bomjon worry about now? That their loved ones had already been involuntarily involved in crimes against others (maybe even those who disappeared, including Magar?) and that they will be soon the next ones on the conveyor belt to be get rid of… An intelligent and loving parent would never leave his or her children to serve a “guru” with a long list of rape, torture ad violence accusations. Yet, Tamangs are mostly uneducated in the villages where Bomjon has his strongholds, and easily let themselves fooled by the “thulo manche” (influential people) like Mani Lama or Jas Waiba, that the whole thing is just “fake news” and an evil propaganda by Bomjon’s alleged many enemies…

Jas Bahadur Waiba claimed to the father of Magar that he was in Thailand. Another possibility is always that Bomjon could hide his culprits in case he would be arrested, so that they cannot pose as witnesses against himself, yet they can be fooled by the illusion that their “guru” had protected them from prosecution by sending them abroad, like he did with Darshan Subba Limbu who stayed a few years after the 2012 crime case against me and Mata, in the UK.

2011, Autumn
Jas Bahadur Waiba (in black with white shawl) with Bomjon father cremation cermony 2011

In my articles on this website I had provided information and photos of Jas Bahadur Waiba. The father of Molam Lama claims he could not get the contact of Waiba in Kathmandu. Waiba is a near friend of Mani Lama and the so called Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha Central Committee in Kathmandu. If anyone who is literate helped Molam’s father, it could have been easy to find Jas Waiba based on my websites. Yet Waiba was an old man of around 60 already in 2011 when I stayed in his house. Currently he must be t least 69 years old, and even if he is alive, he could hardly be prosecuted, questioned or tried in Nepal… He would bring his sins of covering up Bomjon’s crimes to his grave.

So the chain-reaction of ‘culprits turned victims’ is going to continue in Nepal, until there will be no one left alive in Bomjon’s cult, and he would then simply claim a refugee status in Angela Merkel’s Germany …

Time to wake up…


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