Will the Nepalis wake up finally to recognizing Bomjon’s crimes?

It seems that to Nepal’ citizens, Government, police and human rights organizations enough is never enough… Even after repeated series of news in mainstream media over the last 10 years (!) of DOZENS of victims of kidnapping, rapes, brutal beatings and tortures Ram Bomjon and his associates and political supporters did not get the attention of the country’s justice system, neither had been any of his victims compensated or apologized to. We can stay easily sceptical even after the latest wave of news about ‘Maitriya’ Buddha Boy’s disappeared followers in the media: the “guru” who had been invited to Baluwatar by the late PM Sushil Koirala as well as (during his term as PM) by Sher Bahadur Deuba, has too many powerful political players behind him to smooth out things for him, even if according to eye witnesses at least two people had lost their lives as a consequence of Ram Bomjon’s brutal treatment of them.

Featured image: The parents of 3 of missing Bomjon-followers gathered at a press conference in Kathmandu. Paradoxically it is the same hall of Reporters Club, Nepal, where Mani Lama, Bomjon’s political supporter had been justifying his guru after I had been released from being his hostage 3 months in 2012, after tortures, beatings and sexual assaults… Ekantipur.com 



The readership of The Halkhoriya Times had shot up in the last days again. I was wondering what could have been the reason. In contrary to the past, when readers had been in majority from the USA, Canada, UK and India, recently Nepalis had also clicked on the website hundreds of times. I have sensed that something had again happened, because, as we know, Ram Bomjon is never sitting in silent meditation, but has always some dark activities going on inside his premises, which surface from time to time only, just to be hushed down and deleted from Google search again and again, by his PR activists and political lobbyists.

But this time, to my surprise, the formerly silenced or self-censored media continues to bring to the public attention the demonic plight that Ram Bomjon had brought to Nepal, and even in Nepalese. A great deal of bringing out the truth had been unleashed by the 2016 article of Setopati “The State must watch Bomjon”, and recently of News24’s TV interviews with his long-time rape victim Ganga Maya Moktan (in this video still called Nirmala Tamang to avoid publishing her real name).

So what are the latest “maitreyan” deeds of the world-famous Nepalese (sexually uncontrolled) Ascetic?

Finally, after years of desperate warnings from victims like myself, families of disappeared young followers had realized that some foul play is going on in Bomjon’s premises. It is interesting that even after I openly told in Nepalese media that i was his torture victim 3 whole months, those families did not believe and et their members to continue to serve Bomjon (and yes, most probably also assist in his crimes against others). The Kathmandu Post writes in the article Families file complaints after people go missing from Bomjan’s ashram:

“Dec 27, 2018-

The families of Fulmaya Rumba and Sancha Lal Waiba of Makwanpur, Suresh Ale Magar of Bara, and Chunmo Dolma Tamang of Nuwakot have filed separate police complaints against the controversial ascetic, claiming that their relatives have been out of contact from Bomjan’s ashrams in Bara and Sindhuli district for years. ”

Fulmaya had been in Bomjon’s service since 2011, Chunmo Dolma from 2012… These are the years when the media had most fervently informed about Bomjon’s crimes against me and the Tamang Mata Ani, as well as gainst his own mother and five siblings. How it is that even after such news in the TV and newspapers, caring mothers and fathers let their children to serve Ram Bomjon?

To my knowledge only the Setopati media publisher was brave enough to investigate the grave crimes of Ram Bomjon. The Nepalese version of the article is here: https://setopati.com/setopati-exclusive/172223 . It is translated to English: http://setopati.net/social/136521

The article (and video attached) speak about two eyewitnesses confirming a brutal killing by Ram Bomjon and his followers inside his premises. Setopati had spoken to dozens of witnesses in Bomjon’s various ashrams in Bara, Sindhuli, Sarlahi, Nuwakot, as well as various victims of violence and rape. It also mentions five men who managed to escaped from Bomjon at the danger of their lives. Still, as if it would be a bad dream, one of Nepal’s former (short-time) health ministers, Mani Lama Tamang, is said to have protected Bomjon’s holy image and accused his rape victim Gangamaya Tamang in a press conference of lying and even stealing from the ashram. The girl id not get any justice and support in Nepal, which is home to hundreds of charities and NGOs founded to protect women’s rights and supported by foreign donations…

A list of gradually updated articles informing about Bomjon’s recent crimes can be found here

There is no wonder that finally even self-lying Nepalis had turned to this website in the search of more proofs and documented cases, because the justice system, Government authorities or countless human rights offices and organizations have shown total ignorance and disinterest in the plight of dozens of Bomjon’s victims. Yet, the stories about Bomjon’s crimes had been available on the Internet at least from 2007. Although the had been deleted as a consequence of censorship on all mainstream media pages from 2012, me, as a victim, had been collecting, preserving, archiving and publishing his various crime cases from 2012 till today. Thus, if anyone was seriously interested, all was easily accessible on the Internet, police, Government or NGOs did not even need to do much investigation, I did all for them… The problem is, they were not!

Setopati is concluding its investigative article:

“The story of Bomjon, who appeared at the Ratanpuri jungle in Bara as a sage 13-years-ago, is unbelievable. It is astonishing how the state has been unaware about all the sexual exploitation and violence inside his ashrams.

He owns hundreds of bighas of land including the three sprawling ashrams in Sarlahi, Sindhuli and Sindhupalchowk districts. He has so much money that he often uses a helicopter to travel from one ashram to another. He has a Toyota Land Cruiser for personal use.

He had arrived in a carcade of dozens of vehicles for the function organized at Chunikhel of Lalitpur one and half years ago. There were almost three dozens of foreign disciples in that function that ran for many days.

His disciples, who left his ashram many years ago, say he had a few pistols and a rifle, and many swords then. They claim he may have added many weapons to his armory in all these years. He gets the swords made in Kathmandu and keeps them at his ashrams.”

Republished fom Setopati by http://thedarjeelingchronicle.com/murder-rape-violence-in-the-ashram-of-little-buddha/ .(Archive.org and Archive.today)

As I know too well how things work in Nepal, I do not have much hope that we, his numerous victims of torture, brutal beatings and rapes ever get justice. Instead, the current hysteria about trying to find out if he really is that bad as victims say, will serve his own purposes. What Bomjon is going to do next, will be that he will pose as a victim of unjust persecution by Nepal and simply will ask for a refugee status as a ‘religious dissident” in some of the world’s most democratic and liberal countries, for example Germany, the UK or Australia… And only THEN everyone will finally understand in Nepal, what was that demon they had been harboring and nurturing for decades, all about.

I had been warning…

Below are two videos where family members of the disappeared victims speak with reporters:


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