Halkhoriya Jungle is the place to search for the disappeared

Where to search for the missing people from around Bomjon? How to investigate the crimes of Bomjon? Here are some advises from one of the victims, who had spoken to 3 other Bomjon-victims and made a long and detailed private investigation about the crimes done by him.

“Jas Bahadur Waiba, Bomjon’s assistant, had taken Suresh to the Halkhoriya-based ashram to teach Buddhism. “He was in a great dilemma over whether to return to the ashram when he had come home in the third week of May 2015. Since then, he is out of contact. We are clueless about his whereabouts,” said Hasta Bahadur.” MyRepublica-Nagarikntwork: Bara police begins probe into complaints filed against Bomjon, followers

Featured image: Bomjon walking in Halkhoriya Jungle during the time when he was holding two women hostage there, Marici tied to a tree with chains. The  deep jungle is a perfect place for those who want to hide something or someone. The area was fenced and patrolled by his followers not to allow anyone to enter. Bomjon might hide the disappeared people in Halkhoriya, as hostages. Big boards NO ENTRANCE had been put on many trees in 2012.

Nepal’s authorities should treat all the criminal cases connected to Bomjon collectively and not as separate so called “FIRs”, because they cannot be successfully investigated until compared to all the other victim’s stories. Bomjon is not a typical petty criminal who would have any normal reason to attack, loot, torture or sexually abuse men and women, and thus his crimes should be viewed as his scrupulously premeditated main program, as a complex project, an awkwardly brutal destructive cult with its inhuman rituals. Only if investigated as a mass of a series of crimes against randomly chosen victims (mostly, but not only, from his own followers), will be the police and politicians understand what is really going on with this dark cult in Nepal already from about 2007.

What we can see but is that Nepali police is trying to “solve” (if at all) the separate FIRs (police reports) of separate victims, always finding no answers, no clues and no ways to prosecute the gang and its boss, because what Bomjon is doing simply does not make sense, and he has powerful supporters behind him who regularly accuse the victims of intentional lies and the media of “fake news”, while the rich donors and sponsors ferociously bribe the police officers sent out to question or even arrest Bomjon…

This path was leading to the so called "meditation tree" of Ram Bomjon.
Halkhoriya Compound in 2011

Any investigator should STUDY the series of very similar cases, starting with Anil Khatri in 2007 until now, and use the descriptions of victims and witnesses to understand what could have happened to the newest and newest victims. Because, it is easy to see that Bomjon’s repeated brutality against many dozens of people is not an accident, not some cosmetic error in his spiritual discipline and not a sign of his “human weaknesses”, be it a belief that he is unable to control his anger or sexual drives… It would be entirely stupid to put his crimes to that category!

Instead, Nepalis should consult Western security agencies concerning dark religious cults with terrorist plans (of the type of the cult of Shoko Asahara), psychopathic cults which abused and misused children and women in great numbers, apocalyptic new-age cults which use drugs and weapons to bring a “new world order”, sexual (“Tantric”) cults which serve only one single male leader (see some Mormon branches, Sogyal Lakar etc.). Bomjon’s is, without any doubt, a criminal religious cult with all the negative elements which caused collective suicides and murders of the type of the Davidians, apocalyptic attacks of the type of Asahara and a long list of raped women of the type of Sogyal Lakar.

Halkhoriya Jungle jail house (dozed down by the authorities in 2012). Similar buildings Bomjon built all over the jungle to use as torture places and for keeping hostages. To visitors they were shown as storehouses or places to paint his Thangkas.

I had been repeatedly warning, for example, from 2012 till today, that Bomjon and his cult members possess weapons, rifles, guns and old-style swords. There had been numerous incidents when people had been attacked by his and/or his followers’ swords, witnesses described guns seen in his places, yet Nepal’s authorities turn a blind eye to these information.

Why Halkhoriya?

It is also surprising to me that all those alleged investigations about the FIRs of countless victims never cared to study Bomjon’s permanent “struggle” to regain and regain the Halkhoriya Jungle to his possession, even after being repeatedly evicted from there by the local government of Bara District. When in 2014 Bomjon was himself invited by the late Prime Minister Sushil Koirala to Baluwatar, he was parroting in that bizarre “conversation” monotonously only one thing: that he wanted back the Halkhoriya Jungle, from which he was evicted by those materialist enemies who were against his dharma… The old and fragile PM, ignoring the news about Bomjon’s violence in Halkhoriya, granted his wish. It was just one month after Bomjon kidnapped and beat up to pouring blood 5 of his followers and two villagers, by the help of his “blue monks” on September 2, 2014, where else than in … Halkhoriya!

Bomjon and his entourage walking out to his 2012 Maitri Puja, while me, his victim is chained to a tree a few meters behind the bamboo construction on the back, and tortured and sexually assaulted during the Puja chanting. This area was in his “inner circle”, fenced an guarded by monks. We can see a few khenpos around him, who knew about the two hostages and even helped Bomjon torture us…The  “man in black” is Jas Bahadur Waiba, Bomjon’s main bribe-man and the one he sent out to the city to buy massive steel chains to chain me, just behind him is ex-health minister Mani Lama, who all knew about us two hostages but did not help us. Waiba’s family members requested him to speak with Bomjon an release me, but Waiba told “Guruji does not allow”.

So why is Halkhoriya so important for Bomjon, while he could live in much bigger comfort in his concrete houses in his sprawling ashram compounds of Sindhupalchok (Badegaon), Sindhuli, Sarlahi or many other districts?

Halkhoriya is the FIRST jungle where he settled after breaking his alleged “six years of tapasya”, which he had announced when sitting a few weeks under the pipal tree in Ratanpuri in 2005. We could easily say that Halkhoriya was the projection of his very first LIE, because everyone knows he had not completed even a year of that alleged six year meditation “without food”. When he settled in Halkhoriya, he started his career of brutal monsterism as early as 2006-2007:

  • it was in Halkhoriya that he had tried to cut the head of Anil Khatri, his childhood friend, with a huge sword in 2006-2007
  • it was in Halkhoriya that he had kidnapped and kept hostage a Spanish tourist who went to see the emerging “New Buddha” and released her in a grave condition in 2006-2007
  • it was in Halkhoriya in 2009-2010 that he attacked the 17 Madeshi men together with his monks, locking them up in a hut and beating them to blood all night
  • it was in Halkhoriya in 2011 that he attacked the Australian boy and thrashed his head to the concrete so that he has headaches until today
  • it was in Halkhoriya in 2012 that he kidnapped me and Mata Ani and kept us 3 months tied to trees in the jungle, torturing us, beating and letting sexually assaulted
  • it was in Halkhoriya in 2012 that he kidnapped and kept hostage his own mother and siblings for 5 days, letting them beaten up
  • it was in Halkhoriya in 2014 that Bomjon had kidnapped, locked them in his “kajogpa” (the only remaining house after the other were dozed down by the authorities in 2012) and beat them to pouring blood
Satellite image of the dense and vast Halkhoria Jungle with the Halkhoriya Pond,  andf Devdaha Lake from 2008. Bomjon’s “meditation tree” can be seen on the upper left corner, surrounded by a dry patch of land. In fact he was staying in the cement houses constructed from 2010 there, his main villa being the so called Kajogpa, near the pond (black colored smaller lake). the green emptier patch is a grassy clearing. and the shiny whitish sand patch is where the drinking water spring was found. Only Bomjon’s nearest trustees had been allowed to cross the fence and go for water, apparently because they could bump upon Bomjon himself, who had been eating and drinking in his highly protected private area, and had been regularly holding there tortured hostages. The place where he had chained me was very near to that Banyan tree. During my 3 months of being hostage, Darshan Limbu, Bomjon’s torture assistant told me “many people are chained to trees all over the place, similarly like you, this is Guruji’s new dharma”. After my release I learned that Mata Ani Tamang was also held hostage in this jungle, during the same period as me..All this huge area, with 13 km circumference, had been fenced by a barbed-wire fence and patrolled by Bomjon’s monks and followers claiming that the area belonged to their guru.

There had been further many other organized violent attacks in and around Halkhoriya, because even if the official version was that he was evicted, every local confirmed me that he ha secret “posts” where he stationed his people inside the jungle, and he himself was seen to return with his entourage from time to time. So in reality there was not much difference between hi official eviction and official granting of the Jungle by the Government.

The ideal place for any criminal and psychopath with plans of ritual tortures, keeping hostages, raping them etc. is a big, dense and deep jungle with a mystical and magical atmosphere, where even villagers do not dare to walk and where wild animals are in abundance. Where could it be better and easier to chain women to trees and collectively torture “witches”, rape young girls or lock up men in hidden forest huts and terrorize them? Halkhoriya is simply THAT PLACE!

For those who believe in ghosts: Halkhoriya must carry the ghosts of those anonymous poor villager ladies and men who had been tortured to death or got mad from Bomjon’s terrorizing, while suffering the hell he intentionally created to them there, with the assistance of his followers. Halkhoriya also had drunk my own blood, after Bomjon beat me in 2012, as well as it was the place where he encouraged the married Bal Hari Rai to have sex with a Czech visitor, while I was tied with ropes and tortured… Let’s anyone think anything, I call these special rituals black magic and satanism… Halkhoriya absorbed the unlistened-to cries for help, the blood of beaten people, the juices of sinful promiscuity, everything that Bomjon was doing and encouraging or ordering his followers to be done, in the name of “Maitri Dharma”.

2014 Halkhoriya
Bomjon’s jungle villa “Kajogpa” was the only building which the authorities left in Halkhoriya intact, as they had no equipment to doze down as the others. hen Bomjon returned to the Jungle in 2014, he immediately continued with kidnapping and jailing people, using the rooms of this remaining house.

Now, when allegedly 4 people disappeared from the ashrams of Bomjon, suddenly Nepalis are at odds where their loved ones could be. Should not they consider that even their missing family members are held hostage and tortured – just like dozens of others before them – in Halkhoriya? The dense forest, where thanks to ex-PM Koirala, Bomjon is the ruler and police and inhabitants have no right to enter his compound, is just that perfect setting for hiding hostages. No one will ever hear their cries for help, no one will see their chains and pouring blood. Local APF police was rather afraid to ever go deeper inside this jungle, at least they have never went even as deep as 5 minutes from the huts of followers along the riverbed, where they would have easily had found me during those terrible 3 months on chains in 2012. Villagers had been beaten by Bomjon’s followers for trespassing his barbed-wire fence, erected inside a Government Forest and part of national reservation forest. What could be then easier than to hide ones victims there, on ropes, chains, hidden huts, or cremate and bury their bodies?

The parents of the missing can thank their own government which had created a perfect environment for Bomjon to pursue his destructive “dharma” of beating, raping and torturing people over the past 11-12 years, and even granted him an exclusive jungle, Halkhoriya, to do this all undisturbed by police or the public. What can a criminal guru desire for more?


So, in a conclusion, raiding Bomjon’s ashrams in relatively inhabited and civilized open areas in villages like Badegaon, Sindhuli or Sarlahi has not much effect. The police did exactly just that though, as if they did it just “for the show” (as Nepalis say), because if they have had raided Halkhoriya, they might have bumped upon Bomjon’s disappeared victims. And that could be embarrassing, after all those huge bribes that Jas Bahadur Waiba and the “international Sangha” from Hongkong, Taiwan and the USA had been funneling to Nepali police and politicians pockets…

Let’s hope that Nepal’s authorities start to seriously investigate the whole cult in its complexity, history and search for Bomjon’s victims in the right places, even if some missing people, like Ale Magar, are actually perpetrators themselves who tortured and beat others before they disappeared. Yet there is always forgiveness, which distinguishes human beings from demons…

Halkhoriya is surrounded by Ratanpuri on the North-East, Piluwa on the South, Nijgadh on the East, Amlekhganj on the North-West. It is just North from the East-West Highway going to Kakarbhitta. Nepal’s numerous “national pride projects” are planned to be constructed near Halkhoriya, like the Nijgadh-Kathmandu Fast Track, or the Nijgadh International Airport on the other side of the highway, as well as the Birgunj-Amlekhganj pipeline and train projects… It is ironic that the Government allows a criminal guru to create a hell-on-earth for dozens of hostages in this jungle still. Let’s hop that Bomjon’s Halkhoriya-Hell will not become a “national pride” project as well…


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