Follower’s brutal lynching to death by Bomjon – a chilling description by Setopati

“Around half a dozen disciples then beat the duo with sticks, pipes and kicks. Bomjon ordered to bury Waiwa’s body on the hill behind the house he lived in after Waiwa died, according to the witnesses. They claim Bomjon ordered to scatter around 25 packets of salt above the body. “Salt apparently helps in early decay of the body,” the witnesses reminisce.” Setopati

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Image above: Sanchalal Waiwa, an elder monk who used to serve Ram Bomjon for years, had been brutally murdered by Bomjon and his followers, after the “guru” accused him and another lama (Indra Man) of sorcery (witchcraft). Bomjon told dozens of his followers to lynch the two men to death, with sticks, knives, kicks, and after the elder Waiwa succumbed to the torture and died, Bomjon instructed them to swiftly cremate his body and dig a hole near his house to bury it. Indra Man survived and continued to serve the “guru”… Photo: Setopati and The Kathmandu Post

Unbelievable what brutal violence are Bomjon followers ready to commit collectively against unarmed two men, just because Bomjon called them “witches who made the rest of the followers allegedly ill. One of the men then falls to his death and no one really gets bad feelings. They keep the secret of a murder the whole four years! And live and pray at the murder scene as if nothing special had happened… After all, he was a witch and he deserved it, they are convinced. That maybe it was not true, or that maybe this is not  very religious or buddhist way of dealing with people, does not even cross the mind of anyone. Neither the fact that they all had committed a crime of murder, and that is against the law.

Bomjon used this trick of accusations of WITCHCRAFT all-over the the 12 years of his career of lynchings, beatings, torturing of men and women, and it was even published in Nepali and international media as the main reason for his acts. More unbelievable is that in the meantime the Nepali Government had passed a new bill which announced calling a person witch to be a crime with a punishment of 5 years jail.  This very same Government but does NOT apply the same law towards Ram Bomjon, even if, in his case, there are countless witness accounts and victim descriptions in media and police reports that exactly THIS is the way ho Bomjon is able to encourage his primitive followers to beat, torture and rape the victims without any mercy.

Yes, as I was a victim announced to be a witch in 2012 as well, I can recall how Bomjon was able to turn against me my former devotee-friends and sangha, who, convinced that I was a powerful magician, tortured me, spit on me, laughed at my suffering …

I had been also collective beaten and tortured, monks, lay men and women and even children being involved as assistants, helpers and onlookers of Bomjon’ beatings of me by hand, stick, chaining me, locking me up, bringing out to the jungle and keeping there 3 months… I can confirm that yes, Bomjon is able to provoke in his followers even foreigners (!)a kind of collective psychosis of diabolic hatred, while in his “reasons” he is often playing with words like “enemy of dharma”, “witch”, “thief”… Then all those formerly kind and “spiritual” people around one turn from one moment to another brutal and merciless “inquisitors”, even if none of us, victims, did anything wrong against Bomjon or his dharma. The description provided by the two witnesses of Waiwa to Setopati is thus fully believable and unfortunately, well-proved by many of us, who were under Bomjon’s hands previously…

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Who would still think about the words of “compassion” or ‘Maitri” and “non-violence” that Bomjon had been using to entice crowds during his “Maitri Pujas”? Apparently, due to his brainwashing, neither his followers, nor the high-level Nepali politicians who support him, are able to recognize that lynching people to death for alleged witchcraft is not exactly the fulfillment of “Maitri-Love” and all those moral rules that he is preaching in public. They think that the moral rules are just some kind of word-game for the spectacular pujas, nothing what should be actually applied in everyday lives. The Puja of Bomjon (with all the big exclamations about peace, Ahimsa, dharma) had ended on 29 March, and Bomjon and his Ashram members killed the two followers on the 30th!

It is appalling, but yes, TYPICAL for Bomjon to connect Buddhist-style Pujas (with invited Tibetan monks and chanting of mantras about non-violence and Maitri-love!) with tortures, rapes and as we see, even murder. This is a black magic practice from ancient times, a “magical association” practiced by for example Satanists of the West, and some left-hand Tantric schools which had been forbidden many hundred years ago. It blasphemes all moral, ethical and divine values that humanity respects and combines them with the most shocking sins imaginable: torture, killing, rape.

Even reading the descriptions provided by Setopati brings shivers, how hellish it must have been to those who were beaten:

Setopati writes:

“Two eye-witnesses, who were Bomjon’s disciples then, have told Setopati that Bomjon himself beat his disciples Waiwa and Indra Man accusing them of sorcery four years ago. Waiwa breathed his last while being beaten.

“Many of us inside the ashram had fallen ill. Guru, therefore, beat Waiwa and Indra Man accusing them of sorcery. Waiwa fell down while taking the blows and died in a while,” one of the eye-witnesses told Setopati.

There was a puja inside the ashram from March 22-29, 2015. Many nuns and disciples fell ill on the last day. They would cry and wail without any reasons, according to the witnesses.

Bomjon accused Waiwa and Indra Man of using sorcery to make them ill. He beat both the disciples on March 30 and also ordered other disciples to beat the duo.”

Police reach Bomjon’s ashram in Sindhupalchowk with forensic experts 

( and

The above article of Setopati describes in detail how the family members searched for the missing followers, and how all threads led back to the Ashram.

There are no explanations in Nepali media about what happened to the other man lynched by Bomjon and the ashramites together with Waiwa who had died. Did Indra Man recover and continued to bow to Bomjon? Did he gt mad from what he had seen and suffered? Did Bomjon hide him somewhere so that he could not speak out? Or he had also disappeared, just that he might have no family members to report it…?

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Again, interesting in all this is that the MAIN SUSPECT, Ram Bomjon, is safely sitting in his Sindhuli Ashram and is untouchable by any police investigation, together with those who helped him to kill Waiwa. No arrests had been made, similarly as in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016… It is quite realistic to think that before the police would realize, Bomjon will disappear himself, and helped out by his high-level politician devotees to another country and exclaimed  “religious refugee” .

It is very strange at the least, that there are two eyewitnesses describing the same murder, that the findings confirm what they say, and that the Nepali authorities still deal with this as a “maybe yes-maybe not” case! A human life apparently is not of a big value in Nepal, when behind the murdered powerful Government members are standing.

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