Nepal’s highest level politicians support “Guruji” against dozens of his victims

“I’m well aware of media reports against Bomjan. Inform Guruji that I have much affection for him. I will also press the government to look into these concerns seriously,” Bhuminanda Devkota, a central member of the Sangha, quoted (Pushpa Kamal) Dahal as saying. “Dahal reportedly told the delegation that he would hand over the memorandum to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, pledging to make efforts not to let any untoward incident happen.” “Three leaders including Sangha Chairman and Spokesman Mani Lama, joint-secretary Kewal Lama and central member Bhuminanda Devkota also met Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa, and opposition leader Sher Bahadur Deuba to express their concern.” “Lama and Devkota said they would also appeal to leaders from other parties including the Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum-Nepal and the Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal on the matter.” Kathmandu Post, Bomjan’s supporters press against ashram cases probe, ( and

Featured image: Nepal’ three powerful political leaders. At least two of them had shown unprecedented support to Ram Bomjon. Hitnepal Blogspot

Explanation of the terminology to those who are not from Nepal: “untoward incident” is 1, investigating Bomjon’s crimes, 2, questioning the “guru” and his followers, 3, allowing freedom of speech of the press, 4, arresting Bomjon and his culprits for the rapes and kidnappings, lynchings, hostage holdings and beatings of more than 40 people, including the murder of at least 4 people. These “incients” are now fervently trying to stop Mani Lama, Kewal lama and Bhuminanda Devkota, who have been in cordial contacts with Nepal’s highest politicians.

It is necessary to know also that even through countless reports from many districts about crimes done by Bomjon and his Sanngha, two of Nepal’s Prime Ministers had already invited Bomjon to Baluwatar (office of Prime Minister in Kathmandu) and had ensured him of continued support.

Above image: Bomjon’s powerful lobbyists, left Mani Lama, ex-health minister during the Gyanendra king rule, right, Jas bahadur Waiba. Do they look like etheric spiritual beings…?Source:



The Kathmandu Post/Ekantiupur further inform that Bomjon’s political representatives use a very strange “logic” which has no place in any democratic country and are signs of a primitive demagogy which mixes up apples and pears:

“Three leaders of the Sangha, which manages Bomjan’s secretariat, met Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Co-chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Sunday and handed him a memorandum for halting the “activities aimed at igniting communal violence”. The Sangha also alleged that media reports were aimed at attacking religious harmony.”

This is really a strange way of thinking, coming from those who had been chosen to be the leaders of a democratic country. Why should be any police investigation into missing people’s whereabouts and a suspected murder case ignite communal violence? I have never heard about any implications like this. Police and courts are authorities in a state to secure peace and harmony in society, not for igniting violence. It is surprising that neither Devkota, nor Mani Lama or all those party leaders had never read any definition about what the responsibility of a police and court in a democratic state is. Certainly it is not aimed at igniting violence, but halting it, if anything.

Above image: Bomjon invited to Nepal’s Prime Ministerial Office, Baluwatar, by the then PM Sher Bahadur Deuba, in 2016. Source: BSDS Facebook sites

It rather seems that Mani Lama and his political friends are already planning to ignite that violence, maybe already preparing those many reported swords, guns and rifles that Bomjon had been storing over the years, according to many witnesses including myself. Then it is understandable why do they equal a mere police investigation with violence. It is them who are planning to act violently, in case police continues to search for the truth about the victims. So it is a tragicomic situation, when Nepal’s main political leaders are threatening the police and courts with violence, in case they continue to investigate a murder case, a rape case and 4 disappearances.

Officials of Bodhi Shrawan Dharma sangha attend a press conference organised at the Reporters’ Club in Kathmandu, on Saturday, December 29, 2018.Photo: Suresh Chaudhary/THT

Image above: The Himalayan Times

The other very twisted logic of Bomjon’s political supporters i that if Setopati (and recently numerous Nepali and foreign media houses) inform about the latest crime accusations of the raped Gangamaya and families of as many as 5 disappeared people, that equals with “attacking religious harmony”. It is really amazing, how can they use terminology which does not fit into the situation, and still maintain their “elite” aura. In every democratic country press freedom is among the basic rights, and getting a fair, transparent police investigation and trial for victims of crime are among the basic human rights.

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How would media, by merely informing about what victims and witnesses are saying, “attack religious harmony”? Is there any religious harmony in ashrams where rapes, kidnappings, breaking of bones, lynchings to death are occurring? What is that religion called? Satanism?

There had NEVER been any religious harmony around Bomjon from his first year in Halkhoriya till today! it was a continuous series of conflicts with anyone at any price, always initiated by Bomjon himself. Locals of Bara District can recall the road blockades, fights with forest officers, attacks against countless people…  It is awkward that Mani Lama and company calls Bomjon’s series of violent endevours, many of which he himself had admitted, “religious harmony”.

Will Nepal’s political leaders finally admit that a criminal cannot be called “Guruji”, and that 4 murdered people (one of them and U.S. citizen), more than 40 victims (3 of them foreigners) and a line of raped women is really just too much to be called “religious harmony”?



Ram Bomjon invited by late PM S. Koirala in October 2014

How India deals with its fake gurus



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