Does Bomjon really have “1.7 million followers and Sangha branches in 163 countries”?

According to  The Kathmandu Post , Bomjon’s elite followers are currently pressing leading politicians, parties and the PM to stop investigating his alleged crimes. “The government should think many times before handling this issue as it is very sensitive,” Devkota said, adding that Bomjan has 1.7 million followers and has opened Sangha branches in 163 countries.”  

Featured image: The USA BSDS had certainly hit the record of membership with Kimhuyen Nguyen as the President, the Principal as well as the only member. As we will see below, in 2015 this number grew to as much as 6 members (one of them the French webmaster, one Kim’s daughter). We can wonder how could now be 1.7 millions of devotees worldwide, as a large number of them should have been from the USA…

This is not only a childish way to threaten the public and the Government (we are a huge crowd in Nepal and all over the world, so beware of us!) but also a lie. We had an article written about this propaganda by the very administrator of Bomjon’s former official website (archived version), Ivan Stankovic (Djovani) already in February 2015, and a few others describing the dire environment in the “Sangha” in 2014. He was appalled to be used by the Bomjon Sangha as a tool of a false advertisement (about the “huge numbers of devotees”, among others) and refused to lie. Instead, he started to reveal the Bomjon cult’s main psychological tool: a propaganda based entirely on lies, on the very same website which used to be the US BSDS’s official site.

I am taking the liberty to quote patches of text from Ivan’s articles and copy the images, further below on this page, because Ivan did not claim any copyright, his website had been closed and I had retrieved only a few pages from online archives and collected them on Dharmasangharchive.

Links in the article are not working because the original website was closed before I could save them. Also, the situation could have slightly changed from 2015, but not so much that the below quotation would be irrelevant. After all, a simple online search on the Sangha’s online pages (mainly on social media), as well as of photos and videos of Bomjon’s annual “Maitri Pujas” in Nepal reveal the real numbers easily. Among hundreds of thousands of Nepali visitors of his mega Puja events there are always a maximum of 100-200 foreigners, but obviously not all of them are members of the cult of Bomjon, often they are just curious one-time visitors. This was true in 2011, 2012 and the next and next years too.

The occasional “Maitri Pujas”   held in other countries are even more scarcely attended, showing photos and videos online,  with about 5-10 people at most. The Maitri Puja in Ashland, Oregon, USA Facebook invitation shows “as many” as 46 attendants all in all… We can guess that many of those are not official Sangha members, but newcomers who might have never turned up again. This all is very far from the claim of the BSDS that their organization has 1.7 million members, even if we multiply these numbers with the numbers of Facebook sites, websites, Maitri Puja events that had been trying to attract new flocks over the years.

Image above: a very private “Maitri Puja” of the US BSDS could be seen on the Sangha’s Facebook sites, during the Ashland, Oregon event. Million…?

Ivan had revealed (being near the “tiger’s nest himself”) the truth behind the so called BSDS organizations in Nepal, Europe and USA, which, as his articles detail, had been long filled with infighting. They are presenting sole leaders without any group, and are regularly recycled or even dissolved and re-assembled by series of resignations, kick-outs by Bomjon, re-installations and other conflicts. As Ivan proves, in those centers there are no Sanghas (community of devotees) in reality, just the “leaders” with around 5 people to show up on exhibitions or ‘inaugurations” like that  of Dr. Moore (Jyampa Ngami). Certainly the easily checkable reality does not meet the claimed  number of 1.7 milion followers in the world, and the claim of 163 real, registered, functioning BSDS branches!

Above image: The ordination of Dr. Moore,  retired psychologist to become Bomjon’s monk, in California by the US BSDS Sangha, which means a Nepali visitor Dawa and his wife, Kim, the Sangha leader and her daughter, and invited other Vietnamese friends of Kim. Does this look like any near to the millions of devotees claimed by Nepal’s followers? US, being one of the biggest places with potential devotees, has 13 – Dawa, his wife and Kim’s daughter = 10 “members” on this photo…Yet, as Ivan explains, registered members had been only 6. And they were also dodgy…

The same counts for Nepalis too, I would guess, due to my own experiences as an ex-supporter of Bomjon between 2006 and 2012, after staying in Halkhoriya as a resident and later as a hostage in and out one year, that 90% of that crowd are just non-affiliated folk, who show up at any blessing program of any “holy man” if it is available for free. Another thing is the Facebook propaganda (absolutely every Nepali is on Facebook!), which spreads like wild-fire among Nepal’s Tamangs, as they consider Bomjon their ethnic leader, their own “Tamang dalailama”. Bomjon’s PR experts from among the “thulo mache” (influential people) like ex-health minister Mani Lama make sure that all Tamangs, be them Buddhist, Hindu, Christian or Maoist, consider the support of Bomjon their ethnic responsibility.  Nepalis also like to ensure blessings for themselves and their children, whoever it is. One never knows, just to make sure no opportunity is missed… Yet to call those one-time visitors immediately Bomjon’s own followers, even BSDS members, is incorrect.

As Ivan explains, fake and only “online sanghas” with no membership had been created, which exist only on Facebook and other social media, and many of them have zero to minimal activities, with a majority of totally inactive members. Bomjon knew why would he once need to create the illusion of millions of followers world-wide: he had a long list of criminal cases against himself already then, and was planning to add new and new ones every year. There is a demonic intelligence in all that Bomjon does, which resembles a psychopathic criminal planning of harming people, elaborated into details.

The “1.7 million followers in 163 branches” is a total lie, but Nepali police, Government and citizens are hardly going to double-check such claims, as they either do not have a good-enough English, or interest, or they simply take any information from Bomjon’s BSDS organization at face value. They are making a big mistake, though.

Propaganda and Web lies

This is a copy from

by This Website | Feb 07, 2015

“An illustration of how propaganda gets built, how legends are created, how fanaticism encourages the distortion of the truth. Fanaticism starts from an exaggerated zeal to show devotion and ends up in a sad misleading propaganda.”

“The word ‘Sangha’ is used all over the place without any clear definition to support what is meant by that word, one could say that the vagueness is intentional as to give the auditorium the only impression he can get from reading the content, that of a large worldwide collection of communities active and organized around a common goal. Vague enough to keep it totally unaccountable in case of any legal, moral or financial responsibility.”

Ivan published a snapshot from the Maitriya website (which was the other official website while was mainly for the US), supposedly showing the many branches of BSDS. In 2015 there are seen four. The numbers in the colored points are the numbers of official members. Now, in 2018, it cannot be much different, but certainly not 1.7 million official members!

Ivan then reveals:

“What’s the reality? There is only 2 organizations registered legally, one in Nepal and one in the USA. None of which is actually a ‘Sangha’ as most people would understand the definition of that term, for instance as given in the Wikipedia: “(Pali: सङ्घ saṅgha; Sanskrit: संघ saṃgha; Chinese: 僧伽; pinyin: Sēngjiā; Tibetan: དགེ་འདུན་ dge ‘dun) is a word in Pali and Sanskrit meaning “association”, “assembly,” “company” or “community” and most commonly refers in Buddhism to the monastic community of ordained Buddhist monks or nuns.”

In another text Ivan revealed that the US BSDS (whose website he was maintaining) had ONLY 6 members (in 2015) and those seem to be either non-cooperative, non-communicating or even maybe just gave permission to add their names on the list (for this phenomenon the Czechs have a strange term “white horses”, ironically, recalling the “white horse” of Maitreya legend). Ivan describes the situation with the fake US “Sangha” while writing about the tragicomic “inauguration” of a new monk, a retired psychologist Dr. Moore, citing the email conversations between him, Kishore Sherchand (US-Nepal) and Kim Nguyen (US-Vietnamese), the latter being the California Branch’s Sangha leader:

The organization BSDS in the USA

An organization officially registered in the USA exists. What is flimsy with it is that it doesn’t have any real activity other than collecting the money of all the international donations.

Before, moneys were also collected in Japan by Andrea Good, but the organization quickly realized that Mrs Good is not so good when it comes to dealing with money. Andrea even told once Kim that taking a bit of money from the donations is OK, as long as no one knows about it. So donations are centrally collected by Kim, and what else? Well not much really, there was a fair organized once in San Francisco, to which they participated, with a stand and banner, see photo.

A few names are registered with this organization, as an organization in the USA requires that you have at least a President, a Treasurer and a Secretary. So some local friends devotees are named at those positions. Two of them only in reality a certain Mark V. M. and Smitha, yet Kim sends emails informing of the existence of 6 main members of Board of Directors. In which I am named as one of them, even though I was never either asked to accept such a function, nor ever received any information about the role of the board or my role within it. (Note from The Halkhoriya Times: Ivan is NOT an US citizen!).The two persons Mark V. and Smitha, almost never meet, even for the mandatory meetings a this fictitious board.

Here is the extract of the email sent by Kim Nguyen to Mr Kishore to explain the structure of the organization:

“Dear Kishore,This is Kim. We have 6 main members from Board Director, 5 from California and 1 from France (our webmaster, Ivan). We also have a lot of members, both in US and outside of US too. I am out of town, in Florida. When i come back next week, I will fw you the board names, if you like to know. We are an approved 501(c)3 non profit organization. So, all donation are 100% tax exempt.Maitri Mangalam,K.”Ivan then reveals that even this happy information about un-taxed donations from Kim to Kishore was not so true:

“In may 2014, that very tax exemption was revoked by the American IRS. (check this link: ), I even informed myself Kim about it, that was in December 2014. Mark and Smitha not even being reachable Kim Nguyen is filling the vacancy with her own daughter. (Where are all the other 4 missing directors?) Maybe that email was not so accurate. Can we call this a lie? Or maybe I am just trying to create some confusion? Where does the confusion come from, each and everyone of those actors should ask themselves, as I am asking myself. At least I try to highlight the source, the causes, and the possibilities for restoring truth and accountability.

In the meantime Kim has been collecting in emergency ‘receipts’ from Nepal of expenditures. Receipts from Nepal in 2015 for the past years?The ink must be very fresh on those receipts. I hope they are true receipts.

“We have a lot of members”, well let’s examine the word member; member implies membership, membership is the choice one makes to join, subscribe, or belong to ‘something’.

BSDS USA, and BSDS Nepal, have no membership programs, no membership processes, no members list, no members that declared themselves members. Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to call a cat: “A cat!”.

Wait a second. If no real board of directors, if no real monk, if no real temple, if no real organization, we wonder where does the confusion come from?”

Quotations from Confusion comes from lies 

A long-time supporter of Bomjon, Ivan, who also had an interest in classical Tibetan Buddhism and had friendships with real Buddhist monks from Zopa rinpoche, had been appalled to see how fake and dysfunctional was Ram Bomjon’s “sangha” the website which he had to create and maintain:“The USA organization does not have any ordained monks within it. There is no ‘Sangha’ activities organized by it, other than the collection of donations (money). The Nepali ‘Sangha’ is having some monks, some of which were given robes without any ordination or vows or ethic being required from them. No education or teaching really takes place, those monks are at times involved in violent acts, and spend most of their time, either playing with their mobile phones, or training to chant the ‘Prayers to the seven Deities’.” 

This quite resonates with what Bomjon’s 2018 victim, Gangamaya told to Setopati in an interview, after she reported repeated rapes by Bomjon from the time she was a minor:

“He is not a sage, and there are no prayers or penance at his ashram. All of that is a façade to show to the visitors coming from outside. He does not have any spiritual knowledge or conscience, nor does he seem to be interested in all that. He seems to be an ordinary youth with extraordinary sexual appetite.” Setopati In a TV interview for News24 she had even added that Bomjon’s premises resembled brothels…

Ivan had revealed that those allegedly many countries with allegedly many branches of BSDS existed only on Facebook or social media, and many of them did not even have real members. Yet the list had been shown on Bomjon’s websites to create an impression that the Sangha had grown into a huge international organization. Only a few people would eventually click on all those links and check them out.

“All the ‘Sanghas’ represented on the website etapasvi now, are just web pages, google groups, youtube channels or facebook pages,no oversight, no monks, no teaching, no structure, no authorization to create them. That is what most people would call ‘propaganda’. What used to be a single Google Group for all, became obsolete as a big campaign of propaganda was launched by an American born living in Japan Andrea Good, against a former devotee Ms Takacs known as “Marici” after she was chained and detained by the closest collaborators of Ram Bomjon in Halkhoriya. Slander and defamation was propagated against her, access to that Google Group was blocked for her, and a series of new Google Groups were created bearing names like “The Core Maitri Sangha group“, the “Sangha Dev group“, “Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Group“, and another dozen others, to cater for the most faithful to that same Andrea Good more than to any other cause.”

In the above snapshot by Ivan from the central Facebook site from 2015 we can guess how far the reality was (and still is) from the alleged 1.7 million followers in 163 branches worldwide. Just have a look: “14 members already in the group”, “173 followers”. BSDS lobbyists who were warning about millions of followers, probably do not really understand the difference between being a registered member of a registered organization and being a member of a Facebook chatroom or forum! Even if entering the Facebook membership would automatically register the person as a BSDS member, though I doubt that it would be legal, the mathematics are very strange. No one can believe that from 14 members and 173 followers (just onlookers) a 1.7 million organization can be created in just 3 years!

Further in the article Ivan describes how Andrea Good created from an originally free and open Buddha Boy Google Group a fundamentalist platform where she deleted any criticism or unpleasant questions about “guruji’s” crimes towards other followers. He brings to the attention that a huge number of former sympathizers with Bomjon from the online groups had been “outlawed”, either by Bomjon himself or his (then) international representative, Andrea Good. Ivan, having been long part of the online management, had the right numbers for statistics in the Sangha:”From the moment this division was created, some brothers and sisters feeling ‘unworthy’ of the new group (which by the way is just an internet discussion platform), left with sadness and sorrow and maybe some of them even gave up. From 964 members we are left with 138. We’ve eliminated 826 brothers and sisters from our family. ”

A similar censorship like the one of Andrea Good was once, is still maintained by Bomjon’s long-time “IT person” of Ram Bomjon, Semyon Shekovtsov, who is the man behind spamming the Internet with all those online forums, groups, YouTube videos and chatting places which have to create the illusion of many followers. In reality they are “discussion groups” of 2-3 fanatic followers, who do not allow anyone else to write slightly more doubting questions.

Menu giving fake impression of importance

No such things as Live Videos exists, no real questions and answer sessions are regularly organized. Usually its like 10-15 min sessions that only happened 3 or 4 times, where the content has been filtered out to only portrait the meaningless questions and hide the rest. Projects used to be a big sections but as no project really ever completed it is just a section to portrait that there are things going on when all the projects have failed, the money wasted, the constructions destroyed, and the reasons for collecting the money were masking what the money were spent on.



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