Maitri-Bomjon had been exposed: so what is going to happen next?

The long-awaited truth about Bomjon directly harming people had been recently published in the media, confirmed by different victims and witnesses. Yet it would be not Bomjon and not Nepal if these shocking news about his criminality would not alter anything in the attitude of the Government and law-enforcement agencies, as well as in the attitude of the citizens and their religious leaders. To expose a criminal who not only kidnaps, holds hostage, tortures, rapes and lets raped and brutally beats people, but according to eye-witnesses even have killed a few of them, is one thing. The other is: what is Nepal going to do with it?

Featured image: Media on Ram Bahadur Bomjon



That Nepal is NOT going to do anything much about a murderer, rapist, as well as the kidnapper and torturer of the author of this article, is quite clear from Setopati’s article Police investigation in Bomjon case sluggish in lack of political backing. ( and ):

“Nepal Police leadership met Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa and briefed him about the Bomjon case before initiating investigation. “The pace of investigation would have been different had Home Minister Thapa showed interest and involvement in the case then,” a police officer involved in investigation confided with Setopati.”

“The police have yet to abandon investigation though. A team led by SP of Sindhupalchowk Police Mukunda Marasini is continuing investigation but the pace is sluggish. The police have not been doing things that can be done easily and should have been done.”

Setopati continues with pointing out the reluctance of police to file the rape case of Ganga Maya Tamang, who was a minor at the time of the rapes by Bomjon, and also the case of murder of Sancha Lal Waiwa:

“The police have not moved the court even in the alleged murder of Sancha Lal Waiwa in Bomjon’s Sindhupalchok ashram despite having grounds to initiate the court case.

“We could not arrest Bomjon and move the investigation forward after the Home Ministry hinted that the case should not be moved forward unless the body is recovered,” a police officer told Setopati.

The body is an important evidence in murder cases but the Supreme Court (SC) has created a precedent of convicting the accused even in lack of the body.

A joint bench of justices Deepak Karki and Iswhore Khatiwada in June 2017 convicted Krishna Prasad Sharma Tiwari of Parbat on charge of murdering his two daughters by pushing them off the bridge into a flooded Modi river despite the bodies never being recovered.”

Setopati writes that Waiwa’s murder had been witnessed by two eye-witnesses, which would be enough for any court and arrest of a murder in any part of the world. The concept of “two eye witnesses” is not a new law, it had been respected in ancient times when people had been accused of crimes, including the Old Testament (Torah):

Deuteronomy 19:15 ESV / 27 :

“A single witness shall not suffice against a person for any crime or for any wrong in connection with any offense that he has committed. Only on the evidence of two witnesses or of three witnesses shall a charge be established.”

Yet Nepal’s law-enforcement is not only sluggish, but also does not follow its own law.

There was a great hullabaloo about a new law which criminalizes people accusing others of being witches, of sorcery. In Bomjon’s case there had been open confirmations, even directly from his followers to the media, that he is regularly harming people and encourages his followers to do the same, whom he stigmatizes as “witches”. Yet, in Bomjon’s case, the law is making a huge exception: Nepal’s new god is allowed to break the law, call anyone a witch,. kidnap anyone, torture anyone rape and even murder anyone.”

These supporting evidences can be used to file a court case and the police may well have done that if the accused were an average Joe and not Bomjon. But the police have not filed a court case despite such strong supporting evidence.

The police can gather other evidence of murder and rape inside Bomjon’s ashram if he is arrested. Other witnesses who are currently scared of Bomjon may also come forward if he is nabbed and their statements can help establish his guilt in murder of Waiwa.

But Bomjon’s followers have started to threaten and influence even the few who have spoken against him due to the police lethargy. Some of the witnesses and families of the victims have started to feel insecure due to police inaction. A few of them have started to publicly change their statements. The police lethargy has started to affect investigation.” writes Setopati!

Exposing Bomjon and his followers, entwined with “Thulo Manche” (Influential Men) of both leading political parties and highest level political leaders, supported openly or secretly by Buddhist and Hindu populists, is something that many people in Nepal did not really wish. If Bomjon is exposed, their 12-year support for his brutal criminal deeds, leaving more than 50 victims behind them, would expose, of course, also those many “Thulo Manche” supporters. So currently they are doing their best to cover up Bomjon’s crimes, from the highest possible level unto down to the village folk. Bomjon himself does not have to do anything, they do the job of threats, bribing, intimidating, blackmailing victims and critics for him. Is this not (demonically) genial?

Setopati writes:

“A top police officer told Setopati that police need instruction of the political leadership to arrest Bomjon and move the investigation forward as it is a high-profile case. “We have not received such instruction,” the officer revealed. Questions are being raised as to why the political leadership is not backing the police.”

Goal number 1: to silence the media (threats, bribes or both, like it was after 2012, when the Nepali media was suddenly forbidden to publish anything about Bomjon, until around 2016, when using the opportunity of his Kathmandu Maitri Puja event, not only the foot-licking media houses, but the more critical ones had been allowed to publish about him, with limits and fearfully shaky articles)

Goal number 2: replace the genuine, mainstream but annoyingly investigative media with a Generator for Online Fake News, which not only push out by illegal SEO-methods all those headache-making ones from Google, but even effectively brainwash the formerly warned Nepali folk

Goal number 3: Ensure that Bomjon can abscond, due to a Government order not to ever question or godforbid arrest the “Buddha of Nepal”.


Effortless, because the author of this article already knows much too well that the same pattern is going to be repeated again and again, as it was from 2007 until today: Bomjon and his criminal accomplices will stay unharmed, and only their victims will get punished by Nepali authorities. Signs that exactly this started to happen, we already read about: the other man beaten by Bomjon during the lynching of Sancha Lal Waiwa to death, had been arrested and questioned by police and polygraph tests made. Bomjon, who beat both of the was not questioned.

Again, effortless, because I already know that dozens of policemen and fake “witnesses” are going to get huge amount of money as bribes now, to stop investigating or to destroy evidence, just as it was in 2012 and in any other “fruitful” year of Bomjon’s brutality. So I can easily foretell the obvious: yes, Bomjon is NOT going to be arrested, neither anyone who was helping him rape, kill, beat and torture many people.

Fortune is on the side of this demonic Guru: “Sources say that Bomjan, with his team, is going to Thailand to “collect cash offerings”.

“They have been trying to visit Thailand for the past four months. Their passports were made two years ago,” said one of the followers of Bomjan’s ashram in Indrawati Rural Municipality-5, in Sindhupalchok. Bodhi Dharma Shrawan Sangh Maitri, the non-government organisation founded by Bomjan, has started the process to go to Thailand to collect more than Rs10 million of cash offerings, he said.

The article had been changed, the amount of the money had been deleted a few minutes after.

So we will have a cute spiritual situation when a rapist of minor followers, a kidnapper, torturer and even murderer absconds – helped by Nepali politicians – to Thailand, and collects a huge amount of religious offerings.

“Sources said that Bomjan, Kebal Lama (of the Sangh Maitri) and their group had received invitation to visit Thailand prior to the investigation. Two years ago, the Sangh had urged authorities to provide a passport to Bomjan in the name of Dharma Guru, but there were issues with the request. The incident was hidden from public knowledge, as it could have aroused public dispute, say Bomjan’s followers.

My prediction is that Bomjon, who is in reality quite a modest person, will use the money to pay off all those loyal politicians, police chiefs and obeying journalists, who cooperate. Then he would pay a “hush-money” to all the families of the victims, and that amount will be so great that all the pain of the loss of daughters and fathers will diminish…

Until many years ago, Nepal’s main way of “making peace” after criminal deeds and especially rapes in villages was just to simply pay a big amount of money to the family of the victim (not the victim herself, as in most cases she was a minor or, anyway, “just a woman”)! Although recent laws in Nepal criminalize rape and do not accept paying of the families for silence, this is actually still happening. And Bomjon knows very well how much change money can do after poor family members see it. They would forget their pain, for sure…. They would take back their accusations and police reports.

So what next? After the Thailand trip? Nice girls in Thailand, yes. Western paedophiles always considered Thailand their haven. Bomjon will be delighted to find a perfect place, where money is flowing more easily than in Nepal, and devotees do not question his Nepali “bad reputation”. After all, everyone know that he had been harmed by the media so much, poor guy, over the years, so many accusations, that his Thai followers will surely make an international affair from the helpless refugee, the murderer-rapist guru.

And then only the wide world opens its loving arms and country’s will compete who would give shelter to the battered Buddha Boy, who is escaping from (already just symbolic) “justice” of Nepal.

This prediction is going (or already being) to be fulfilled between February and October 2019, just to add to it that mystical astrological stamp. And yes, instead of being arrested and stopped to harm new people, he simply expands ( even uses this word!) his influence to the widest possible universe…

Plus, warns that yes, Bomjon is going to be supported and backed by many influential friends, and it is clear that they will protect him from the law and mainly from that “evil media” which is forced to replace the law in Nepal by bringing Bomjon’s crimes to light. Bomjon will have a slight Neptunic tension with authorities, but he will be extremely vital and self-confident in the same time, physically fit with occasional depressive moods: bad news for those who are going to be his next victims! Because, yes, he IS going to expand his “dharma”, as he likes to call his activity of “punishing sinners”. Just that it will happen now beyond Nepal’s borders as well.

So a bleak future for humanity, for justice, for Dharma.

Image above: Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s Biography

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