The Last Temptation

Gautama Buddha, Jesus or Ramana Maharishi had passed the test. Ram Bomjon, Virendra Dixit, Rahm Rahim or Asarama Babu and a long list of fake gurus, had failed. The Last Temptation on the spiritual path is not about winning over desires for bodily pleasures, money or fame: it is  about refusing the offer to become a “god in body”, worshiped by thousands of people, being not a religious leader but The Religious Leader. It is the point when the Tempter shows one the glory which belongs to God, and announces him or her to be the highest of the highest being on earth, the king of this world… So the last temptation is about becoming a god yourself while you are in a human flesh.

2017 Kathmandu World Peace Maitri Puja
Monk instructing followers how to bow to Bomjon! They are not allowed to look into his eyes. Source: Setopati

“Millions and millions will fall at your feet and tell you can do anything with them, as they will worship you as an embodiment of God” comes the last deal, by which the Big Black Being tries to block a spiritual intent.

“I give you everything” had been the offer of Mara to Gautama Buddha, Satan to Jesus and of the Big Black One to just anyone who stepped on a spiritual path till its last goal. We can believe that the teenager Ram Bomjon had experienced a similar pattern on his quest. What went wrong with all that so that Bomjon became acting as a demon instead of a much expected “New Buddha”?

An offer you cannot refuse

The offer of Mara/Satan is similar like the notorious “offers” of Mafia bosses: and offer you cannot refuse. If you do, you most probably die… At least, he tells you this. “You must except my game, otherwise you would die”.

Those who studied Ram Bomjon’s Biography in detail, easily recall moments from his young life when he told to people that he “must pursue” his “meditation” or “dharma” (whatever he considered to be that), otherwise he would die! When I first read and heard about this, it was quite suspicious to me, as I know that God never wants to kill His own creation, God is not cruel. That was something sickly fanatical and even obsessive in Bomjon’s cruel “god”, who was ordering him strange things to do (like to cross the full and wildly flowing Monsoon-time Rapti River) and was threatening him to be killed in case he would refuse…

Andrea Good wrote in her Reflections on Palden Dorje that the child Bomjon even broke into tears after his father did not want to allow him to spend his time in daydreamings under trees but wanted to send him to school and to contribute to the family with work. He told them that he MUST pursue his path, otherwise he would die. Readers of his Biographies could be moved by these sequences, yet for those who themselves have mystical knowledge and experience, these information look weird and out of place.

So Bomjon had been offered by his “god” or “gods” (he uses often plural) to pursue a very strange behavior. First he was forced by them to sit under a tree and stop eating. In fact, he did not need to eat, as soon he got into a strange type of coma, which looked like Samadhi. He was forced to announce that he would meditate 6 full years under that very tree. A crazy announcement which broke his mother down psychically…

But some other order came soon from his “god”: he had to leave that place and break his vow of 6 years meditation as soon as 10 months later. Although he and his followers repeat until today that he had pursued 6 years of meditation, it is very easy to find out from locals and the media, that it NEVER HAPPENED! He sat under that tree without movements 4 months at most, and with repeated disappearances one could claim a maximum of 10 months when he was still found there. Soon after that he started to wander around, to hide from his followers (whom he had not long before attracted to himself by in-advance announced miracles like the “sitting in fire”!) – and started his hobby of “appearing and disappearing”. About these “miraculous disappearances” of Ram Bomjon from places of his meditation and sudden “sightings” of him in other places his biographers write long pages, not realizing that by this very description they contradict their own claims that Bomjon meditated 6 years. But who cares? Lies are the means of Bomjon to fool devotees from the beginning, just that by now he added to this basic lie about his alleged “6 years of meditation” quite a long list of new and new lies.


The Big Black One is offering that “everything” not just to Bomjon. I was “fortunate” to get these offers many times during my own mystical life, especially after I met Bomjon. “I give yo everything” can sound tempting to anyone who has no spiritual intentions, but doesn’t this offer sound a little suspicious even, even if it was true? What a human being really wants, is usually not “everything”. We are not created with capabilities to contain all the food, all the comfort, all the relationships, all the power what is available in the world. It is foolish to even think about wanting “everything”. Most normal people wish only a normal life when they do not need to starve, can enjoy normal bodily needs like food, comfort, happy families and apart from this they can freely practice their interests, hobbies, arts or science,  earn money etc. Some others need maybe a feeling of some mission, some spiritual realization. But not to many people really wish to have “everything” and become rulers above the whole humankind…So:

For some it is not an alternative

Thus when the Big Black One offers a spiritual person that “everything” that is not even an option to accept for those who are on the path to the Real God. Like a cow who is offered all the best meat dishes of the world, the best chicken legs and steaks of 5-star hotels… It is just not interesting for a cow, no matter how much of those tasty meat meals are offered to her. It is not an option.

Similarly, when a spiritually inclined person gets the offer of “I give you everything”, it even does not move his or her heart. It even does not pose a temptation, in reality. We could see this in the case of Buddha and Jesus, who both received this offer. What that offer is about? To be the ruler of the whole world in their bodies, be worshiped by the whole mankind without exception, and have magical powers to rule above them, harm them at will, and also, possibly having access to all the money and pleasures of the world. Yet, Buddha and Jesus knew that this everything had a big price: The Big Black One wants them to serve him, to follow his instructions, to bow to him, instead of the Highest God.

Above image: Bomjon arriving to his Maitri Puja 2017 in Kathmandu. Followers are forced to bow even to his cars… 

For someone who have no experience with God, and could not be convinced that God actually exists, the Black One’s offer might seem tempting. Yet it could never work with a spiritual person, who is simply made from a “different material”. Even if the offer was true, it is outside of every consideration.

Mara/Satan is The Liar

Yet there is another problem: the offer is a lie! Although, in the terminology of the Bible, that “everything” means either to become the King of the World, or to be one who would be protected, supported and promoted by the King of the World. Yet, “King of the World” is not a spiritual position, nothing to be really proud of, among those who belong to pure spirituality. It actually means that you become the king of the matter, the Samsara, all those things which cause human suffering. Deleting from this world the aspect of Heaven-consciousness, the World, Samsara become direct gates to Hell-consciousness, actually. So the one who declares himself to be the King of the World, is actually not more than a king of the material world and, in Buddhist view, the perpetual cycle of births and deaths, including suffering. The natural flow of the world leads to Hell-consciousness, if it is not turned and redirected towards Heaven.

Yet let’s imagine a young child from a remote Nepalese village, who had not read any book about Mara’s and Satan’s temptations, and sees around himself just a life full of hopelessness, heavy farm work, people fighting after drinking alcohol… Then some inner voices start to lead him (according to his Biographies) to sit under a tree 6 years, then again jump up after 10 months and hide, then lash a sword against the head of his childhood friend, order his followers to kidnap a Spanish tourist, later lock up 17 villagers in a hut, etc etc. An endless cycle of big announcements – and breaking those announcements follows, until today, while in the background well-hidden brutal violence and sexual perversity is going on, all at Bomjon’s “orders from his gods”.

Is a god killing those who refuse his offer?

There is a big mystery in spirituality, that is Free Will. God does not order His creation to come to him by force, but by free will. A human being is ripe to grasp enlightenment only if it is achieved through free will. Forcing anyone to a spiritual path simply cannot work, because the secret key which opens the gates to heaven is free will.

Asuras (demons) of Hindu mythology are very similar to Suras (Devas). They used to be Suras before. Contrary to the belief of folk religions, Asuras are not nonspiritual monsters!  On the contrary: they are very spiritual. Just that the Asuric spirituality does not know the secret key of Free Will. The spirituality of Asuras is forced upon beings against their will, it is an order and not a choice. It demands a total subordination, a total self-sacrifice, a total abandoning of one’s own personality and individuality.

Bomjon’s followers (including the author of this article!) fell into this bitter-sweet trap of self-abandoning obedience, mis-considering it for religiosity and “dharma”. So yes, Asuric spirituality can be fatal. Abandoning ourselves to any individuality (even if we do not consider him or her a normal human, but some special being) is deleting the greatest gift of God to humanity: free will. God never wanted this from us. So as soon as someone starts to dictate us what and how to do in order to become enlightened, otherwise we would die, that should be always taken with suspicion!

Just lie and lie, at any cost!

Anything what Bomjon had announced until now, had been broken by himself. He told he would not eat 6 years: soon he had been seen eating by villagers and Jas Bahadur Waiba, his main local supporter, told me personally in 2011 that Bomjon used to eat, just that much less and more rarely than other people.

He announces himself a “Tapasvi”, what means a Celibate Ascetic. Yet as soon as he becomes a teenager with sexual drive, he starts to keep a lover and, according to locals and witnesses, many lovers! They visit him in his deep jungle huts, so other followers are banned by fences and guards to go there. The huge security measures to “protect” the “meditating Buddha Boy” are actually ways to hide his secret sexual life and the fact that he hardly ever sits under his Banyan Tree in Halkhoriya. While we worship his holy energy present in the jungle in the Halkhoriya settlement, he leaves the jungle secretly taking a rich foreign follower Kim Nguyen of California and the lover, Dipshika’s aunt Usha with him, and goes to visit his girlfriend in Mirik, Darjeeling, India, in a Tata Sumo jeep!

No escape from the chain-reaction of sins

His Western follower whom he attacked in 2011 brutally, J., told me he found Bomjon in a house inside the jungle, lit with a lamp, when he went to meet him under his meditation tree to ask him to give him spiritual initiation. Bomjon had been sitting on a bed and combing his hair! After he was surprised by J., he went out and started to thrash him so brutally that until today the young man has headaches.

As soon as you start to play the game of Mara/Satan, you have no way to get out. So you play the game, and take his orders, even if it all is against your country’s laws, against what you have read in Buddhist Sutras, and does not seem too spiritual at all… Things so nicely fit to each-other, after all. And yes, your strange dark “god” does protect you from the world’s laws and from those who seek justice. Because you became his servant, he will protect you, as long as he needs you for his purposes. Not longer, though.

And this is what might have happened to Bomjon. Not having a good spiritual practice, not having a guru and adviser when he was a child, he started to follow the obscure “instructions” of voices and visions, which had been (and continue to do so) telling him to break his meditation and start to attack people and do any immoral things which he can, concerning sexual abuses, robbing his follower’s property, torturing, breaking bones, beating to death, sending his girlfriends to forced abortions…

One can hardly understand what or who Bomjon is until not accepting that Bomjon is not an ordinary petty criminal, who would rape women because he cannot control his desires, or beat people because of some argument or revenge… Bomjon is a genial demon, or demonic genius. He is not going to back away and will continue to harm people, even if the Nepali Government likes to present his crimes as some “side effects” of his high spiritual realization, to sweep under the carpet, and forces his victims and the public to accept them as a normal and apologizable thing…. No human laws do they apply in case of Bomjon. He became the only person totally and absolutely, long-time above the law in Nepal.

Japanese “peace-marcher” Junsei Terasawa bowing to Bomjon in Halkhoriya, while Bomjon is keeping two women hostage on chains and torturing them.

There is another aspect of what is he doing: blasphemy. All what he is doing to his victims, is aimed at harming the purity and devotion of spiritual people and to destroy the last drops of dharma remaining in human society. Certainly it was not a divine act when he had chosen such precise timings like ordering the sexual abuse by Darshan Limbu exactly during the time of the chanting of Tibetan Buddhist prayers during his Maitri Puja 2012, just a few meters behind the tree where I had been chained and tortured by his followers and taken to the settlement in and out, to be beaten by himself… The timings and choosing of places for his crimes against spiritually active or even just simple people is always aimed at blaspheming religiousness and ethics.

The harms that he is doing to dozens of innocent victims, are done “in the name of Dharma”, and very often during, before or just after his religious gatherings (where mantras including those promoting non-violence and other ethical rules!) are chanted many hours. Even the alleged killing of his monk follower Waiwa had taken place just after his Maitri Puja ended in 2015! Manu, his sister, had been beaten to her head by his followers when she visited him just in the period of the 2015 Maitri Puja.

Police and anyone investigating Bomjon, should take into consideration this important satanic aspect of his criminal deeds: they are always done as part of his “teaching” and “dharma”, and mostly in the times and environment of religious gatherings organized by himself! The victims are often his own followers, supporters or family members. So he is:

..not an ordinary criminal!

No, there is never any real reason, as he is attacking usual his most faithful followers. He invents the most stupid reasons which would not stand in an intelligent or sensitive society, but because he surrounds himself with mobs as his followers, uneducated and superstitious mob, he can easily tell them “reasons” like sorcery, his victims being witches, CID agents, Masanis (ghosts of the dead) or attackers themselves (even in case of elderly fragile women!). That villager followers accept these “rightful” reasons to harm other human beings, is maybe understandable, in Nepal context. Yet that Nepal’s two previous Prime Ministers, one ex-health minister, Nepali Police and many Buddhist lamas and rinpoches accept Bomjon’s “reasons”, is rather shocking..

Bomjon is a victim of his own obsession with his inner voices and visions, and being around him, his people become demons like he is, because they also start to give more weight to their voices and visions than to the ethical rules, Shila or law of the country. He had repeatedly exclaimed in Nepal (after beating people) that the laws of the country are wrong, and no one can force a Tapasvi (he considers himself) to go to courts…

Source: Setopati 2017, Syaye must watch Bomjon closely
Worshipping of Ram Bomjon and his “new god” in 2017 Maitri Puja. Actually everyone who is nearer to Bomjon’s cult, knows, that he identifies himself with Maitreya on this picture. Source: Setopati

Yet Nepal should understand that Bomjon, a rapist and keeper of numerous girlfriends, who never fulfilled his big plan of “6 years long meditation” and who had been confirmed to eat and drink like anyone else, is very far from being a Tapasvi!

He is controlled by obsessive compulsions, which appear as if from nowhere and stop without any logic. He was similarly “forced” to beat me in 2012 to black and blue, while breaking my two wrists and making a hole in my forehead, until blood dripped down to the ground, in Halkhoriya Jungle during the Midnight Beating. Before he ordered Darshan Limbu, Tomasz Tarnawski, Budha lama, khenpo Dawa, Molam lama (Suresh Magar) to unchain me from the tree and, still covered in chains, bring me to his feet near the residence of women and children in Halkhoriya, he told them “tonight I am going to kill Marici”.

They had only a few minutes to do that, maybe it was the “order” of Bomjon’s inner voice as the had to manage midnight and “astrological aspects” (it was a Dark Moon night) apparently. Yet at one point, as if acting on a prescription, Bomjon suddenly stopped to beat me and instructed his followers to clean my wounds with hot water. Women in the nearby kitchen-hut, who saw the torture, cleaned my wound brutally, and then I was sent to the tree and chained again, as if nothing happened…

That time I realized that Bomjon was like a robot, who had exact timings for his torturings and beatings, and was always acting mechanically, not based on emotions anger. Beatings never bring him out of self-control, and he is able to smile and preach about non-violence and love just a few hours or even minutes after a brutal beating!

This is not a normal criminal, but is a more dangerous one than anyone thought in the beginning. He is cold-blooded, calculating on long time-periods, and his main program is HARMING.

What do you think about this? Your comment is welcome!

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