Is the Nepalese Government blocking police investigation?

“He further said that they do not have any plan to arrest Bomjan, who has been charged with sexual assaults and disappearing at least four of his disciples. “We currently don’t have permission to arrest Bomjan,” said SP Yadav. “ Two Bomjan followers held for interrogation (My Republica)

My Republica’s latest articles are confirming what I had foretold in my former articles  (also this and this ) that Bomjon is

1, not going to be arrested for the murder accusations (Sancha Lal Waiwa and Rita Bot), rape of Ganga Maya Tamang and disappearance of as many as 5 of his disciples.

2, Instead, his followers (many of whom are former victims of his violence) are going to be interrogated and charged.

3, The Nepali Government is not only supporting Bomjon in his criminal activity but even forbids police to interrogate and arrest him, and

4, that very Government is currently helping Bomjon to escape from Nepal and leave behind all investigations against his own person.

It is getting dangerously near to a picture when the state is against its own citizens’ and it’s foreign tourists’ rights for law and justice, against women’s rights and against human rights, and even against its country’s religious tradition. Police cannot act without authorization from the Nepali Government. This can happen only in real democracies like the USA, where the justice system is so strong that it can investigate, impeach and even prosecute presidents without having authorization from them to do so. But, in reality, even Nepal’s President and Prime Minister do not enjoy such a total and absolute immunity against criminal prosecution as Ram Bahadur Bomjon does! If Nepal’s Prime Minister did those atrocities like Bomjon, he would be already in great trouble… Yet Bomjon, a Tamang villager with a brutal behavior, is immune to Nepali law.

The Government-supported “religious” dictator of Nepal

Let’s have a look at what democracy means in reality, and compare it with what is happening in Nepal concerning Ram Bomjon and his 45+ victims:

Democracy is a system of rule by laws, not individuals. In a democracy, the rule of law protects the rights of citizens, maintains order, and limits the power of government. All citizens are equal under the law. No one may be discriminated against on the basis of their race, religion, ethnic group, or gender.” Democracy

  1. Nepal has recently created a series of new laws. One of them prosecutes anyone who calls a person a “witch”, a “sorcerer” verbally. Bomjon did numerous times to numerous people exactly this, and even the media had reported this as his “legitimate” reason to torture and beat women and men. Did the Nepali Government apply the new “witch law” against the self-styled “exorcist” Bomjon” No, never. So is it democracy when law is not enforced? No, not!
  2. The rights of Nepali citizens, who had been tortured, kidnapped, beaten, raped and whose family members had been apparently murdered by Bomjon and his followers between 2007 and 2018 had never been protected by the rule of law. So what is democracy in this?
  3. The Government is acting against its own laws when it fails to apply them to the cases concerning Ram Bahadur Bomjon, be it the above mentioned repeated verbal and physical stigmatization of people as witches/sorcerers, or any of his even more brutal and deadly crimes he is repeating under total Government approval already 12 years long. The Government has bigger power than the law, and is blocking the work of police and media, which is the guarantee of democracy and freedom of speech. Can it be a democracy where Nepalis and foreigners are stigmatized as “witches” and tortured or killed for that, and the Government supports such behavior?
  4. All citizens in Nepal are not equal under the law: Ram Bahadur Bomjon is ABOVE the law! No matter how many citizens are equal under the law, but if even one person is excluded and is allowed to kidnap, beat, rape and even kill others, can that country be called democratic?

By this unprecedented Government support for the totalitarian rule of a fake guru in Nepal the Government is weakened its own power and shifting it to Bomjon. They are cutting the tree-branch under themselves, and they still think they are doing something what would benefit them in elections and financially in the long turn. The Government is ignoring many worrying signals from various mutually independent sources, which speak about Bomjon collecting and already even using weapons: swords, guns and even a strange weapon which a monk described to my Indian ex-follower friend with awe. Jas Bahadur Waiba also described in an interview that Bomjon is in the possession of a weapon which could “render the world’s weapons to halt”:

 He can destroy and he can create. I cannot give you all the details at this time because I have been sworn to secrecy with respect to some matters.” He later hinted, however, toward some esoteric power that could possibly render the weapons of the world completely useless.” (Satya Sai Baba blog)

Bomjon is Nepal’s dangerous Shoko Aasahara, who is planning, during the last 12 year, a violent attack on the citizens of Nepal, storing weapons and exercising shootings in the jungles, and yet the Nepali Government does not investigate his crimes and gives him more and more powers. Even after Mani Lama and Bhumilal Devkota warned the police and media about “bloodshed” in case their guru would be “harassed” by investigation into the disappearance, murder and rape allegations, the Nepali Government did not take it as a dangerous and suspicious threat to national security! Even the main girlfriend of Bomjon, Dipshika, warned the raped minor nun Ganga Maya Tamang:

“The wife of guru told me that such issues should not come out. She told the revelation may attract attacks on our religion and there would be bloodshed,” she said, “Hence, I could not file the complaint.” Online Khabar ( and . So Dipshika might have known about Bomjon’s bloodshed-cases quite a lot. Whose blood would be that? Does the Government no care about attempts to stop justice threats of bloodshed?

So if in Nepal a mass-torturer of Nepalese and foreign citizens is investigated for his deeds, and tells the Government “stop investigating me, as I will cause even more bloodshed that I caused until now” he Government backs away and takes it as an order! Minimally, a very strange reaction…

The latest articles of My Republica, who took over the lead from Setopati recently in publishing about the Bomjon’s criminal cases, show a very bleak picture to all those who ever had illusions about human rights, justice or Dharma in Nepal:

Police fails to find any evidence but continues inspecting Bomjon’s Ashram

( and

Two Bomjan followers held for interrogation

( and

Police collecting reliable evidence against ‘Buddha boy’

( and

So who is the one in charge?

First of all, what is surprising, in nearly every articles we can read about a different name of a different police who is (are) investigating the Bomjon-crimes. This shows a inconsistency in the investigation. It gives a feeling that the case is ping-ponged from one to other police chief and department as a hot potato.

Just a few names who are “dealing” with the case, according to My Republica:

1. Kandel: “Police has geared up with all its might to collect reliable evidence on the alleged case of the disappearance of five followers from the ashram of Ram Bahadur Bamjam. Sindhupalchowk police led by DSP Bimal Raj Kandel has been carrying out its investigation into Bandegaun Ashram and Sindhuli-based Ashram with sniffer dogs.

2. CIB: “ Central Investigation of Bureau of Nepal Police is assisting the investigation team.”

3. DPO Sindhuli: “A team from the District Police Office (DPO), Sindhuli, arrested Bomjan’s followers Gopal Yonjan of Sarlahi and Indra Bahadur Syangtang of Makawanpur, …”

4. Yadav:Chief of the DPO, Superintendent of Police (SP) Rameshwar Yadav confirmed the arrests.

5. Subedi:Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Uttamraj Subedi who is the spokesperson for Nepal Police informed Republica that police have failed to find evidence supporting the claims of the family members of the missing persons.

“Right now we are focusing more on investigating the case rather than finding the whereabouts of Bomjon,” said SSP Subedi. ”

6. Marasini:Meanwhile, Mukund Marasini, chief of the District Police Office (DPO), Sindhupalchowk, says that police are still inquiring with the people at Bomjon’s ashram. He stated that after asking the followers in the Ashram, it has been found that Bomjon is currently in Sindhuli. “It does not matter where he is because once we have a strong evidence against him, he will be put behind the bars. He can’t escape,” said SP Marasini.

7. Singh: ” Locals on the other hand are speculating that he has run away to a safer destination after all the accusations. SP Chakra Bahadur Singh of DPO, Sindhuli, however, said that police could not confirm where Bomjon is these days.”

So we have 7 policemen/organizations doing 7 separate things, and all what they are doing is targeting anyone else and anything else just not Bomjon and his criminal culprits. Who is the main leader of investigation? Any name? Any organization? At least 7 different directions and distractions of the case remind one of the panicking ants running here and there when their ant-home is burning…

One of the policemen even says to My Republica that they cannot concentrate now on arresting Bomjon , because they are so much focusing on finding evidence that the people who are claimed to be not coming home to their families for more than 4 years, some of them 12 years (!) had in fact, really but really, disappeared! They are (instructed to) trying to create doubts about the separate claims about the disappearances themselves!

Is an accusation of stealing money an apology to not prosecute the regular raping of a minor girl?

This is the same logic as the allegation that the now 18-year old Ganga Maya Tamang had stolen 800 thousand rupees from Bomjon’s ashram, right after she had reported that Bomjon had been regularly raping her from her 14th year. In the logic of the police in Nepal, in case there is a counter-allegation, then Ganga Maya surely was not raped. As if even girls who steal (what is not proved in case of Ganga Maya) could have been not raped and would have no right for justice! As if, even if it was true that Ganga Maya stole that money, it was just OK to rape minor girls in case they were robbing a guru of money…

Police, in the cases involving Bomjon, are regularly trying to turn the accusations back on the victims and accuse the traumatized victims of crimes, instead of even considering their own police report. This had happened in my case, in the 17 Madeshi men’s case, in all other cases. So now police is trying, of course at the pressure of Government (who is supporting Bomjon) to create doubts in the eyes of the public in Nepal that the allegations of disappearances have a real base.

If the body was not found, there could not be any murder?

They are also concentrating to much on finding a corpse which had been cremated and hid somewhere in Nepal’s (or India’s?) vast, inaccessible jungles. Understandingly a task which is hard to fulfill, especially with Nepal’s technical background. The policeman is telling that they are dealing with investigating the claims, and thus cannot arrest the alleged culprit (Bomjon) even if there had been two eye-witnesses describing a greasy murder and (at least 1, at most 45!!!) victims who described Bomjon’s rapes, kidnappings, tortures, beatings…

Apart from that, they have a long list of police reports from the past 12 years which could give them a clue that Bomjon is beating, torturing and even murdering people. Interestingly, even when Bomjon’s follower literally boasted to Setopati during an interview at his 2017 Maitr Puja in Kathmandu, that Bomjon had “punished” his own sister Manu, in the consequence of which she was dying a slow and terrible death(in fact, of brain edema due to hitting her head!), the Nepali police did not investigate this open confession to murder! Similarly they did not find i strange that a retired US psychiatrist Dr. Moore visited Bomjon in May 2016 and died in June 2016 in Bomjon’s premises, and his body was immediately cremated by Bomjon’s followers!

So certainly Nepal’s police cannot claim that there are totally no clues if Bomjon eventually might have really killed Waiwa as well, as he most probably did kill Manu and Moore. There are countless similar cases of ordering public lynchings by Bomjon, ordering to beat and torture alleged witches, torturing people locked up in his jungle huts and chained to trees. Victims and witnesses had spoken out, yet Nepal’s Police ignored their plight for 12 years! And after all that, now they claim they have not enough evidence that Bomjon could have to do anything with the case of murdered Waiwa!

In one article about the Bomjon crimes I have recently read that the Government had instructed the police not to arrest Bomjon until they do not find the body of Waiwa. This is happening in the same time when police is NOT allowed to disturb the “meditation” of the “guru” who is claimed to be hiding in the dense jungle behind his Sindhuli Ashram, somewhere, by questioning or arresting him. But what if the body (or, God Forbid, bodies!) are actually in the same place than Bomjon and his entourage is? 

So the police got a really difficult task from the government: to find Bomjon’s victim’s body, and in the same time to try to avoid Bomjon himself at all costs, as they have no authorization to arrest him without first finding that body! What if Bomjon is hiding Waiwa’s body somewhere where he himself and/or his entourage are hiding? Unsolvable, isn’t it! This is exactly the purpose of such “intelligent” orders…

Not enough evidence for arrest…? 45 human lives polluted, terrorized, broken in pieces, 4 of those human lives ended, and 5 people’s whereabouts unknown. How do Nepali policemen want to find any other evidence of disappearance than the obvious: the report of family members and friends who have not seen their loved ones for years and did not speak with them, phones switched off… And all of them describing that the last place where those disappeared had stayed was Bomjon’s ashram? What to investigate more?

Why not to ask that One Person who is accused of all those 45+ crimes, at least once? Like “Hey Mr. Bomjon, where did you hide the body of your former lover Rita Bot?” Or hey Mr. Bomjon, where is Suresh Magar now?” Maybe he could remember, after all it was him who is accused of all that. What more “evidence” is needed than all what police, media and Government are already having long ago, at least 12 years, from all of us other victims, that exactly such things as sexual abuse, kidnappings, beatings, tortures Bomjon is doing regularly? Did ever Nepali investigator hear about that magical word “precedence”…?

When will the Nepali authorities finally wake up and realize that Bomjon’s and his followers’ crimes are not dispersed separate issues but that they are ONE SINGLE PROLONGED CASE? One single PROGRAM of one single CULT, led by one single GURU. And that all this is NOT GOING TO STOP BY ITSELF! If it did not stop in 12 years, will it stop now, when Bomjon is much more stronger and self-confident than he was 12 years ago?

When too much is to much

Soon the complaints of Nepali and foreign victims will overwhelm Nepali politicians, there will be just to many disappeared, raped victims, too many witness accounts, too much truth…Because they had been trying to suffocate the truth and they are still trying with all their political power and might, as well as huge amounts of bribes. But how long can they continue this game, at the expense of the health, safety and even life of Nepalis and Westerners?

Bomjon had to be stopped by the Nepal;i Government already in 2007. Yet Nepal’s opportunists, seeking some magical “blessings” from him for their political careers, had been silencing his victims and accepting his followers’ generous bribes for this. Then they had again a chance to stop him after I myself told openly to TV cameras what Bomjon had done to me, in 2012. The reaction of Nepal’s political leaders was to delete the TV documentaries, news and articles published about my case, and reorganize the whole country’s media, curb freedom of speech and bribe or threaten journalists who knew the truth about Bomjon. How long could they believe that this symbiosis of bribing from Bomjon’s side and media- and victim-silencings from the Government’s side could last?

As I always claimed: it is possible to silence those who speak the truth. But the truth itself will always speak out from different and different places, unexpectedly, itself. Because the nature of truth is publicity, transparency and openness. You silence one or ten persons, it does not matter: other ten people will appear and tell you the same truth. And this eternal rule had been proved in Bomjon’s story repeatedly!

How long can Nepal’s leaders sacrifice human beings for their own political and financial interests?

“Just for the show”

This expression is typical Nepali. Usually they pronounce it with an “s”… The “investigation” is just a theater for fooling the public, because police has no authorization from the Government to fully investigate, not even question Bomjon himself, the main suspect. So what is all this humbug all about? Just for the impression for naive citizens and Western monitors of human rights?

Here we have more than 45 victims over 12 years, who none of them attained justice because Bomjon had been supported by Nepal’s political leaders. How many more Nepali minor girls, elderly ladies, innocent villagers and foreign tourists and volunteers wish the Government sacrifice to their perverse love-affair with the “Brutal Buddha Boy”?

It is a chaotically organized investigation parallel at many fronts, places, and gives a feeling that the rights hand does not know what the left hand is doing… Although, in a case where the accused (Bomjon) is a single person, and there had been more than 45 accusations by victims over around 12 years (!) in many places where Bomjon resided, the police should have started a COMPLEX, INTEGRATED AND ALL-INCLUSIVE investigation of Bomjon’s crimes.

As his crimes are involving

  • dozens of people
  • over at least 12 years
  • in many places of Nepal

these crimes should not be investigated as separate, individual cases, but fall in the category of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Because they involve at least 4 murder accusations, rapes and orders to rape women (by his followers), rapes of minors (Ganga Maya), repeated programs of torture, kidnapping, hostage-holding, any sober government should have long ago started a COLLECTIVE INVESTIGATION AND PROSECUTION of Bomjon and his crime-culprits.

A democratic country which respects its citizens’ right to justice and protection from criminals, would have done this long ago. But Nepal, in this prolonged case of Bomjon, is protecting the criminals and prosecuting, silencing and threatening the already traumatized victims! This is outrageous, and it was so already in 2012.


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