Rita Bot – Bomjon’s first wife have disappeared already 9 years ago

“Bomjon told us that from now on he and Rita are a couple, that he had married her” remembered Rita’s relatives.”Is it normal that a celibate Ascetic, a Buddha has a wife?” they asked him. Bomjon told them yes, it is entirely normal, there is nothing wrong in it. That time everyone in the village called him simply “Buddha”, they say. Rita Bot’s family had great respect to Bomjon due to what the folk said (there was no Internet and smartphones in the village that time) , that he is an enlightened Buddha, and so they felt it is all right and totally safe for their daughter to be his wife, and did not protest when the two had been sleeping in the room upstairs for one whole month. Yet Bomjon warned the family and the villagers not to tell anyone outside that he was there, and that he had married Rita. They kept the secret of Nepal’s famous Buddha Boy all 10 years!

The couple did not leave the room all day long, because Bomjon told he should not be seen by anyone (people had been waiting for him at the Gadhi Mai temple and later in Halkhoriya). They only left for toilet and the like, at night. Even later, when they both left for Halkhoriya, Bomjon always came during the dark. Rita and her sister had been cooking, and Bomjon was eating their food. He only refused to eat meat, they say…

They never had a formal marriage, Rita’s brother says, but as they wanted to be together, the family accepted. (Note: In Nepal the expression “I married her” can also mean I had slept with her, thus a couple who lost their virginity, automatically are considered a husband and wife. Similarly, Bomjon never had a formal marriage with his later “official wife” Dipshika, but he had announced her to be his wife after a long half-secret relationship. The Halkhoriya Times).

Yet Rita suddenly stopped to regularly return home, after she left for Halkhroiya. Bomjon came once and threatened the family not to alert police about her disappearance, otherwise he himself would be “in trouble”, they recall. They though then that he was not a culprit. But ten years had passed and Bomjon did not bring Rita back to them…


Nepalese media did not even make a big deal about “just another disappeared person” from the followers of Bomjon, whose parents came out only after they had seen the news about the other victims. Nepalis live in extreme fear of Bomjon, who is supported in his criminal actions by their own Government. No wonder that all these years they were afraid to report or complain their daughter’s disappearance, although it happened already in 2009. As Setopati writes based on the interview with Rita’s parents, Bomjon himself returned to them to threaten them not to speak to police about Rita’s disappearance.

In the below video the reporter of Online TV YouTube Channel asks the family members, relatives and villagers about the time that Bomjon spent in the house with Rita Bot:

Yet, police should take this case as a high-profile one: Rita was Bomjon’s first known lover, apparently, even preceding Darjeeling-born Dipshika (his current “wife”) with whom he was keeping a relationship as early as in 2009, when everyone still thought that he was living a meditative Ascetic life in celibacy! She was a long-time lover of Bomjon those days, who lived at least one month in the house of her parents with her! If police and media could question Rita Bot, many shocking secrets would come out to light about Bomjon’s false celibacy. So it is quite obvious, sadly, that he had enough reasons to hide her or silence her.

Again, my theory that Bomjon is head-by-head getting rid of people who had witnessed his young-time sins, is sadly being fulfilled. I am describing this logic in the chapter “Those who know to much” in the article Where was Ram Bomjon in 2015 …”.  Anyone who witnessed Bomjon’s sins, lies and crimes in the earliest years of his career, are on Bomjon’s list of getting rid of them. But Bomjon manages to keep them in the illusion that the same thing just cannot happen to them, and that Rita, Manu, Waiwa, Moore (who apparently had been silenced forever by Bomjon) “deserved” his punishment.

In Bomjon’s ethically twisted and perverse “working style”, he programly involves others and others in such “punishments” of those who know too much. He is not punishing the victims alone, in privacy. This was never his aim. The consequence of this proactive involvement is that those followers become, often unwillingly, Bomjon’s culprits in attacking, raping, torturing and killing others. But here comes the religious fundamentalism of Bomjon which had already brainwashed them by then, and which explains that all this is just fine, crimes done by Bomjon are not crimes in reality but grace, and his culprits would not be prosecuted. They believe in this, and the Nepali Government and police gives them a reason to believe… Darshan Limbu, who had been torturing and sexually assaulting me at Bomjon’s order in 2012, told me “Nothing can happen to us (speaking about Bomjon and his torture-assistants), we are not afraid even after you go out and speak”. Was he right? Apparently yes. Bomjon knew that politicians and police are in his hands!

So the poor girl Rita, who might have been in love with the impressive, young, rock-star looking  “Maitriya Buddha” of Nepal, had to be silenced, otherwise she would have ruined Bomjon’s plans of ruling above the crowds in the name of his alleged “Tapasya” (Ascetic Celibacy). I am recalling news from Nepalese media from those times, which informed about having seen Bomjon “in a bar with a girl”. We, faithful Westerners devoted to Bomjon online, dismissed such “evil news” as lies… How big a mistake it was! We tended to believe Bomjon’s fat-bellied political “committees” instead…That girl seen in a bar with Bomjon in those very early years might have been easily Rita Bot.

Another interesting piece of the mosaic comes from Prem Dorje Bal Lama, the member of Nepal Ahinsabadi Sangh (Nepal’s Non-Violence Religious Gathering, a classical Buddhist organization promoting vegetarianism, among others), who himself used to be a supporter of Bomjon in his early years. In 2018 and 2019 Prem Dorje Lama took on the task to fight for the rights of family members of the 6 disappeared nuns and monks from Bomjon. In the interviews with the media he is repeatedly claiming that when Bomjon had sent them, his supporters, to the 2009 Gadhi Mai animal sacrifice’s venue with the goal to stop killing the animals, he himself did not show up as promised. Instead, he had been seen returning to Halkhoriya with a girl o his side!

When Prem Dorje Lama questioned Bomjon, how it is that a Tapasvi (Ascetic) is spending time with a girl while he had sent about a hundred monks to Gadhi Mai, Bomjon got angry with him and dismissed him. For traditional Buddhists Bomjon’s habit to preach one thing but do the opposite, was indigestible, the fact that he lied to them, as well as the fact that he was not in celibacy as he claimed to them. When now in 2019 Online TV YouTube Channel asked villagers about Rita and Bomjon they said that Bomjon stayed in their house 1 month exactly during the time of the Gadhi Mai temple sacrifices. The place and the time of the year 2009 is the same in both stories, in what the mostly illiterate and simple villagers say and what Prem Dorje lama says.

In the video below Prem Dorje Bal Lama from Nepal Ahinsabadi Sansta (Non-Violence Forum Nepal) describes how Bomjon had sent them to Gadhi Mai to stop the animal sacrifice, and finally he himself did not show up, but monks from Prem Dorje’s Forum had seen him walking back to Halkhoriya with a girl on his side:

Yet, shockingly, this very same Rita Bot had disappeared right after Bomjon stayed in their house. Family members describe that the two of them left together, and later two men clad in black clothes arrived on motorbikes, searching for Rita, but the family did not know where she was. Later Bomjon himself also arrived and asked them where was Rita, and warned them not to tell anyone that he had stayed in their house, and also about Rita being his wife. The very simple, uneducated family members and villagers considered Bomjon “Bhagavan” (a god) and called him Buddha, so they did everything according to his wish. He told that “he had married Rita” (in Nepalese this means “I slept with her”), and the relative of Rita asked him if a Buddha also can marry, and Bomjon replied: “Why not, such things also do happen!”. Yet every time when they came to see him, he was sitting, as they describe, in deep meditation. He had his typical white robe and long hair.

An interesting mention is, what surprised not only the villagers around the house of Rita Bot, but also the author of this website and a few foreign followers: while the meditating Buddha Boy they  had seen under the tree in Ratanpuri, had a slightly longer hair, covering his face , the Bomjon that they have been hosting, had suddenly very long hair. It grew long, the reporter adds.


Bomjon arrived to the village after he requested Rita, who used to visit him for blessings in Halkhoriya, to take him to her house in Kajiram, the day when he was expected to arrive to the Gadhi Mai animal sacrifice, claiming he would stop it. He told “I am too weak to stop Gadhi Mai, so please let me hide in your house:. Rita agreed, and Bomjon was kindly welcome in her family and the village, as everyone was proud to have the famous Buddha Boy there. But at first Rita’s simple farmer parents did not know who Bomjon was, and Rita had to convince them that he was Buddha’s reincarnation, and famous. They slept on one bed, the parents describe, in the room upstairs of their wooden house:

The villagers said Bomjon was all day sitting in the room on the floor (small wooden and clay house), with the door locked, and never spoke to anyone. One village woman told that Rita used to go to the market to buy fruits for him, and she claimed he did not eat anything else than fruits (whoops, so he actually DID eat, and his 6 years total “inedia” is a lie!). But the cousin-sister of Rita Bot (name also Rita) said she was cooking “dalbat” (lentils with rice and vegetables), and that Bomjon did eat from her, as well as Rita cooked for him sometimes. He only refused to eat only, she says. The reporter repeatedly asks if he really ate, and everyone confirms that yes. This was in 2009, when the whole world was admiring Buddha Boy for his “tapasya” , ascetic meditation without food and water!  Bomjon was allegedly leaving the room and house only during nights, they say, maybe for the toilet. It was also always night when he arrived, with Rita or alone.


The apparently very poor family had been keeping all this secret for 10 years, trusting Bomjon that their daughter was safe in his hands, being so holy and famous! Simple farmers, they were never seeking media and sensation and never felt the need to make a sensation of the secrets they knew about Bomjon all these years, that he was EATING, DRINKING AND HAVING SEX WITH THEIR DAUGHTER. The only reason they came out with the past, was that after they had seen the news about Bomjon raping Ganga Maya Moktan and other nuns, and possibly killing his monk Sanchalal Waiwa, and after there were news about 2 other disappeared nuns, Rita’s parents had realized that similarly Rita could have been also killed and tortured by Bomjon. Now they want to know, why did their daughter not contact them in 10 years, after she left to stay with Bomjon in Halkhoriya!

So here we see that the whole “gospel” of Ram Bomjon, circling on the Internet, concerning his alleged 6 years of Tapasya without food and in celibacy, is a big lie. He had been breaking this already in 2009, if not even earlier. Before Rita left last time, she once arrived alone and burnt all her photos in the house, both of herself and of Bomjon. It seems she had been instructed by Bomjon to destroy any evidence, and also, as her parents do not have now a single photo of Rita, the search for her became very difficult. The family speculates if Bomjon had sold Rita (to India, as human traffickers often do in Nepal), or placed her in some monastery or killed her. They are too simple minded to proactively search for her, and as they trusted Bomjon to be a Buddha, because Nepali authorities and public was feeding the public with this image, they did not suspect anything bad over all these years. Yet when the news about disappeared (and possibly killed by Bomjon) nuns and monks hit their ears recently, they have realized that also Rita Bot’s fate could have been similar.

The above information is based on the Nepali language video बमजनको पर्दाफास : भगवान भन्दै युवतीमाथि बलत्कार, मेरो छोरीसंग बिहे गरेको हो – little Buddha by Online TV Nepal.

Another video, below video shows the interview with Rita Bot’s sister, brother, mother, other relatives and villagers, who had all confirmed that Ram Bomjon, the “Buddha Boy” stayed in their Kajiram Tole village for one months when he needed to hide during the Gadhi Mai festival in 2009:

“Of the total missing monks and nuns two followers – Sancha Lal Waiba and Rita Bot – were allegedly murdered and subsequently disappeared from Bomjon’s previous ashrams in Sindhupalchwok and Sarlahi.” “Where is Bomjon?” (My Repuiblica)

(Archive.org and Archive.today)

Rita Bot from Bagmati-12 of Sarlahi district has claimed lady follower of Bomjan is missing and being out of contact from his ashram from last 9 years. She complaint against Bomjon for making his lady follower disappear.” Fifth disappear case complaint against Bomjon

(Archive.org and Archive.today)

The most detailed article about Rita Bot had been published by Setopati: Fifth missing complaint filed against Bomjon

(Archive.org and Archive.today)

It is also them who brought to the attention that Rita Bot disappeared in Halkhoriya: that dark jungle where I myself had been held hostage and tortured by Bomjon and his followers in 2012, as well as Mata Ani the same year, the Spanish woman in 2007, the 17 Madeshi villagers in 2010, and where Anil Khatri was attacked in 2007, an Australian follower beaten in 2011, the 5 villagers kidnapped and beaten in 2014:

“Sumni Bot of Kajiram Tole in Bagmati municipality 12, Sarlahi has filed a police complaint stating that her daughter Rita has been missing from the Halkhoriya ashram of Bomjon.”

So here we have the reason, why did I write a desperate article, requesting the Nepali police to search for the disappeared persons in Halkhoriya… Yet do they care about the knowledge of Bomjon’s past victims? They could have got many clues from past victims, who are, by now, about 45, yet until today no police or lawyer approached me or the other victims that I know, with requests of cooperation in the investigations…

Setopati writes:

“The complainant has claimed that Bomjon had come to her home along with daughter Rita once and stayed for a month. The daughter dug up the photographs buried under the ground and burnt them when she last came home and has never returned once she left, according to the complaint.

Bomjon’s mother, sister and brother explained that Rita and Bomjon used to return to their home for visits from time to time, and that Bomjon also used to phone them and ask how are they, as a son-in-law would do, when Rita was staying with him in Halkhoriya. The only thing they could not figure out was, why did Rita and Bomjon burn their photographs, and also Rita’s all own photographs. (Bomjon might have had already a plan to kill her ritually. – opinion of The Halkhoriya Times).

“The daughter who left after burning the photographs has not returned. Bomjon himself came once and asked about Rita. Let her whereabouts be known,” the complaint reads.

Chief of Sarahi Police SP Posh Raj Pokharel said the complaint is under investigation. “She reportedly went missing from Halkhoriya ashram. We are investigating. We have been asking about Rita in other ashrams including Pattharkot of Sarlahi,” SP Pokharel said.”

Setopati writes shocking details from Rita’s parents:

“Sumni (Rita’s mother) said Rita complained of torture inside the ashram when she last came home. “There were cut wounds and bruises all over her body,” Sumni told Setopati. “Bomjon phoned her and called her to ashram around four-five days later. She went back to the ashram despite me asking her not to go.”

Rita has not been seen since. Bomjon himself had come to ask about Rita after some time. Bomjon had asked Rita’s older brother to not complain with the police when he came looking for Rita, and warned both Sumni and he would be in trouble if they complained.

The family did not lodge police complaint due to fear of Bomjon and has now registered one only after hearing about other complaints registered against him.”


Recently another case of Bomjon’s controversies came out. A former nun of Bomjon, Asali Lama, approached Setopati to tell her story. Actually first it was her husband, Dipak Bhujel, who told her story on her behalf, and later she herself also clarified. The article is only in Nepali language, as probably the Nepali Government did not allow Setoapti to publish it in English, because it is just so clearly proving all the former accusations, and fits to the dark mosaic of Bomjon’s sexual and violent crimes… Snapshots from the Nepali article on Setopati about Asali Lama’s witness account:

What Asali Lama describes?

She tells her own experience as a nun who was sexually harassed by Bomjon in the very early years when he was still surrounded by his family members, and 4 nuns were cooking for him (yes, he WAS eating, but secretly, Asali explains). She had been appointed by his sister Rajkumari to help to cook for Bomjon too, and thus she became part of his secret and an insider. She was a nun in red rBuddhist robe and with shaved head. Bomjon touched her two breasts with his hands and forced a kiss to her. She was totally shocked and broke down, because she thought he was a spiritual Ascetic Yogi living in celibacy. He was harassing her many times, saying: “YOU WERE MY WIFE IN OUR PAST LIFE, SO NOW WE SHOULD BE ALSO A COUPLE”

After some time Rita Bot arrived to join the Halkhoriya group of personal servant nuns for Bomjon. This was of course all not happening outside, in the settlement of the followers, but in the inside circles of Bomjon, where no one was allowed to cross without special permission from Bomjon. When Rita Bot arrived to stay with them, she shared with Asali that Bomjon told her: “YOU WERE MY WIFE IN PREVIOUS INCARNATION, SO WE HAVE TO BE TOGETHER AGAIN”. It was then when Asali started to realize that Bomjon is sexually harassing not only her, but many other nuns in Halkhoriya, telling them the same story about past life! She told Rita the truth, and confronted Bomjon with this.

Then Bomjon revenged her: he called all his followers and claimed in front of them that Asali tried to sexually seduce him (so the opposite!) in his meditation! Everyone condemned Asali and she broke down from the shame and refusal  and took poison to kill herself. She did not die though, but lost her consciousness. When she woke up, again she saw Bomjon sitting near her body, apparently obsessed with her. In a few days Bomjon allowed her to leave Halkhoriya. He still offered her to see her off, but she said that she did not wish, and left. Broken down from the terrible experience as a Buddhist nun in Bomjon’s Halkhoriya Compound, she decided to go to work to Saudi Arabia, to be far enough from the “Buddha Boy”-Predator.

This witness account is important by itself, but concerning Rita Bot, gives clues about what could have happened to Rita and when and where. Yet the sad thing is that the Nepali Police and Nepali Government do not care, do not fairly investigate Rita Bot’s disappearance, and Bomjoin’s official representative committee, the Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha organization led by Mani Lama ex-health minister and Kewal Lama, even ridicules the family why they came out with Rita’s disappearance only after 10 years passed!

The hopelessness of the victims and their families in Nepal gives a shocking picture of lawlessness in Nepal. Poor villagers like Rita Bot’s family, have practically no rights and no way to fight for justice. Although they openly told that they do not want any punishment for Bomjon, they only wish to know what happened to their daughter, is she alive or dead, and they want to see either her body alive, or know that she died and make the final religious ritual for the dead.

Shockingly, even the weeping mother of the disappeared Rita Bot in the interview did not melt the cruel hearts of Nepal’s Bomjon-supporting leading politicians, former Prime Minister and current Maoist Party chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal, (current Prime Minister) KP Sharma Oli, former Prime Minister and current Congress Party chief Sher Bahadur Deuba… 

The below interview was made with Rita Bot’s sister and brother, is titled “Bomjon was sleeping with my own sister, I and all villagers had seen it”:

All this is showing that there is something terribly wrong in Nepal’s approach to the law and human rights of its citizens. If so many Nepalis (and foreigners) must live in constant fear to even lodge a police complaint, because they know that the Nepalese Government would not protect them against Bomjon but instead they would get into trouble, that is a very bad news fro all those in Europe and the wider world who considered Nepal a law-abiding democracy, and a safe and even spiritual (!) country! Nepalis even are afraid to report to police the disappearance of their own daughters and fathers and sons, when it comes to Bomjon. It is shocking.

Follower Named Rita Bot Missing From Bomjon’s Ashram

(Archive.org and Archive.today)


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