New law in Nepal to guard Ram Bomjon´s “religious harmony”

“The wife of guru told me that such issues should not come out. She told the revelation may attract attacks on our religion and there would be bloodshed,” she said, “Hence, I could not file the complaint.” She told journalists that she tried to file a complaint to police against Bamjan, but the ascetic’s wife threatened her against that. Source: ‘Ascetic’ Ram Bahadur Bamjan accused of raping nun, Onlinekhabar ( and

(Featured image: The crying Buddha by Marticn Bailey, Flickr)

The above quote is an example of the shocking absurdity that surrounds Nepal’s “Little Buddha”, who became a 27 years old fat man by now. Ganga Maya Moktan, Bomjon’s rape victim had been threatened by Bomjon’s own wife not to report the incidents to police, otherwise their “Maitri religion” would get into troubles and there would be bloodbath. This quote perfectly proves that Bomjon’s cult does not understand what the word RELIGION really means. That it is not about securing a living for their own ashram community of Bomjon-servants, but it is about actual ethical behavior, non-harming human beings and eventually also truth! How can Bomjon’s devotees consider religion the fact that (among many others!) a 14 years old minor had been regularly raped by the “guru”, considered to be Maitreya Buddha? And how can they fear the end of that “religion” by the fact that the victim reports it to police?

This article explains why first one should have a real, factual religion, to be entitled to ask a government for protecting one’s religious rights, harmony and tolerance.

One cannot CALL a prolonged satanic program of  regularly torturing scored of human beings to be any religion! Even if covered by preaching about non-violence and love or ‘colored” by religious ritualistic gatherings, mantra chantings, spiritual music, white or blue or any robes… Religion is not about preachings and symbols or rituals: it is about deeds. These are basic truths that most civilized countries somehow know, but it seems, Nepal does not know, or does not WANT to know…


The Kathmandu Post/Ekantiupur ( and published an article about how Nepal´s high-level politicians supporting Ram Bomjon convinced the Government to block police investigations into the recent crimes that the “Buddha Boy” had been accused of. (More about them on, with keyword “bomjon” ( and

To the surprise of all who always thought that murder, rape, torture and kidnappings have nothing in common with religion and holiness, the efforts of ex-health-minister Mani Lama, maoist party-activist Bhuminand Devkota and the Communist-Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) bore fruit, and Nepal’s Government had HALTED INVESTIGATION into all the crimes of Ram Bomjon

  • against more than 40 victims of all ages
  • including minor nuns
  • including Nepalis and 4 foreigners
  • perpetrated over 12 years!

betraying it’s OWN citizens, Nepali and foreign victims and many bereaved families!

These crimes of Ram Bomjon and his dozens of crime-culprits include:

  • brutal bloody violence with permanent consequences (fractures, internal injuries),
  • physical and mental torture while keeping imprisoned
  • rapes (of minor nuns as well as one incest),
  • kidnappings,
  • hostage holdings,
  • false imprisonments,
  • witch-accusations,
  • false gossiping of victims in media and public,
  • stealing expensive personal property (computer etc.)
  • mental terrorizing (“we will kill you tomorrow”, “you stay on chains all life”)
  • forcing to write and sign “suicide letters”
  • disappearance of 6 monks and nuns
  • and murders described by eyewitnesses, of at least 4 people.

Compared to this list Bomjon’s legal issues of encroaching huge areas of land (dozens of hectares) in many districts , falsification of his birth certificate or regular bribing and/or intimidating police, courts and media to stop investigate his crimes seem like small issues, yet not less important.

Even bigger surprise is but the bizarre logic that his powerful followers use in defending the Buddhist Dictator:

“Three leaders of the Sangha, which manages Bomjan’s secretariat, met Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Co-chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Sunday and handed him a memorandum for halting the “activities aimed at igniting communal violence”. The Sangha also alleged that media reports were aimed at attacking religious harmony.”

In detail, on Setopati:

“Office-bearers of Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangh, the association of Bomjon’s followers, met former prime minister and CPN Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on December 28 and submitted a memorandum letter. They also handed the memorandum letter to Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa before meeting Dahal.

The memorandum accuses Setopati and other media publishing news reports about Bomjon of attacking religious tolerance. “Serious allegations of disappearing persons have been made against Mahasambodhi Dharma Sangh Gurujyu in a planned manner by the media under leadership of Setopati Online News (sic) and Kantipur Daily with a vested interest of attacking religious tolerance,” the memorandum letter states.
“We protest these unjust and cowardly activities in front of our brothers and sisters and the global community, and present this friendly memorandum letter to draw the attention of the government through dear chairman to take steps for stopping the activities toward stoking communal violence.” ( and is has a more straightforward title:

“Bamjan supporters request government to protect their god – Leaders of Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha are requesting media impunity for Bamjan”:

“Top leaders of Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha met and submitted a memorandum to Chairman of Nepal Communist Party Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who in turn has assured the Sangha that the memorandum would reach the attention of PM Oli. Dahal also said he is aware of the media reports against him and that he has ‘much affection’ for the Guruji.

The submitted memorandum says media outlets like Setopati and Kantipur are attacking the religious harmony of the nation, and are bent on tarnishing the image of their revered guru. The memorandum does not address the issue of the four missing people, and requests the government’s immediate action against media outlets publishing news against the ashram.

Leaders of the Sangha have reportedly also met with other senior political leaders including Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa (Badal) and leader of Nepali Congress Sher Bahadur Deuba.”

In the twisted logic of the brutal cult, investigations to Bomjon’s prolonged series of crimes, including direct murders, is “attacking religious harmony” in Nepal! In their logic religious harmony means to allow their guru to harm countless people without taking responsibility for his deeds, as would happen in any law-abiding country towards any other citizen. They are directly blackmailing the Government and citizens, that in case the police continues to investigate Bomjon’s crime accusations from many separate people, they (because who else?) would evoke “communal violence”! And the Government, either from fear or a wrong assessment of Bomjon’s (alleged) global community of followers, grants it to him. Reasons can be also traditional comrade-connections, bribes, fear of Bomjon’s black-magic abilities that could harm their political success…? Anything of this or all of this. ( and the once most active investigative digital media, had recently informed about finally stopping any investigation against the pseudo-religious gang, and allowing Bomjon to leave Nepal to spread his “message of peace and love” to the whole world, as he planned (in common language, actually abscond from justice, with Government approval!).

According to Nepali language YouTube videos, Bomjon had arranged a passport two years ago, and had been invited by fanatic followers looking up at him as to a god, buddha or maitreya into Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Recently The Kathmandu Post ( and also informed that he had been invited to Thailand to pick up 10 000 USD in cash from his admiring followers there.


To control the crowd of 30 million Nepalis, the lawmakers are inventing more and more laws to block the freedom of expression of the average citizen, as well as of press freedom, which had already suffered a nearly lethal blow under the belt after Ram Bomjon´s 2012 PR activity, starting with threatening journalists who had dared to publish about his crimes, deleting all articles and even their archives about those deeds and in the case of The Himalayan Times and Ekantipur even totally recycling whole media houses. (see more: Why is the Nepali media afraid to publish about Bomjon). No wonder that after press freedom and human rights had been pushed to silence in 2012, they became very careful to ever dare to mention Nepal´s religious dictator publicly, unless he himself invited them to popularize his “religious gatherings” called “Maitri Pujas”, like it was in the case of Setopati, interviewing Bomjon’s follower Mani Lama in the 2017 Maitri Puja event in Kathmandu.

From the ashes of the once popular English-language HT and Ekantipur the new English/Nepali online media, Setopati arised with enthusiasm and a serious investigative work into the series of crimes of Ram Bomjon. Yet, in a country where there is no security for journalists who publish about Bomjon’s crimes, Setopati also lost the wind to its sail in early 2019, when it became more and more clear that the Government would again not proceed with the investigation and punishment of Nepal’s State-Sponsored Guru, Ram Bomjon! And that, instead, the highest level politicians will do everything to silence the victims, witnesses and the families of the 6 disappeared. There is no country in the world where directly at the Prime minister level would be justice blocked and crime victims should tremble from the Parliament, while the criminal is getting a green light by the state to go abroad.

So Setopati had calmed down, needs to survive and the Bomjon-topic would cause its closing down and fearing for their very safety, like it was in the case of so many media and journalists. The Kathmandu Post and Online Khabar are apparently also losing their hope that their similarly self-sacrificing investigation into “Maitriya” had any sense… They have nothing to write about anymore, as there is NO PROGRESS in the police investigation, after the very Nepalese Government, which should be the protector of law and justice, had instructed the police to stop investigating the ‘Buddha Boy’…

Yet the surprise continues. Nepal is a magical country where miracles happen every week…


Just a few weeks after the shameful “memorandum” to stop investigation into grave crimes by Bomjon and his entourage, we can read about a new Social Media Law that the same Bomjon-supporting Government swiftly issues, which criminalizes any open expression of the citizens about just anything and anyone, be it political or religious leaders or organizations. The law is written in such a misty form that it can be easily misused to silence just any user of the Internet, whom someone from the powerful ones wishes to silence.

We should be not surprised that Ram Bomjon had mobilized Nepalese lawmakers to change the law into such an extent, that the lawmakers even use precisely the same terminology that Ram Bomjon’s politician supporters had used just a few weeks before it, citing a surprising reason for stopping police proceedings, namely: inciting religious violence! Read it yourself:

“The sites will also need to remove posts that spread communal or religious hatred.The bill also has some vague regulatory provisions that can be abused by the government. “One cannot post on the social media in a way that violates public decency and morality,” the bill states. “Messages should not be spent with an intention of teasing, cheating, demeaning, deflating any person or spreading hatred against the person.” The government can also give instructions to remove posts that can be termed defamation and abuse as per the prevailing laws. Those who make such posts can be fined up to Rs 1.50 million, or jailed for five years or both. The sites that do not remove posts even after government instruction can be jailed for up to three years or fined Rs 30,000 or both.” “Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter will have to be registered in Nepal”

( and

The cherry on the cake is that:

“Under the proposed law, the government would have the power to block social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube unless they register in Nepal. And social media posts deemed defamatory or against national sovereignty could be punished with up to five years in jail and a fine of 1.5 million Nepalese rupees ($13,000). …Nepal, with a population of about 30 million, has an internet penetration of 57 percent. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have millions of users in the South Asian nation.”

Read more at:


I wonder why would the world´s most religiously tolerant country need to create a law which punished religious hatred. There had never been any in Nepal! At least not until Ram Bomjon hit the limelight.

No, Nepal is really the most pluralistic religious cosmopolitanism that anyone can still find on earth. There is no reason to create limping laws to protect religious harmony, as until Bomjon started to spread his “dharma”, religious harmony was palpable everywhere in Nepal, at least after the kingdom ended in 2006, even so much that normal Christians and Muslims could practice their religions without any harm (obviously fanatic Christian missionaries excluded).

During my long stays in Nepal I have never encountered any religious hatred. Nepal has many problems, and countless things to criticize, but there is one strange thing an outsider always appreciates: in Nepal many religions live side-by-side without any conflict, verbal or physical, for ages. Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, shamanic Tamangs, Babas, Matas, different Guru-sampradayas, Vaishnavas, Shaivites, Tantrics, Devi-followers and just any modern cult and sect had been always living in peace and prosperity in Nepal.

Nepal´s Newari religion and tradition, the ethnic group responsible for those typical elaborated temples in Kathmandu, follow a syncretic religion of Hinduism and Buddhism, what is symbolized by using the symbols of both religions in their architecture and festivals. Nepal has the richest variety of Buddhist sects in Asia, because it not only is a paradise for Tibetan Buddhism, with hundreds of monasteries, but also has “Nepali Buddhist” tradition which is Theravada. Among Hindus one can find all the possible groups and lineages, and they are all behaving nicely to each-other. Hindus and Buddhists are friends, make business together…

Christians? “Krish-chens” as they call them? (Translated to Nepali realities: freelance and self-styled Pentecostal charismatic groups, NOT Catholics or Evangelicals!). They are not really beloved in Nepal, obviously, but tolerated. How could they have otherwise a minimum of 5 churches in every single Nepali village? How could they still stop me and you in any town’s square and try to bring us to the true faith in Jesus (ignoring the ban about conversion)? If anyone tries to find lists of Christian churches and communities in Nepal, it would be a very long one! Even the most irritating versions of shouting and jumping wild Christians will be able to exist, register and gather for their prayers in Nepal. 

Yet, the Catholic Church had been always respected in Nepal, and owe huge and high-standard schools, like St. Xavier´s or St. Mary´s in Kathmandu, where the Nepali Royal Family members had been studying, or the Little Flower School in Bharatpur…

So back to the conclusion: to find any trace of religious hatred, one could criss-cross Nepal like I did, and would just not find any!

So why to make a law to defend something what did not ever exist? And why right now?


Oh yes, we had forgotten the cult of personality of the “Maitriya Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Gurujiu”  (Buddha Boy), which had spread among the Tamang and other Mongolian ethnic groups, especially after his 2012 “coming out”. Bomjon is the only religious personality in Nepal, who incites religious disharmony, actually. He had exclaimed himself to be many different variations of divinity, starting with “reincarnation of a rinpoche”, “higher than Buddha” and recently even Paramatman, as the Setopati interview during his 2017 Maitri Puja confirmed. But, although he started as a Buddhist monk, he rejected Tibetan Buddhism after returning from the Dehradun monastery. He had changed the attires of his followers from red-yellow to blue, to show that he does not belong to Buddhism. He had installed some kind of new gods, whom his followers worship with “mantras to the Seven Deities”.

It had been clarified and repeated in various platforms that the ‘Maitriya Guru’ claims to be higher enlightened than Gautama Buddha was, claims to be the highest god, apart from speaking negatively about Hindus (Gadhi Mai and the like) and “old tradition” classical Buddhists. His followers on YouTube comments regularly accuse anyone critical to Bomjon to be Christian missionaries or Vatican agents. So if anyone, Bomjon and his followers are the only religiously intolerant group in Nepal!

If Buddhaboy´s supporters claim that crime accusations against their “Guru” are breaches of religious harmony, where is that religion that is breached and hated? Apart from a worshiping of Bomjon himself and a set of first five, then “eleven commandments” what no one of them takes seriously, least the Dictator himself, there is no religious activity by and around Bomjon, as it is defined by societies over the ages all over the world. This surprising information was described also by Ganga Maya Moktan, the now 18 years old rape victim nun who managed to escaped from ram Bomjon’s ashram, as well as by Asali Lama, another, former nun who left Bomjon after he attempted rape.

Bomjon´s “religion: does not have anything authentic. He had imitated Tibetan Buddhist rituals, mantras and “Shila”, but announced that Gautama Buddha was not enlightened as high as himself. This was first told to me by Marty Donelly of Australia in 2012 , when I met him in Lumbini., and he was just returning from a more private time spent with Bomjon and a small group of Western followers, to whom the “guru” gave low profile lectures and speeches.

His monks and nuns, as I remember, had been hanging around aimlessly all day long, spending their time in cooking, eating, sleeping and the ladies and nuns with hard work to look after the rest of the group. There had never been any religious activity, no meditation or discipline. Similarly described his ashrams all other Western and Nepali visitors in the recent years.

So where is the religion in all that law, tailored to satisfy Nepal’s Buddha Boy’s love for  undeserved social network “privacy”? The religion is Ram Bomjon himself! He had elevated himself to the level higher than God, and the whole focus of his new religion is just himself. Convincing his followers to bow to him, to line up for blessings by his violent hands, to pray for him and to him as we had been used to pray to God or, Hindus, to Gods…

Now, Bomjon is trying to replace all gods and goddesses by his sole person in Nepal. Not by syncretism, as Nepal´s Newari tradition did, nor by ecumenical initiatives. Bomjon simply deletes other religions and then filling out the gap.

Currently he is doing it just in small. Nepali politicians are but blind enough to give him so much authority that soon the conversion towards Bomjonism wil be obligatory and forceful, if it goes like this.

Bomjon´s religion is a cult of personality like that of Stalin, Hitler or some Pharao used to be. Nothing more but also nothing less!


Now, no religious representative in Nepal ever criticized, harmed or hated Bomjon. What we can remember, Nepalis from every religion used to be proud of the Buddha Boy in his early years, and poured their financial resources, free time, support, advertising, admiration towards him!  Hindus as well as Buddhists lined up for blessings and had been writing propagatory articles about the “young Ascetic”. When it seemed that he was “fighting against animal sacrifice”, we could see followers of the vegetarian Krishna Pranami Hindu sect to pay regular visits to him. I had personally met and led conversations with a delegation of Kathmandu´s Inter-religious Committee, from which a Christian priest, a Muslim preacher and Buddhist lama had visited Halkhoriya in 2011 to pay homage to Bomjon, whom they had viewed as an authentic holy man, who, as they were convinced, had been born to unify all religions…

Buddhist lamas of all lineages and schools, be it Tibetan Buddhism, Nepali Buddhists (Theravada) or Far-Eastern Mahayana, arrived to bow to him and support how they could. Famous Buddhist gurus like Gyan Sagar Guru of the Nepal Ahinsabadi Samaj (Nepal’s Non-Violence Community) had supported Bomjon with all their force and even bringing their student lamas for him. Foreigners, even when Christians or Buddhists or following Hindu gurus, had been arriving to get Bomjon’s blessings and offer help.

Bomjon never had any of those “many enemies”, about whom he is regularly complaining from the very beginning, to show himself in the light of a Nepali Jesus on the Cross… Those stories are simple lies. Bomjon had admirers, supporters, loving devotees, worshipers only! Yet, when he was sure that he could do just anything and we all would still believe in his divinity, he really unleashed his demons with fury and might… Obviously, when he started to kidnap, beat, attack with sword people or walk with girls, there had been some very low profile criticism and attempts of police reports. But even his victims of those times often just let it go and gave up police reporting or public criticism.

Bomjon had often spoken about his wish to unify all religions and all countries and nations etc .etc. One religion, one language, one country … It sounded New Age, but also apocalyptically frightening. His vision of a “Beautiful New World”, a new world order, is not at all that tolerance and harmony as we all believed in 2011… He started to harm people, brutally, regularly and often fatally. He started to order rapes as a way to torture his hostages, and raping minor nuns himself. He encouraged his monks to kill, and added to the death of at least four people by now.

After “Maitreya”, as his followers call him, started to behave like a gangster in white robe, understandingly Nepalis as well as foreigners started to question his claims of enlightenment and purity of intention. It is just logical that the first of those who had woken up that they had been fooled by a sharlatan, had been Hindus, Christians and real Buddhists. Returning to the safety of their original family tradition, those who had witnessed or suffered Bomjon´s violence and sexual crimes, turned their back to him.

Yet it was a reaction to his growing list of brutal attacks, and not the cause! Now, speculators like Mani Lama or Kishore Sherchand, as well as the majority of his foreign followers, argument over many years that Bomjon´s violence is a self-defense against those alleged “many enemies”!


Those who had departed from Bomjon after seeing or suffering his criminal behavior, had but never really hated Bomjon, and never indulged in hate speech, as it is understood in English. Bomjon had been always criticized politely and without using rude words in Nepali and international media. Even those who had been victimized by him, like myself or the Australian man, continued to write and speak about him without any hatred, mainly with pain and disappointment only. I have been writing about him in great respect as Dharma Sangha, or “guru” many years even after my release from his illegal imprisonment and tortures… It had to be a gradual eye-opening, to see his programmed criminal activity, what finally started to change my tone and attitude, yet never to the point to actually incite any religious hatred, write any hate speech or cause danger.

Because his followers  with money and power are very weakly educated (Jas Bahadur Waiba for example, is totally illiterate, or Surinami-Dutch Ivy Jugoa of the Netherlands is a kindergarten assistant), they had picked up a few trending expressions like “hate speech” and “religious intolerance” and now they are trying to apply them in their fight against Bomjon´s victims, who only want justice. None of us, victims, ever attacked Bomjon verbally of physically, even not after he made us victims. Because Bomjon is wisely selecting his victims from among of his most loving devotees!

There had never been proved or recorded any single person who would have publicly offended Bomjon, offending him verbally with so called “hate speech” or physically by “religious hatred”. But it is his familiar habit to excuse why he “had to” treat some particular people from among his supporters suddenly brutally. And, although no real religious leader in human history was ever vengeful, his followers, not educated about any religious history or traditions, blindly accept that it is apologizable if a religious guru revenges people with violence. The problem is just that there is nothing to revenge, as the victim had been a worshiper who, in most cases, gave up all to serve Bomjon!

So the whole claim about religious intolerance and religious hatred, hate speech etc. is something which had never happened around or against Ram Bahadur Bomjon. It is but a way to spread a certain mentality, a certain martyrdom-legend about himself, and of course, clean himself of accusations of crimes. It is so easy as it is here written. Because it is happening in Nepal, a country where people went so far with their traditional religious tolerance, that they even accept false gurus and fake saints, who rape, torture and murder in the name of their religion!

Bomjon could never exist in Europe or even not in India, as he is existing in Nepal. We coudl see the angry crowd attacking Rahm Rahim´s ashram after it was known that he had been raping his followers. We could see protesters against fake babas like Swami Nityananda or Asaram Babu…

But Nepal, exactly because it is so religiously tolerant, is a safe haven for black magician, satanic, criminal cults as well. This is exactly the point when Nepali leaders, political and religious, should say “stop”, this is just too much! Nepal cannot tolerate Ram Bomjon raping, violently attacking, torturing and killing people in the name of religious tolerance and in the name of human rights! Nepal cannot grant religious freedom to dangerous criminal cults, and grant the human rights ONLY of Bomjon and his followers, while stampeding upon the human rights of Bomjon’s victims and critics! 


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