My memories of Pasang, missing nun last seen in Bomjon’s ashram

“My name is Pasang, I am from a Buddhist Monastery in Hetauda” introduced herself the kind young nun, who was shocked to see me tied by chains and tortured by Bomjon’s followers in Halkhoriya in 2012. She had tried to let me released me and to help me, but I was afraid to publish her name on my websites all these years, to avoid harm to her by Bomjon and his gang, if they learned how humane her behavior to me was. I know it is not easy to believe, after all that fake propaganda creating an image of Bomjon as of a promoter of peace and religion and non-violence, but insiders and many locals in Bara District know that I am saying and writing the truth.

Above image: The two disappeared nuns, from left: Chinimaya Tamang and Fulmaya Rumba (Pasang), apparently still in Halkhoriya, where Bomjon’s monks and nuns had been still wearing classical red-yellow Buddhist robes. 

But now, Pasang, that little angel who gave me the only solace in the exceeding hell that Bomjon choreographed for me in Halkhoriya, had disappeared. To be more exact, she had disappeared 4 years ago, but her family dared to report it to police only in 2018, after seeing the case of the girl raped by Bomjon, Ganga Maya Moktan, on TV. Her father and brother tried to search for her many years, but Bomjon’s followers refused to help, claiming they had never met her and ridiculed them that she might have ran away with some boy… Bomjon himself refused to speak with the bereaved family.

This is a moment when I do not feel it effective to keep secret what I know about her, as I hope that this would help someone to find her, and balance those shameful gossips that the Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha’s leader, Mani Lama is creating in the media and to the Government, to cover up Bomjon’s crimes.

The parents of Pasang were in permanent contact with the nun by phone, and she used to visit them from time to time before, together with other nuns from Bomjon’s ashram. But she fell out of contact after one evening in 2014-2015 she phoned he father asking him to immediately come to meet her in Sindhupalchok Ashram of Bomjon, where she was staying because she would be not on phone contact afterwards. As Hetauda is very far from Sindhupalchok, and the family fully trusted Nepal’s “Buddha Boy” as a divine guru where their daughter would be surely in the safest place, the father arrived there only a few days later. Though Pasang was an insider nun of Bomjon from at least 2011, and as photos show below, she was staying with his other insider nuns, sisters and girlfriends, followers of Bomjon in the ashram claimed that they had never met her or that she left many years ago! The many versions of claims were inconsistent, and did not fit in the fact that the nun had been in regular contact with the family, became a blue-robed insider nun together with other nuns, and followed Bomjon into his many ashrams, from where she often came home to refer her family about where she currently stayed.

One thing that Pasang’s father told in the interviews, is especially suspicious to me. When searching in Bomjon’s ashram’s premises for the nun, he was stopped by the Polish Tomasz Tarnawski (called Dorje): “That is a forbidden area, you cannot cross there! That is the area of Guruji!” . The desperate father asked then Dorje “Where is Pasang, have you seen her?”. Tom, who knew Pasang very well, as I describe below in this article, told him in Nepali: “Pasang? She is gone”. Further questioning where, how and when, was impossible, as Dorje was irritated by the curiosity of the father. After this description in every normal country police would suspect a foul play, in which the brutal Dorje (as usually in all such cases!) is most probably involved too. Yet, NOT IN NEPAL!


I have written about Pasang on the Google Group after my release in March 2012, to those around 15 people who continued to be my friends and who played a great role in searching for me after my disappearance. If there was anyone in Nepal caring about the disappeared nuns and monks, I would ask them NOT TO STOP SEARCHING FOR PASANG AND THE OTHER MISSING FOLLOWERS!

Yet we can see that the Government is further victimizing the victims, and supports Bomjon’s Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha followers’ group to intimidate, terrorize and threaten those who had made police reports, searching for their family members who mysteriously disappeared in Bomjon’s ashrams. In the same time, the Government instructed the police to stop investigation, even before they would have seriously started it…In a lawless country like Nepal is, even those minimal laws stop to be applied as soon as the the state authorities face the gate of Ram Bomjon’s huge ashrams! No entry is allowed to police and media, so what is happening inside, is the forever secret of a dark country inside a country.

In such a situation my alarming and request that Nepal DOES NOT STOP INVESTIGATION INTO THE DISAPPEARED, stay unheard and ignored. As the land’s two main political parties became foot-lickers of Ram Bahadur Bomjon, can we expect anything else?

So I am desperately asking the readers of this website, the international public, the United Nations and Amnesty International, to pressure Nepal’s corrupt and Bomjon-follower Government and not-free-to act police, to search for the disappeared!

The reason is simple: THEY MIGHT BE ALIVE!!! Just remember, that I myself also disappeared in 2012 when Bomjon had kidnapped me, and even if I had no family anymore, I still had enough people who cared for me, to start to ask questions, where could I be? If those people did not ask questions,if my foreigner and Nepalese friends did not alert media, I might have died on Bomjon’s chains, when he told that he would keep me on those chains forever! Even that time Bomjon’s followers were telling those who searched for me, that they did not know where I was, or later, when they could not deny it as Tcheku lama saw me kidnapped, they claimed that I was in deep meditation, and did not want anyone to disturb me!

Even now, Mani Lama and the Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha is lying about the disappeared followers, and I am shocked that even after so many similar cases, Nepal’s public, police and Government continues to believe Bomjon’s men, and refuses to seriously investigate the disappearances! I was on chains “only” three months, but Bomjon’s mysterious ashrams and the adjoined jungles (INCLUDING his re-acquired Halkhoriya Jungle compound!) can hide all the missing or even more chained and tortured, locked up and beaten, slowly dying victims!

When I myself was on chains, Darshan, appointed by Bomjon to regularly beat and torture me, told me that they (with Tom Dorje, Polish) had “too much work”, as there were many other people kept on chains in the jungle and that was “Guruji’s” new and very special “dharma”. That time I considered this a way to terrorize me and show me that I had no hope to be released, but to my shock, after my release I have heard that similarly like me, another person had been kept tied into the jungle, and brutally tortured, Maata Ani. Just that she, being Nepali, did not trust the police when they came for her, and soon somewhere disappeared. We cannot be sure that she is alive, as she was a key witness and victim against Bomjon, she could have been silenced. I tried to find her asking locals in all the area of Halkhoriya, but no one knew where she was.

Details of my own torture : Three month on chain in Ram Bomjon’s Hell


I met Pasang in the first few days after Bomjon had kidnapped me and after Tcheku lama had been released by him to go home. Those few days, in the beginning, Bomjon ordered Tomasz (Dorje) to lock me in one of the rooms of the so called “office houses” , and tie me to an iron pillar there. Bomjon sent Jas Bahadur Waiba to buy chains to the city, so until Waiba arrived, they had kept me in that room. Everyone had seen me there, the women and children too, tied to the pillar, but no one considered me a human being. Everyone considered Bomjon a god, and what he told, that was an order for them, and no one thought it any wrong. Although two women even had been sorting some food items in sacks in the room where I was, and around me everyone was busy with some work for preparing food and other things, they were not allowed to help me o speak to me. I was not given food many days, neither water. Tamang followers of Bomjon arrived from faraway just to look into the window to get a glance of me, “the witch who attacked the guru”, as they lied about me. A witch in Nepal, and especially uneducated Tamang  society is not a human being, and can be tortured and killed without any regret!

But I was not complaining, as I was also very afraid that they would beat me if I complained, or cried fro help. Yet I had my female period, and needed to change my clothes and take out pads from my bags. Bomjon had instructed Darshan and Budha monk to bring all my bags from Simara’s Buddhist Monastery where I used to stay, but they did not allow me to use anything in my bags, and just took things out and used them themselves, including my laptop. I was not allowed to even change my clothes, underwear, pads… Tom Dorje, who was my main “caretaker”, refused any such requests from me. I was shocked how a European, a Polish man could turn a demon due to Bomjon, and forget all human behavior… The brutal cruelty of Dorje is unfathomable.

Above: Former Polish citizen Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski, one of the two main brutal torturers during both kidnappings by Bomjon, in October 2011 and in Dec 28 2011 till 24 March 2012. A man of zero conscience, cool-blooded sadist. He was holding the keys to the 6 heavy lockers on the elephant chains that he tied me to the tree. He was beating me regularly, and tied my hands with plastic ropes that stopped my blood circulation as a torture method. Bomjon’s main torture assistant, witnesses described he had helped him to beat Manu and Bomjon’s siblings as well. After the tortures he did to me in 2012, he accompanied Bomjon to Baluwatar, the Prime Minister’s residence after the late Sushil Koirala invited them in 2014. Bomjon’s main right-hand and translator. 

Then Pasang arrived. She was the only nun (and the only person) to be shocked to see me in that inhuman condition. She did not know what was all that. I told her I did not do anything wrong to “Guruji”, he just decided to torture me, and I did not understand why. But Pasang was sure that Guruji did not know about all this, that some terrible misunderstanding might have  happened, his followers caught me without Guruji knowing it, and promised me that she would find him in the jungle and speak to him to release me. She called the followers who did this all to me “evil”. I did not have the heart to tell her the truth, that it was directly Guruji who ordered to  them to kidnap me and had announced in front of his Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha that “now Marici will be in Halkhoriya forever, but on chains till the end”. I left Pasang in her innocent trust, anyway she would sooner or later find out that the whole had been arranged and planned by her Guruji… Bomjon was always staying in his private compound, into which not many people had entry rights, just the nearest monks and nuns, and Tom Dorje.

I asked Pasang to stay with me as long as she could, so that I had some feeling that I am human and alive, because all those other people of Bomjon totally ignored my suffering and ignored my basic human needs, while I was chained to that pillar (I was transferred to be tied to a tree in the jungle after a few days). Pasang also gave me some food and water. She carefully looked around, and when she saw that everyone was busy, she went to my bags and took out clean clothes for me, underwear and pads, I needed that urgently, as I had period a few days and Bomjon let me in that…I remember how many times I begged Dorje (The Polish man) to allow me to visit the toilet, but he did not. He let me tortured there without releasing myself for around two days!

She was so self-sacrificing, risking so much in that hellish environment of Bomjon’s fake “maitri sangha” , but she still helped me to change clothes, even underwear, as I had one of my hands already broken, and could not even do it alone with the still unbroken hand chained (later on Bomjon broke also that left hand). Pasang even asked me if I wanted her to wash my dirty clothes! It was such a contrast, her behavior of a real Buddhist nun, that I was moved by that suddenly! I was there in Bomjon’s brutal hell, surrounded by heartless “maitri people” to whom it was normal to see someone tied with chains to pillars for days, and who had paralyzed conscience,  and suddenly there was a real human being and a real Buddhist, Pasang! Yet I begged her not to wash my clothes, as I would feel awkward. That time only the other hand and feet had been tied by Bomjon, and the broken hand was not. I felt so ashamed to ask Pasang for all this, never in my life was in such a humiliating condition as a woman. At that stage I had been still not beaten, just my right wrist was broken.

Only this year (2019) have I learnt that Pasang had become a nun under the now late Gyan Sagar rinpoche of Dounne, who had founded the Nepal Ahinsabadi Samaj (Nepalese Non-Violence Organization), and that’s why maybe also, she was simply different: she was not ordained by Bomjon, but by real Buddhist monks, and she was following real Buddhist teachings. Her name “Pasang” had been the Buddhist name acquired as a nun in Hetauda, not at Bomjon.

So Pasang stayed with me, just to chat with me. Me, on the chains, and her free, and still trusting the “Buddhaboy”. Quite a bizarre setting for an informal chat… She told me she was from Hetauda Monastery, and I asked her when was she born. She told she was born in January (Magh in Nepali Calendar) and I told that she was a Capricorn in astrology, and that is a very good sign for spirituality, that Ramana Maharishi was also a Capricorn…

The Tom Dorje arrived and realized that Pasang had been helping me more than “Guruji” had allowed, and in a very aggressive voice he ordered her out. Pasang still promised me that she would come when she would be free, and would bring me food and help me, but she never again arrived! Her face expression was showing how terribly she felt because of seeing me…

This memory was the only nice one during the experience of Ram Bomjon’s Halkhoriya Hell in 2012. That Hell had many human beings in it that I knew from before, my former friends, but no one helped me, and many of them even tortured me with Bomjon. But there was this cute young nun of Hetauda, Pasang, who was the only one with a human heart, not even speaking about Buddhist morality… A nun who started to ask questions. And that Bomjon might have not liked…

In the heart-throbbing interview below, Pasang’s father weeps when speaking about his hopeless search for his daughter, in which no police, neither Government helps him, and Bomjon’s followers are only ridiculing him:


Bomjon is keeping near him those monks and nuns, who had witnessed his attacks and tortures of people, because he knows that they would be dangerous if they went “out” and spoke out what they had seen. So for many months and years he spoils them as “special trustees”, elevates them in front of others, allows them to stay in his private areas. Some of them, like Tom Dorje, get absorbed in more and more brutal deeds, and their conscience gets paralyzed absolutely. Yet I believe that at least some of those who had seen too much, or had been used by Bomjon to attack an torture other people (Darshan Limbu?, Suresh Ale Magar?) become tired of their dark role and start to doubt.

After Bomjon had pulled them to his own crimes as accomplices, there is of course no way out. If they start to speak, they would be the first to be arrested and jailed, while Bomjon would stay free (due to his support by the leading politicians of the land, Prachanda, Deuba, Oli, before Koirala). Although I believe and hope that the two nuns, Dolmo (Pasang) and Chunmo (Karma Dolmo) had been never involved directly in tortures of people, they might have seen a lot of dirty things in Bomjon’s privacy, and at one point they could have also described how they have seen Bomjon, Darshan and Dorje torturing me and Maata in 2012. I am afraid that because they had seen key witnesses, Bomjon had decided to silence them, by chaining them somewhere or locking them up, and torturing them until they would get crazy and break down or die from physical exhaustion. Nepal is responsible not to allow them to get to that stage, and should urgently start searching for them! But unfortunately I know that they would not. Th government in Nepal sacrifices Dolmo and Chunmo (and many more victims!) for getting benefits from the famous Buddhaboy. Where should I turn to pressurize Nepal to save the victims, until they might be still alive? I am desperately helpless against a lawless country!

Pasang’s mother speaks about her daughter who disappeared in 2014-2015 in mainstream media Avenues TV:


As Ganga Maya Moktan (Tamang), the young girl who tried to report the rapes done by Bomjon, but the police refused her, described in the Nepali language videos (TV news records), inside Bomjon’s ashrams there is actually no spiritual activity, only eating, sleeping and Bomjon raping new and new young girls and nuns. She even went so far as calling it a “brothel”. I myself had been kidnapped in 2012 and raped by Darshan Limbu, on the repeated orders of Bomjon, who was torturing me with beating and breaking my wrists. I have seen and felt each and every day that yes, the inside life of Halkhoriya compound was Hell, in the name of a fake religion, in which even Bomjon and his nearest followers did not believe, and made jokes about the crowds fooled by them!

Unfortunately in Nepal the government supports the criminal “guru” against his victims, and the valuable information about the inner life (and the fate of OTHER victims she had witnessed there!)  given by Ganga Maya had been not even recorded by police, and now the police has no permission to investigate anymore. Ganga Maya described to Setopati media during the many days interviews that she had seen in Bomjon’s ashrams the now disappeared Fulmaya Rumba (Buddhist name given by her Hetauda Monastery was “Pasang”) and Chinimaya Tamang (name given by Bomjon “Karma Dolmo”). Ganga Maya told that one of the young girls, nuns, whom Bomjon sexually harassed (apart from herself) was a nun named Choeymo. That nun was so shocked by Bomjon’s impure advances that she ran away the next day.

Above: heroic Ganga Maya Moktan, now 18-years old victim of Bomjon’s regular rapes from the time when she was just 14. She and the disappeared nuns had been appointed to be private servants in Bomjon’s inner accommodation, washing and cooking, cleaning for him and his wife Dipshika. This work was but combined wit sexual harassment from Bomjon to many of the girls and nuns. Ganga Maya gave valuable information about the missing people, but Nepal’s police ignored her and refused to accept her rape report too. They had sent her to some dodgy institute and we had never heard about her anymore! Shockingly, Ganga Maya, rape-victim and witness of other rapes and beatings, did not get any protection from the government and thousands of NGOs in Nepal! Her case was only published in investigative media. As she is  a key-witness to the missing other nuns and monks, Mani Lama and BSDS might have silenced her forever. Yet in Nepal, no one really cares!

Bomjon was angry like a bull on fire when desired girl escaped, and just to punish someone, he announced to his permanent crime assistants (the main person of whom was always Tomasz Henryk Tarnawski, named “Dorje”) to beat the two girl brutally, after he accused them (already traditionally !) of doing witchcraft! Ganga Maya had seen the two nuns beaten, and she described that Chinimaya was even bleeding from the wounds. Then Bomjon locked them up in a room. The next day but Ganga Maya did not see the nuns anymore, and the room was emptied!

This was some 4 years ago. The nuns had disappeared and due to the tense atmosphere of fear in Bomjon’s ashram, no one dared to question their whereabouts anymore. Now the parents of the girls came out from their silence, and reported their disappearance to the police. The family members of the nuns went to the different ashrams of Bomjon to search fir the girls many times, but they had been never allowed to speak to Bomjon himself, and the followers had been saying different versions why did the girls disappear, or hey claimed they had never even heard about them! As in Nepal no one dares to accuse Bomjon of anything wrong, because he has now blue-robed devotees nearly in all Tamang community, village and city, they were forced to trust that the girls were in good hands, as Bomjon is considered a holy man ,  Buddha Maitreya, a god even…

Image above: On October 19, 2013 Bomjon had decided to make a photo together with his faithful ones. This might have been either in Halkhoriya or in Pattharkot, Sarlahi District. As we see, both nuns “Chunmo and Dolmo” as the media writes (1, Chinimaya Tamang and 3, Fulmaya Rumba) had been lined up among Bomjon’s nearest and most trusted followers. Not many people had been regularly staying near Bomjon, but these nuns did, as they knew his secrets (they had seen me tied and tortured in Halkhoriya, for example!) and he was keeping watch on them. 3, is Bishnu Bal (Palchen Mo), who is with Bomjon from the every first years, and used to be the friend of his sister Manu (lynched to brain edema in 2015 and died of it in 2016). On the side of Bomjon stands Ranjita, Bomjon’s small sister (Rinchen Mo), whom, according to complaints to media and police by his mother, he had been incestuously sexually abusing too. According to Ganga Maya’s 2018 witness account, Ranjita and Bishnu managed to escape from their monster guru a little before herself. Bishnu was born in a village near Bongjor, Ratanpuri, named Lal. 

Image above: 3, Fulmaya Rumba, 4, Chinimaya Tamang. The nuns had been still seen around Bomjon in later years, together with his nearest trusted group, which included one of his girlfriends 1, and his sister Ranjita 2. So it is clear that they were insiders, and not just “coming-and-going” followers as Mani lama is now trying to justify their disappearance!


Yet after Ganga Maya’s media news about rapes and violence going on in Bomjon’s vicinity, the family members of Chunmo and Dolmo (other names used by the two nuns) had realized the foul play. And now, the Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha, led by the speculative Mani Lama ex health-minister, ridicules these families in the many media confrontations (replacing the non-existent police investigations and courts in Nepal) that they waited 4 years with searching for the girls, and even pollute their reputations that they surely went to India or fell in love and ran away etc… Bomjon is shivering down his responsibility for the disappearance of his nuns, claiming that hundreds of thousands of followers visit him every day sometimes, and they cannot keep record of everyone..

Yet the truth is that Bomjon always had outsiders and insiders. And the insiders had been allowed to serve him near, and enter his own private accommodations, while the outsiders, visitors and most foreigners (except Tom Dorje, Kim Nguyen, Joan Stanley-Baker, Ivy Jugoa and a few other financial sponsors) had been banned from crossing the many level gate system hiding Bomjon inside his ashrams like an onion. And that is a matter of fact that Pasang, Fulmaya Rumba, was Bomjon’s insider, together with her friend, Chinimaya Tamang. Now, many years later, Mani Lama, Kewal Lama and the followers claim that they had never seen them, or that they left Bomjon very soon. But they are only trying to cover the crimes, similarly as Mani Lama had been justifying Bomjon keeping me on chains tied to  a tree in the jungle for three months, as a “dharmic” decision for my own good! And it was enough for Nepal’s Government, media and police as an explanation, why was the foreigner tied there for months, tortured, and came out with two broken wrists, a hole in her forehead and emaciated…. raped…

Yet, the photos and video of Ram Bomjon himself are showing Chinimaya together with him as one of the very few “special followers” who had been allowed inside his inner jungle compound:

In this picture made by some follower exactly during the time that I had been kept in this Halkhoriya Jungle, just a few minutes walk inside, we can see Chinimaya Tamang (second from right, background) walking out with Bomjon and his nearest trustees from his inner barbed-wire-fenced private compound. They are walking out, towards the public area where the thousands of followers had been waiting for Bomjon to give his speech, during the 2012 Maitri Puja. This photo was made in 2012, between February and March. Only very few people were allowed into this inner circle of Bomjon in Halkhoriya, and as we see, Chinimaya was among them. So when Mani Lama is claiming that she was just one of the thousands of followers “coming and going”, he is lying. Chnimaya had been seen around Bomjon in many photos,and of course, I remember her typical face from 2011 even. Is it then not unusual that a nun, staying so long and so near to Bomjon, suddenly disappears, and especially after Bomjon accuses her and her friend of witchcraft, beats her and locks up in a hut…? 

Image above: From left (red x): Pasang (Fulmaya Rumba), Bishnu Bal (Palchen Mo) and Chinimaya Tamang (Karma Dolmo) on Bomjon’s arranged group photo from 2013 do not look happy or spiritual at all.  Nuns around Bomjon had been always overworking, cooking for him and his girlfriend Dipshika, serving Bomjon, washing his robes, and cooking and washing  for his entourage too. Yet interestingly, both Pasang and Chinimaya seem to be overweight on this photo. Was it normal weight gain, or did they get pregnant by Bomjon? French ex-follower Ivan described to me scores of young girls getting pregnant by Bomjon in his ashrams, only his nearest servants though, and then being sent to Kathmandu for abortions. All those many abortions had been arranged by Bomjon’s other French follower, Stephan and his wife, the founder of a wide network of dubious orphanages and child-care centers in India under the collective charity name SURYA WORLD. They had been, Ivan told, taking the pregnant girl to abortions, even when in Nepal abortions are not allowed. Obviously they needed to bribe the doctors. See more here


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