Asali, one of Bomjon’s escaped nuns, speaks out about rape attempts by Bomjon

Then Rajkumari told that day to the four nuns “Guru eats food”. All the nuns got shocked. They all thought that he was staying in Tapasya without food. Asali asked Rajkumari “So why do you tell to the whole world that he is not eating?” Rajkumari answered that outsiders would not understand this, so they don’t tell it to them. (The events described happened between 2005 and 2009).

Featured image: The “Patal Gumba”, underground meditation chamber, where Bomjon had pulled Asali Lama, a nun, by her hand in 2009 and sexually assaulted. See more in the below article. 

A reader’s contribution had been published on (Nepali version), which describes the experiences of Dipak Bhujel’s wife, who was called Asali Lama while serving Bomjon in Halkhoriya as his nun:

‘बमजनले मेरी श्रीमतीलाई पनि जबर्जस्ती गर्न खोजेको थियो’ (Bomjon tried to rape my wife too).

( and (To keep this valuable article from disappearing by the Government Censorship of Nepal, it is fully copied under this article in Nepali version).

Above image: Bomjon’s “chorten” which was covering the underground meditation chamber where he sexually harassed the young nun. Although he announced to meditate there for months, he stayed there only a few days. The chorten was also the place where Jas Bahadur Waiba had deposited his many guns, and some other followers as well, claiming that they “gave up violence like poaching or attacking people by their mafia” and became spiritual. After Bomjon was evicted from Halkhroiya in 2012, the deposited guns had been taken out by them and taken to his ashrams, his relatives told me.  Source: Niranjan Kunwar (


A Setopati reader’s reaction to the article series about Bomjon

By Dipak Bhujel

“Yes, Ram Bahadur Bomjon is really a rapist!

Bomjon is my wife’s own aunt’s (fufuko chora) son. My wife knows everything about his dark background. My wife stayed in Bomjon’s ashram from her very young age. Bomjon tried to sexually abuse and to be violent with her as well. After she had realized who Bomjon was, my wife had escaped from there and left to work in Saudi Arabia (note: as many Nepalese men and women, it is normal to go to work to Gulf countries for them). When I heard from her these experiences, I told her, “why did you not spread this story to the public?”. She told me that there are many criminal elements around Bomjon and if anyone speaks out about what is going on in his ashrams, that person usually disappears, and no one knows where.

She was simply scared to speak about it. And with her, actually I was also afraid. That time she told me many things about her life, so it also came to the stories about Bomjon. So by her, I have learned the truth about him. Although I thought that it would be important to shed light to the Adharmik (immoral) stories about Bomjon, the fear for our lives was stronger,  “it could be  dangerous for us”, she told, “Bomjon is not a good person”, and so she had refused to speak out.

When I learned from the news about Bomjon’s murder cases and other crimes, I felt I also wished to share what I knew about him. He should be investigated. Such criminals as he is, should be brought to the law!” (

So what are the secrets that Dipak Bhujel’s wife, Asali had shared to Setopati? I could not get to the written source , because it seems the topic was unacceptable to the Nepalese Government Censor of the media, as from October 2012 there is a strong censorship concerning what is allowed to publish about Ram Bomjon, practically the “Nepali Government’s official guru” . The censorship is especially careful about itchy news coming out about Bomjon in English, probably because that would mean that the huge financial gifts from foreign followers would dry up if they knew the full truth about the legendary “Buddha Boy”. That would bring consequences to the regular bribe-flow and hush-money from Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha (Bomjon’s organization) towards leading politicians, police chiefs and some media houses.

So the best for Nepal, they think, is to keep the foreigners in illusion about Bomjon, because, after all, everyone wants mainly their money, isn’t it? Thus, the very shocking story told by Bomjon’s own relative and in the same time a nun serving him as one of his nearest helpers, did not appear on (Setopati’s English version) only on (Nepali version), but even there, digging into Google, searching for the full story, one gets to suspicious proofs of censorship.

So, apparently some Nepalis, knowing much too well the fate of this important story, had prevented it from disappearing by recording it to YouTube. It seems to be the only resort of the country which blocks freedom of speech on a long-term, to avoid news publishing in state-controlled media, and create so called “digital media” with their main activity on YouTube and Facebook. There are many dubious “digital medias” in Nepal, and even more fake YouTube “TVs” , but Setopati is a serious one, where addresses, editors, journalists show their faces and stand behind their publishing activity. After all, Setopati’s main talent, Ameet Dhakal, is a famous journalist. It takes some effort and time to learn to filter out the mainstream and serious “digital media” in Nepal from the tabloid ones and the ones with hidden agenda.

The below video tells the whole story of Asali Lama and the English translation is below the video.

Asali tells her story in the video, where it is read by a male voice, I suppose Asali wanted to avoid any personal publicity (photo, voice, video) due to her fear from Bomjon. My own notes (what is not said in the video) are in gray.

She went to visit Bomjon when he was still sitting under the tree in Ratanpuri, the first time. That time there was a lama around him (Prem?) who was helping him. Asali went there with her younger sister. That time they have learnt that Bomjon’s mother was actually their relative, an aunt (fufu). So they decided to stay in Bomjon’s own house in Bongjor village of Ratanpuri, in his family. There was a lot of work in his house (Bomjon’s family is actually the richest one in Bongjor, they have huge lands, so the story about “poor farmers” had been invented only by foreigners. They own so much land that they do not have enough people to work on the fields, so Asali and her sister had been helping).

After some time Asali was allowed to stay in Halkhoriya Ashram of Bomjon. There she was a nun, like a  few others. That time they were not allowed to go inside to meet Bomjon, no one was allowed to go there, only his family members, Rajkumari, Mankumari (Manu) and his brothers. The Commitee members were also not allowed to be inside Bomjon’s private jungle premises. Asali was staying around 4 years working in Halkhoriya as a nun. Then one day Rajkumari called 4 nuns for a meeting, Asali, Mina Waiba, Bishnu Bal  and … (to be added later)  and asked them “What would you all ready to do for our guru?”. Asali thought that maybe Bomjon was in some danger in the jungle, staying there alone, without protection, so she started to worry for him and told “I am ready to sacrifice even my own body for him!”. Then Rajkumari told that day to the four nuns “Guru is eating”. All the nuns got shocked. They all thought that he was staying in Tapasya and without food. Asali asked Rajkumari “So why do you say to the whole world that he is not eating?” Rajkumari answered that outsiders would not understand it, so they don’t tell it to them. Rajkumari told her that Bomjon had been without food and in Tapasya in fact, in the beginning, but at one point he asked them to bring food and they did as he told.

Image above: Rajkumari in one of the earliest photos from the times when she was still wearing nun clothes and serving her brother Bomjon. 

Now, Rajkumari appointed Asali to be one of those who would bring the food to Bomjon. The food had been cooked by Rajkumari and Mankumari those days and no other people were allowed to go there. Asali brought the food during daytime to “Patal Gumba” (the underground room where Bomjon stayed, probably the room under the Stupa). There was a big tree under which Bomjon was meditating, and a hole was under the tree, and there was a white plastic bucket and Asali put the food every time into that bucket. Then Bomjon took food anytime he became hungry.

Slowly and gradually Bomjon started to speak to her when she brought food. He asked “Where is your home and who lives in your family?”. Asali was again shocked, because she always thought that Bomjon knew everything about everyone. In her childish surprise she asked him “but I thought that you know everything!”. Bomjon answered “I know everything but I wanted to hear it from your mouth”. She then spoke about her family. Bomjon told “You had a very difficult life! But don’t worry. I will help you!”.

One day Mankumari with whom Asali was bringing food to Bomjon, went to Kathmandu, and Asali had been asked to bring the food to Bomjon also at night (what was apparently Mankumari’s task before she left. Nepalis have a habit to take late dinners, usually after dark). Every time Asali went to bring food to Bomjon, she was very polite and never looked into his eyes, and her head was always bowed down. This was, she says, the habit in her Buddhist family towards gurus.

Ram Bomjon and his sister Rajkumari

When she went to Bomjon’s jungle place with the food, she told Bomjon that she was interested to learn his teaching (shastra). Bomjon took her hand and pulled her down to his underground room. “I will teach you personally!” he exclaimed. Then he put his two hands on her two breasts, and she was shocked and wanted to sneak out but could not. She continued to bow her head and not to look into his face. He asked her “What happened?” She was never until that moment touched by a man in such way, and she was a nun. She immediately felt this was not right. But Bomjon pulled her face up to force her look into his eyes and put his mouth on her mouth. She was entirely terrified.

Bomjon told her she was his wife in past life, and after his 6 years of Tapasya ends, he would announce her his wife in front of his all Sangha. But Asali did not like this all. She felt it was something very bad.

The nuns were wearing yellow vests, and Bomjon put his hands under her vest and tore it totally. Asali felt extremely ashamed and afraid at that point.

Image above: A typical yellow (or orange) vest that was habitual to wear by nuns around Bomjon until 2012. This is a nun who stayed in Halkhoriya in 2011. Photo: courtesy of Nika Lapkovskaya

At that moment Bomjon’s sister Rajkumari appeared and with a weeping voice asked her brother “What are you doing?”. Asali told her that it is not all right and that she would tell this outside. Then Rajkumari told Asali not to even try to tell this “outside”. Soon Bomjon’s big brother (Ganga Bahadur?) had learned about the incident, and he came to Asali and threatened her that if she spoke about this outside, he would kill her. To be sure, they sent her home anyway.

Image above: Bomjon’s eldest brother Ganga, who was looking after his needs in Halkhoriya and Ratanpur till about 2011. 

But then Mankumari returned from Kathmandu, and she wanted to have Asali back, so Asali was taken back to Halkhoriya. In the meantime but Bomjon took Rita Bot (Note: a lover whom he announced his wife during the Gadhi Mai mela and stayed one month in her family house, one of the 6 disappeared followers from around Bomjon!). Asali and Rita Bot spoke together and Rita told her that Bomjon claimed Rita was his wife from past life. Then Asali shared with her that Bomjon told her the same story, and both girls became suspicious.

Bomjon confronted Asali why did she tell to Rita that he told her the same “past-life wife” story. He was angry, and told Asali that Rita was his lover already before Asali (this fits to the story told by Rita’s parents!). Then he shouted on Asali “kukur hos” (“be a dog”? “you dog”?) and made a scene in front of his followers, falsely accusing her that Asali had tried to sexually seduce him and disturbed his holy meditation! Asali was shocked and broken down by the shame and hopeless situation, as she was a relative and now all her family would refuse her, so much that finally she took poison to commit suicide. She did not manage to take the whole amount, Bomjon arrived and took it away from her, but she fainted. When she woke up, she does not remember how many hours later under a tree, Bomjon was sitting near her. He did not let her make suicide.

After some time and rest she became well again, and then she decided to leave. Bomjon had seen her off to the bridge at the highway (Note: Pasaha Pul Bridge, where the buses stop), and he tried to convince her that he would build a house at the highway for her, (I did not understand this part clearly, needs checking!) but she was not interested and took the bus. Soon she rather left Nepal to go to work in Saudi Arabia (apparently to be as far as possible from the fake guru and dangerous cult around him, and to forget her disappointment with Buddhist nun ordination). 

Image above: The story of Asali had been deleted from the Internet by the Government censorship. We can only hope that she and her husband Dipak Bhujel are still alive and safe. There is no witness and victims protection in Nepal, especially when it comes to Ram Bomjon, who is supported by the highest politicians! Victims and witnesses of Bomjon’s crimes get RE-VICTIMIZED by the police, Bomjon’s followers and by politicians. 

Image above: Bomjon on Andrea Good’s photo look always impressive, stylish and as she described, beautiful. Yet at that point long ago he was eating and have been not a virgin anymore, while we still admired his Ascetic achievements of staying without food and comfort…

‘बमजनले मेरी श्रीमतीलाई पनि जबर्जस्ती गर्न खोजेको थियो’

सेतोपाटीमा प्रकाशित ‘बमजन समाचार’ मा प्राप्त प्रतिक्रियाः

हो। साँच्चै नै रामबहादुर बमजन बलात्कारी हो!

बमजन मेरी श्रीमतीको आफ्नै फुपूको छोरा हो। मेरी श्रीमतीलाई उसको कालो कर्तुतका बारेमा सबै थाहा छ।

मेरी श्रीमती सानैदेखि बमजनको आश्रममा आनी भएर बसेकी हुन्। उसलाई पनि बमजनले यौनशोषण र कयौंपल्ट जबर्जस्ती गर्न खोजेको रहेछ।

उसको यस्तो हर्कत थाहा भएपछि मेरी श्रीमती त्यहाँबाट भागेकी रहिछन्। र, साउदी अरब गइन्।

यी सबै थाहा भएपछि मैले उनलाई ‘तिमीले किन यस्तो कुरा बाहिर नल्याएको?’ भनेँ।

उनले भनिन्, ‘बमजनको पछाडि धेरै गुण्डाहरू छन्। उसका बारेमा कसैले बाहिर पोल खोल्ना साथ त्यसलाई कहाँ-कसरी बेपत्ता पार्छ, थाहा हुँदैन।’

उनलाई पनि आफ्नो ज्यानको डर थियो। म उनको हुनेवाला श्रीमान थिएँ। त्यो समय उनले मलाई आफ्नो जीवनमा भएका सबै घटना बताएकी थिइन्। त्यही क्रममा रामबहादुर बमजनका बारेमा पनि थाहा भयो।

मैले ‘यस्तो अधर्मी कुरा बाहिर ल्याउनु पर्छ’ भन्दा उनले मलाई ‘हाम्रो जीवनलाई खतरा हुन्छ, बमजन ठीक छैन’ भन्दै विन्ति गरिन्।

आजभोलि बमजनका कुकृत्य र कुविचारका समाचार आउँदा मैले यति कुरा लेख्ने आँट गरेको हुँ।

छानबिन हुनै पर्छ।

यस्ता अपराधीलाई कानुनको दायरामा ल्याउनै पर्छ!

पहिलो स्टोरी- बमजन आश्रममा यौन शोषण, हत्या-हिंसाको दुष्चक्र

दोस्रो स्टोरी— बमजनको आश्रममा तीन आनी बेपत्ता, एक अनुयायीको हत्या

तेस्रो स्टोरी— बमजनको आश्रमबाट भागेका तीन आनीको कथा

चौथो स्टोरी: गंगामायाको कथा— आफू बमजनबाट बलात्कृत भइन्, साना आनीहरूलाई भने जोगाइन्

पाँचौं स्टोरी— बमजन कसरी बने मैत्रेय बुद्ध?

छैठौं स्टोरी- बमजनको आश्रमबाट पाँचौं व्यक्ति पनि बेपत्ता

सातौं स्टोरी- बमजन आश्रमबाट बेपत्ता चार जनाका परिवारले दिए प्रहरीमा जाहेरी

प्रकाशित मिति: मंगलबार, पुस १७, २०७५, ०५:४७:००


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