Higher-than-Buddha Bomjon’s larger-than-life new fake announcement

Our Great Guru had commenced his new Great Meditation on the 16th of June, 2019, for as long as 3 years, in the Sindhuli Ashram’s “Kajogpa“!” Announced his followers in Nepal’s Reporter’s Club 3 days ago. His new “Tapasya” is for World-Peace, they claimed.


They did not clarify where are the 6 disappeared monks and nuns, and what happened about the body of the elder monk Sanchalal Waiwa, who had been witnessed lynched to death by the “guru” and his followers in 2015.

After all, what is important, is that world-peace. Some 6 new victims, and a “mere” 72 victims from 2007 till now, including 4 foreigners (among them 1 disappeared, 1 dead) are not so crucial as world-peace. The United Nations probably agrees with it, otherwise would not have authorized Bomjon’s Swiss followers to carry the UN flag when they were demonstrating against the police investigation into his many crimes in Kathmandu in February this year…

Source: Facebook sites of followers. You want world peace? You must sacrifice something for that! Sacrifice some people. Compared to seven and half billion people on this planet craving world-peace, what is it to sacrifice some 72 human victims to Bomjon’s “Dharma” in Nepal? It is worth it, these UN-flag carrier Western and East-Asian followers think. A little rape here a little murder there, a few wrists broken does not matter, when it comes to huge movements of a New World Order of Oneness: Maitri Law, Maitri Religion, Maitri Language and Maitri Politics. I do not exaggerate. This is literary what they are saying!

One example from the many says “there were just two people ever imprisoned there”, what is true, it is nothing compared to the whole of humanity:

Image above: Ivy Jugoa of The Netherlands answered the criticism of the Dutch Michiel Hegener, on the public Facebook site dedicated to Ram Bomjon in 2012. Ivy, who was personally present during my and Mata’s torture in Halkhoriya, had been elevated by Bomjon to be the President of the European branch of Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha and had bombarded Nepal’s human rights organizations and political residences to ensure “religious freedom” and impunity to her guru, often personally visiting their offices. Her Facebook posts about my and Mata’s cases had been brought to my attention by Michiel and other former supporters of Bomjon. 

Yet not all people are blindly accepting Bomjon’s  ‘New Dharma of sacrificing human beings for world-peace’. After the Youtube Channel Info Khabar published the only available video about the latest announcement of Bomjon’s 3 years of meditation on 5 July, a a commentator is asking, why do the (online) media show us such fake news, instead of focusing on the disappeared nuns and monks from Bomjon’s Ashrams, writing that rather it is about these cases that people want to hear:

Apart from the obligatory parroting of “Maitri Mangalam” by Bomjon’s online worshipers, some sober Nepalis write under the video that he probably wanted to win time by hiding and escaping from Nepal, after so many of his crimes shed light in 2018 and 2019.


Nepalese English language media did not react to the new “gospel” announced in the Reporter’s Club, most probably because they had been banned by the Government, which supports Bomjon blindly, to publish just anything about Nepal’s (in-)famous Buddha Boy. Now they are still waiting for Government-approval “Hey, Pracchanda Sir, are we allowed to publish this great news in English or still not?” journalists are probably overwhelming Government phone lines so much that the Great Censor could not manage to issue permissions yet. They themselves also have to ask “The Guru” first, as prime ministers in Nepal cannot just act as they wish, without authorization by Ram Bahadur Bomjon.

Yet, how could party leaders and prime ministers get his permission to issue permission to the media, when they have no permission to enter his ashrams…? Soon Nepal’s leaders get entangled in their own laws created to ensure impunity and invincibility for Nepal’s ‘Buddha Boy’.

Amazingly, the Nepalese Government had efficiently managed to hide a kidnapper, torturer, rapist and murderer (AND his culprits!) from justice all over these years and even during the last critical months, and two days ago Bomjon’s followers requested the Government to continue to protect their white-robed god from his alleged enemies, because he wishes to go into deep contemplation….

Will ever anyone in Nepal protect Bomjon’s victims as well?

Nepal should realize that Bomjon (who announced he is the highest of the highest gods, so he is all-powerful and invincible!) does not need even a single policeman to protect him. But the Government is providing Bomjon HUNDREDS of police security even when he decides to visit his girlfriends in the next village, and all those police is paid from Nepali tax-payers money. Those very tax-payer citizens, whose daughters, fathers and sons then Bomjon abducts and tortures in the name of his strange, black-magic “Maitri Dharma”.


Watch out for the spokespersons

The announcement had been made by strange players, who are not the usual spokespersons of Bomjon we know from the recent criminal accusation news (Mani Lama, Kamal Singh Lama, Bhuminand Devkota, Jas Bahadur Waiba). Instead, this time it was Subha Lal Thing, Panit Maharjan and some really new names like Sundar Tamang, Krishna Bahadur Gyabak, Vrshadhaja Waiwa, Mangal Maharjan. Similarly like Bomjon never had any official organization with disclosed accounting and fixed membership, his spokespersons are also many times changing. Or is it caused by his new Committee- and Sangha-recycling drive, of which we had experienced already dozens from 2007? He got bored of the old faces of his Waibas and Mani Lamas, and decided it was time to let them go free? Or, instead, put them behind locked doors…?

Nepalis should be careful, and start to remember older cases. Bomjon makes his spokespersons exactly from those people, who played a crucial role in direct tortures of his victims. By this he ensures that the spokesperson does all in his might to show the “guru” in the best possible light, and create lies and cover-ups. In case Bomjon would be accused, his culprits would be as well. No wonder that back in 2012 he made Darshan Subba Limbu, the man who had been used by Bomjon to physically and psychologically torture, beat and sexually abuse me and Mata Ani for three months in the very same year.  The Himalayan Times journalists willingly interviewed Darshan Limbu, who had explained them that the crime victim was mentally ill and herself had attacked the “guru”. This clarification had been plainly accepted by The Himalayan Times, even if everyone in Nepal already knew that Darshan was the main torturer, on the side of Bomjon.

Thus if anyone ever wanted to investigate Bomjon’s many crime accusations (yet in Nepal no one!), the sudden changes in Bomjon’s “spokesperson” should be also considered as an alarm bell. Yet what to do when it is directly a government which puts that desperately ringing alarm bell under the pillow…?

The hysteria about the “miraculous Buddha Boy” had been artificially created by a set of exaggerated and false claims about his 6 YEARS OF SOLITARY ASCETIC MEDITATION WITHOUT FOOD AND WATER, which is claimed to be “proven” by “scientists” (camera crew of Discovery Channel) and is a DOGMA which is never questioned by any proper devotee. Yet was the first such shocking announcement from Ram Bomjon true in the first place?

Did Bomjon fulfill his former vow of 6 years of meditation?

I do not need to be a clairvoyant fortune-teller to predict, that similarly as with Bomjon’s alleged “6 years of ascetic meditation” between 2005 and 2011, also this time he would emerge with news about himself much earlier. His alleged “6 years of meditation” commenced in May 2005 had come to an abrupt end as early as 10 months after starting his meditation marathon, when he disappeared from under the pipal tree near Ratanpuri, and called to him his surprised Committee members to tell them that he needed more peace. Yet, as Buddhist monk Prem Dorje Lama and another unnamed monk in an interview on Youtube explained, there had always been some immoral or unlawful reason for Bomjon to suddenly disappear from his meditation places. The below snapshot is from a video recorded by his followers after they went to meet the “Ascetic” in his hiding place (10 months after his ‘sitting’):

Watching the video, we can easily notice that they had tried to blur something he was holding in his hands. Was it a weapon? Or something “non-celibateury” they did not want to show us…? Bomjon was a developing teenager of 16 years at the time. 

Yet, even after “Maitriya” settled in his new platform in the Halkhoriya Jungle, he did not return to his vow of “6 years of meditation”. After attacking numerous people with sword, sticks and hands, he had been “forced” to run away and hide again and again. At one such time he had been “found” in Bagh Jhor Jungle near Hetauda town, this time he was not hiding his sword (which was used just before he escaped from Halkhoriya):

During his alleged “6 years of meditation” he managed to do a lot of non-meditative activities, including to have sexual relationships with (now disappeared) Rita Bot in her village home, visiting his current wife Dipshika Dumchan in India’s Darjeeling during repeated jeep trips, and abduct and beat up scores of villagers. This all had been proved by now emerging witnesses, victims and had been told me by many villagers in the area of Halkhoriya already as early as 2011. So it was a very strange type of “6 years of ascetic and solitary meditation in celibacy and without food or water “, because it was:

  • never solitary (on all his wanderings when hiding from the public, he was always accompanied by some of his family members, nuns and monks: (now killed) sister Manu, brothers Ganga, Dil or Shyam, sister Rajkumari, childhood friend Prem, nun Bishnu Bal . He had never been alone, neither in Ratanpuri, nor in Halkhoriya or in any jungle stay!
  • he was never staying without food (the claims of 6 years of inedia are lies) what had been explained to me personally by Jas Bahadur Waiba and now even by his former nun who cooked and fed him in 2009, Asali Lama, as well as the family of his first wife Rita Bot in Kajiram
  • he was not in full celibacy during his alleged “6 years of meditation” (Rita Bot, Bishnu Bal, Dipshika, Asali).

Is living on herbs inedia? Is walking with sword non-violence?

He might appear in a few weeks with saying hello from Canada or Japan, or announcing his new marriage to a new girlfriend. In fact, his astrological prediction does not look lie asceticism at all. It is all about aspects of Venus, does romantic and sexual experiences…  After all, he is god, and he is allowed to fool the public, as he fooled concerning his alleged “6 years of Tapasya” which he broke after the first 10 months, about his inedia which he broke immediately and about his celibacy which he broke, what we know by now, at least from 2009. So no matter how enthusiast his naive followers and the Government would get now, grateful that Nepal’s “Buddha Boy” decided yet once again sacrifice his own comfort to the peace in the whole world, the truth is that Bomjon will appear sooner and will continue to fool the folk and make shocking announcements.

These followers had requested the Government and all other followers to provide protection to their guru, and reminded them that Bomjon had sat in deep meditations 6 years (Note: what had been proved a lie, he merely sat 10 months!) between 2005 and 2011. They also claimed that the “Maha Guru” (Great Guru) Bomjon’s “Maha Dhyan” (Great Meditation) is to bring peace to all living creatures, plants, animals, and the whole world and universe…  (They forgot to mention that it excluded those whom they are keeping on chains in torture and rape currently, and those whom they had been torturing in the past 12 years… ).

Ascetic meditation in Kajogpa?

Bomjon is supposedly going to “meditate” in his “Kajogpa” in his Sindhuli Ashram. Kajogpa, is a strange expression known only to Bomjon, because it is in his new Maitri Language that he plans to establish in the whole world as the only language (it means you would be forbidden to use your own language anymore!). Kajogpa was the name also of his 3-floor house in Halkhoriya, in the vicinity of which I had been chained to a tree and tortured. So Kajogpa might have a special importance in Bomjon’s dark torturing rituals. Not surprisingly, it was also his Kajogpa where he had locked up a few villagers that he ordered his monks to abduct on their way home from India, in October 2014. After many criminal cases in 2012 the local Bara District municipality ordered to dozed down Bomjon’s many houses in Halkhoriya, but they did not have heavy machinery for dozing down his Halkhoriya Kajogpa. It was just half-ruined but stayed. Bomjon could easily return to Halkhoriya and settle in 2014 again, and continue with his brutal attacks on innocent people:


The above snapshot is from the Image Channel video showing Bomjon’s bloody attack on 5 men in September 2014, when the authorities had allowed him to return to Halkhoriya Jungle (from where he had been evicted due to his numerous brutal crimes in 2012). That time the story was also similar, “Guruji” needed to meditate in Halkhoriya, for world-peace, non-violence  and compassion among human beings. It is symbolical that just one month after this scenic bloody attack, the then Prime Minister Sushil Koirala had invited him to his residence, granting him a right to settle in Halkhoriya, Sindhuli, Sarlahi, Sindhupalchowk, and receive a so called “red passport” to travel the world as Nepal’s diplomat!

Image above: The author of this article posing to the camera of Jas Bahadur Waiba in May-June 2011, during Bomjon’s Mahadarshan celebration to note the spectacular end of his (alleged) 6 years of hard Ascetic meditation (Tapasya). This small temporary Kajogpa had been swiftly built for the “Guru” near the Ratanpuri platform of the crowded open-air event, so that he can retired every evening into his “solitary meditation”. I remember how surprised I was to see a smaller water-tank built a few meters in front of this house. When I asked Waiba what is water for for an Ascetic who allegedly never drinks, never washes himself (does not smell) and never goes to toilet, Waiba became embarrassed. “It is for special religious rituals for the gods” he told nervously “Guruji of course does not need any water!”. When Bomjon moved in, this whole area was patrolled by monks and civil followers, and surrounded by many levels of barbed-wire fences. 

There had been many Youtube videos and English language articles showing Bomjon’s Sindhuli Ashram, where allegedly foreigners are also staying. In my personal view, and this can be taken also as a warning, some of those foreigners could become his new victims of torture, in the now high-security, patrolled and guarded Ashram. The fences there look like the US-Mexican border wall, and armed followers are patrolling it. The reason? Not for protecting the “guru”, who is invincible and the god of all universes, as they believe… The security system is there to not to allow Bomjon’s victims to escape and the public to find them. The next victims could be easily elder very fanatic foreigners like Joan Stanley-Baker, Andrea Good or anyone one else, in fact, even Nepalis. In a few months we might hear the news about new disappeared people, I guess…

Let’s hope he did not order to kidnap the young former nun Ganga Maya Moktan, who reported to police and media that Bomjon had been raping her 4 years. After all, as Asali, another sexually harassed former nun from 2009, had told that everyone who came out with witness account against Bomjon, mysteriously disappeared. The use of poison is also possible, as it was in my case.

As Bomjon’s too experienced past victim, who was his former supporter and volunteer, I am adding my own announcement to Ram Bomjon’s one: that the recent announcement should resonate in the ears of everyone who knows my case from 2012, and it should sound rather as an alarm bell because it is a sign that Bomjon is again up to some terrible criminal and inhuman deed, to which the fake story about his “3 years of Ascetic meditation” is just a cover-up! 

A very similar announcement of “ascetic meditation” in 2012: should Nepalis not learn from it?

Bomjon’s ascetic meditation announcement reminds me of a similar announcement that I still have in my email Inbox, where he (through his computer literate the spokespersons Uman Waiba and Panit Maharjan) suddenly, in December 2011 announced that no one should disturb him in Halkhoriya, people should respect his wish for privacy and not to arrive there, because he goes into deep meditation. Interestingly, I have personally soon received another email from Uman and Panit (they had a website then called Paldendorje.com, so they had been writing from the website email), where they suddenly wrote that “Everyone is welcome to Halkhoriya, Guruji is now happy to meet there anyone who wish to speak with him!”.

When I asked Nika, another supporter of Bomjon, if she also received this collective email, she told she did not. I asked a few others, and they also did not… Now I know that it was a first attempt from Bomjon (and his people) to lure me to Halkhoriya, so that I thought that the invitation was a sudden change in the plan and that he decided not to ban foreigners from Halkhoriya. In fact, I was the only one invited to Halkhoriya in December 2011, and today I know the reason…. I have kept the emails as proof, in case anyone was interested in it, but was not. Police in Nepal does not want to investigate the obvious. The Government uses police to rather silence victims and witnesses, to block them from reporting Bomjon’s crimes…

Halkhoriya became half-empty then, only a few followers were allowed to stay, after all, Bomjon WAS eating, as we know already, so he always needed nuns to cook for him. But the fact is rather more interesting: he did keep a few monks and strong male followers there wit him, because his real intention with his “ascetic solitude” was totally different. He needed to stay undisturbed so that he could kidnap me, and later Mata Ani, chain us and torture us freely.

Bomjon’s latest alleged “Supreme meditation for World-Peace on Earth” is a cover-up for 1, hiding Bomjon from police and media attention after his many crimes shed light, 2, conducting a new series of brutal criminal attacks, kidnappings and other harm on human beings. 3, gaining a whole Government-supported 3 years time for his transformation (changing his physical look, style of work, names, documents,nearest assistants, wives, and leave the country to escape investigation after a major criminal series).

Nepali text (Warning: Google Translator is unreliable):

धर्मगूरु रामबहादुर बम्जन फेरी तीन बर्षको लागि महाध्यानमा

काठमाडौं, १९ असार । बोधि मार्ग दर्शन मैत्री धर्मका प्रतिपादक महासम्बोधि धर्म संघ गुरु रामबहादुर बम्जन तीन बर्षको लागि महा ध्यानमा बसेका छन । कमलामाई नगरपालीका वडा नम्बर–८ पैरे सिन्धुलीमा रहेको उनको आश्रम–काजोक्पामा यही असार १ गतेदेखि पुनः तीन वर्षका निम्ति ध्यानमा बसेको बोधि श्रवण धर्म संघले जनाएको छ ।

संघले बिहीवार रिपोर्टर्स क्लब नेपालमा पत्रकार सम्मेलन गर्दै यस्तो जानकारी गराएको हो । विश्व शान्तिको निम्ति बम्जन पुनः महाध्यानमा बसेको संघले जनाएको छ । उक्त महाध्यान समय अवधिभित्र अनेक विशिष्ट पूजाआजा र शिष्यहरुलाई धार्मिक प्रशिक्षण प्रदान गरिने पनि संघले स्पष्ट पारेको छ । कार्यक्रममा बोल्दै संघका केन्द्रीय अध्यक्ष निलबहादुर थिङले सम्पुर्ण जगत, संघ, धर्म र आम शुभचिन्तकहरुलाई गुरुले चालेको मार्गको बारेमा जानकारी गराउन पत्रकार सम्मेलन गरिएको बताए ।

उनले भने,‘अहिले गुरु महाध्यानमा हुनुहुन्छ । उहाँको सुरक्षाको निम्ति सम्पुर्ण धर्म अनुयायी, भक्त तथा सरकारसंग सुरक्षाको माग गर्दछौ ।’पहिलेपनि गूरुले ध्यान लगायतका बिभिन्न स्वबचन तथा आध्यात्मीक कार्य गर्दे आएको जनाउदै २०६२ देखि २०६८ सम्म तपस्या गरिसकेको बताउदै विश्व शान्तीको महामैत्रीका निमित्त अहिलेको महाध्यान केन्द्रित रहने पनि उनको भनाई छ ।

जारी महाध्यानबाट सम्पूर्ण प्राणी जगत, वनस्पती जगत र सम्पुर्ण अस्तित्वले ज्ञान, पुण्य तथा मुक्तिमोक्षको लाभ लिन सकिने संघले जानकारी गराएको छ ।पत्रकार सम्मेलनमा अनुयायीहरु सुन्दर तामाङ, शुभलाल थिङ, कृष्णबहादुर ग्याबक, वृषध्वज वाईवा, पनित महर्जन, मंगल महर्जन र ढुण्डी बम्जन लगायतको उपस्थिति थियो ।

धर्मगूरु रामबहादुर बम्जन फेरी तीन बर्षको लागि महाध्यानमा

The Youtube video which first came with the latest news:

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