An easy target

Continuation of How did I get to Ram Bomjon

2011 Halkhoriya, Nepal
Marici in Halkhoriya Jungle compound of Ram Bomjon between January and March 2011. The tent and equipment was arranged by A. Good who took it seriosuly that we had moved to the Jungle for all life, to work on spreading Bomjon’s teaching to the word through our laptops. In February Andrea had to return to Japan to her ill husband, and I stayed in this tent alone.

I went too far in my trust and dedication to Ram Bomjon, Nepal’s Buddha Boy, in 2007. After my baby died and I asked my partner to move out, I also quit my job and sold my furniture. I was ready to give all my remaining energy and all my means to Ram Bomjon, to support this Child-Yogi, as I perceived, motherly protect him in his alleged meditative states, offer my knowledge and experience in Yoga to clarify his states to his apparently rough and materialist environment.

He needed such people like me: dedicated to hundred percent, not complaining about his strange behavior, not criticizing him, justifying to people who did not understand spiritual depths just anything he did, by “he is only seemingly negative” . Until then I have never humbled myself to any guru (I believed most were cheaters, I was even a famous online guru-buster!), and until that point I had never burnt all bridges. But in the case of Ram Bomjon (an allegedly enlightened teenager Buddha, as Wikipedia and YouTube and Google fed the public!) I was totally sure that he cannot be a fake one. I trusted him 100%, after all, he was nearly a child still, he could not cheat. I dismissed all warnings of my friends.

I have never tried out how it is to bow to a guru, to give up all just for a guru, to leave all my fate in the hands of a guru. And being a curious person all my life, I just thought, this part of the human experience is missing in my life. What if this would solve all, what if this would make me finally happy? To selflessly serve, pray for, meditate for a single being on this earth: a being whom I believed was enlightened!

Who could be a better victim than a person like that? Easy target – nowadays I see that he simply looks for easy targets like I was, who allow him to do anything to them, and they still continue to love, worship and popularize him. In this way he is doing one of the dirtiest things in spirituality: misusing the trust of followers, misusing his charisma and psychic powers (described by many) to victimize, desecrate and demoralize them with tortures, violence and sexual defiling.

What could be more diabolic than misusing spirituality, in Bomjon’s case mainly of Buddhist tradition called “Dharma”, for easily harming vulnerable people, moreover one’s own supporters? And, I must say, he is harming us, victims, deliberately. There never was any reason for him to attack people, to kidnap and hold hostages and beat them or order them to be raped. He IS saying that there are reasons, like that he was only defending himself, or that the person is a witch, a sinner or mimicked him while meditating. One thing is that all these “reasons: are totally out of question in case of any real guru, any Buddha or avatar, as Bomjon is claimed to be. Why should an enlightened Buddha or avatar (as his followers believe now) have a wish to cause prolonged suffering to “witches” on chains, break their bones, order them to be raped? Why should a “Compassionate Buddha” like Bomjon is believed to be, wish to beat up men to blood and bruises? This does not make sense. So why do we need enlightened gurus at all, if they are doing the same things as ISIS or criminals?

For too long years I was justifying Bomjon’s violence and “apparent” cruelt with “cleansing our Karmas” or with some deep spiritual benefits to our souls, which we could not grasp yet…

But the main problem is that we are not programmed (especially we Western-born) to take into account the possibility that Bomjon, the famous Buddha Boy, a meditator, would simply and primitively LIE!

Accepting that Bomjon would lie, would be same as accepting that Buddha lied, Padmasambhava lied, Krishna lied etc., for many of his followers! This is not even in their worst dreams. To accept that Bomjon lied to them about people whom he victimized, would mean that they had to turn upside-down all their value-systems, everything they lived for many years, everything they invested all their savings for… So the only option for those who still believe in Bomjon’s holiness, is to actually accept even the most twisted and cumbersome story that he tells them, be it even a claim that one of his dedicated supporters  was held three months on chains  because of witchcraft!

Bomjon is an expert of psychology and manipulation. He is the Machiavelli of Nepal, ruthless and cold-blooded. He knows how to attain a certain respect and admiration, he knows the power of silence and the trick of not showing up too often, to give a feeling to his followers that he is difficult to get audience from and in a way, untouchable and obscure. He likes the aura of secretiveness and does everything for his stylish prophetic pose, including his long hair, white robes and for long time even bare feet.

Gradually, year by year, he was attracting politicians and rich businessmen to himself, from whom he could get support in his police and court bribing and influencing. While, for his special need of enjoying human suffering he gets a vast supply of fanatic troubled people, who come to him as to their last chance to solve their lives, who have no more or no other place or way to survive, who are abandoned or lonely, sick or broken. He never cared about people like me, poor and without much influence, to be members of his cult, his Sangha: he needed such people as his prey, as subjects of his black rituals of tortures in the name of Maitri Dharma. We were ideal easy targets.

Similarly as me, who was disillusioned by worldly life, family life, money-struggles and ill health so much that I could not see any more solution than investing the rest of my powers to spirituality and serving a meditating boy in Nepal – similarly to me all other victims had been in some way sad and hopeless individuals. Most of us were without family or with severed family ties. Most of us were seeing spirituality as our last hope. And all of us trusted Bomjon as we trust a doctor who makes a painful operation on us, but saves our lives…

All would be well if Bomjon WAS a doctor of the soul. He is not. He has only one hobby, one obsession in life: to harm and torture as many people as he can, and desecrate religiousness, spirituality and anything holy. In case of worldly people this type is called a psychopath. Poor and solitary people with lots of troubles in their worldly lives, but deep religiousness are best suited for this plan. They would hardly contact police, family (they usually do not have any) or diplomats when getting into trouble with Bomjon. They stay silent, broken and disappointed, suffering alone.

Next chapter: The unberable burden of knowing the full truth


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