A shot to the heart of peace

  The Nepal-India border in the Far-West became the venue of Nepal's new unrest, leaving one protester shot dead, while in the meantime the East's Saptari had seen five Madeshi protesters dead. Demonstrations continue... The border between India and Nepal is traditionally open for Nepalis and Indians to cross any time, and only when goods... Continue Reading →

The mystery of Kishore’s Clinton photo-trick solved!

Kishore Sherchand's photo-montage with Hillary Clinton admiring Ram Bomjon's picture had been proven fake by a kind commentator naming himself "Tom". The original photo, as the links kindly shared by Tom show, was taken of Mrs. Hillary Clinton during her visit of Vietnam, and the framed picture, given as a gift by her hosts was... Continue Reading →

Trump’s victory surprises Nepalis

Hillary Clinton, the favorite of Ram Bomjon's Nepalese followers had surprisingly failed to embody their "Maitri-New-Age" dreams of a new world order announced by their guru. What does this mean for Nepalis in the US and at home? Donald Trump's victory of the 2016 US elections is a surprise to his supporters as well as... Continue Reading →

A gullible next American President?

Admiration for Marx and Lucifer, spiritualist seances evoking Eleanor Roosevelt's and Gandhi's voices, friends and advisors among New Age celebrities and jail-served radicals, rituals to Buddha statues - all mixed into a Methodist Christianity... The first female next-president of the US is receptible to the enticing vibrations of the invisible worlds of spirits and magic,... Continue Reading →

Is Hillary Clinton the devotee of Ram Bomjon?

The story of how a hyperactive US-Nepalese Bomjon-devotee wished to changed the American politics, and imprint to the public consciousness his world-rule-hungry guru's image. During the 2016 US election campaign there had been one candidate who had been picked up by the Bomjon cult in the USA as gullible enough to become their tool to... Continue Reading →

Constitution’s winners and losers

Pahadis, cows and homosexuals celebrate, Madeshis and women mourn, and 3 million earthquake victims worried in tents... The endorsement of Nepal's Constitution on the 20th of September had become Nepal's most important national day. Yet by far not for everyone in the country.  Featured image source Pinterest.com. The majority of Hindu Pahadis, Buddhist Gurungs, Tamangs,... Continue Reading →

How do Nepalis see the Madeshi Andolan

(Archived artcle from 2015). As English news of the Nepali media are filtered and censored to be "politically correct", one needs to know the language and communicate regularly with locals, to understand what is in reality going on in Nepal... There are many levels to find out what is happening in Nepal in reality:1. The... Continue Reading →

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