Young children in the compounds of Maitriya Guru exposed to witnessing torture, sexual abuse and to beating people to blood

All dangerous cults and terrorist groups know that the easiest to brainwash are children. Child-members are hired by groups like ISIS, African militant groups, South-American drug gangs.They intentionally involve very young children in brutal violence, tortures and rapes. Bomjon is not an exception: he has a special love for letting children to participate as witnesses... Continue Reading →


Child safety – ignored and hijacked

Bomjon-followers claim that a guru who orders women to be tied, tortured and raped, is a safe environment for children, but a website which is informing about these crimes,is a great danger for child safety... Featured image: a father holding his child for "blessing" by "Dharma Sangha" in Chitwan in 2013. Image: school children in... Continue Reading →

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