Five-year jail for witchcraft accusation – for Maitriya and Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha as well?

Bomjon accused Waiwa and Indra Man of using sorcery to make them ill. He beat both the disciples on March 30 and also ordered other disciples to beat the duo."Many of us inside the ashram had fallen ill. Guru, therefore, beat Waiwa and Indra Man accusing them of sorcery.Waiwa fell down while taking the blows... Continue Reading →


What happens when a chained woman is found in America

A woman had been chained like a dog, for two months and raped. No, this story is not about Ram Bahadur Bomjon this time, Nepal's nationally celebrated "Buddha Boy", who did exactly the same to Slovak Marici in 2012... No, this is a story from a country where men who chain and rape women, get caught... Continue Reading →

Did Bomjon’s attendants torture a woman to death?

The forum entry called "Lunatic Outpost" writes: "Another woman died of this torture by Ram's men under his knowledge of it." Featured image: three of Ram  Bomjon's most active torture-attendants, Tomek Tarnowski (Dorje or Jyampa Dzenba), Bal Hari Rai of Kakarbhitta, Darshan Subba Limbu (Jyampa Foonchok, former nickname Divya Darshan, of Kakarbhitta, before from Piluwa,... Continue Reading →

A woman’s lot in Nepal

(By Jamie McGoldrick, UN Resident Coordinator). Each day there are horrid stories in the papers on brutality and violence against women. Many women in Nepal have suffered physical violence at some point from the age 15. Twelve per cent of women have experienced sexual violence during their lives. Excerpt from the article on The Himalayan... Continue Reading →

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