How Nepal’s forensics infrastructure lets perpetrators get away with crimes

"Many doctors have never witnessed even a single case before they start performing autopsies,” said Wasti. This has huge implications for criminal investigations— doctors are often unable to provide information that would aid police in their investigations. In reality, police rarely contact relevant medical experts. Instead, doctors in government hospitals, who have little or no... Continue Reading →


Rabi Lamicchane, popular TV journalist freed from custody on large sum of bail: Nepalis celebrate!

UPDATE: Today, August 26, Rabi Lamicchane, Yuvraj Kandel and Ashmita Karki had been released from custody, where they had been put for 12 days totally innocently. Rabi and Yubraj have to pay around 5 000 USD and 3 000 USD bail respectively. Rabi was released at night, after an apparently exhausting court hearing, and tens... Continue Reading →

Police arrests comedian Pranesh Gautam!

UPDATE: Pranesh Gautam had been released from custody after 9 days, on 16 June, 2019. He still faces charges and must appear in court. There are still no news about his state and condition on the media. The below article had been written during the arrest. Thank you for signing the petition and for any... Continue Reading →

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