Faulty Attribution: Why Cult Members Don’t Believe They’re In a Cult!

Sarah Stephanie Landry had left Swami Nityananda's self-deifying "Hindu" cult after Ashram children shared with her the appalling physical torture they go through under the direction of the Swami. While the majority of Indians are strongly critical of the South Indian "divine  incarnate", Westerners throng his Ashrams and willingly pay the 10 000 USD course... Continue Reading →


Fake Gurus hijacking the word “Yoga”

Baba Virendra Dev Dixit regularly raped the inmates imprisoned at his ashram, including minors, and had a target of sleeping with 16,000 women, which, according to some beliefs, is the number of wives Lord Krishna is supposed to have had. via Recent Yoga and Tantra Abuse Round Up — Yoga Sport Strength

Birendra Dev Dixit’s Spiritual University – a summary from translated Hindi news channels

The picture of the India's sex-godman, after Hindi-speaking friends have translated dozens of YouTube-recorded Indian news, debates and interviews for me, looks even more drastic. Seeing the secret underground chambers, barbed-wire fences and endless amount of locked grills and gates, open halls with toilets without doors and all corners under surveillance by CCTV cameras, hearing... Continue Reading →

Mind control used by cults

In these difficult economic times, there’s one job that’s always in demand and that pays huge dividends: Cult leader! Didn’t you always want to become a cult leader, but didn’t know where to start? Luckily, filmmaker Carey Burtt has uploaded his classic underground instructional film Mind Control Made Easy (or how to become a cult... Continue Reading →

How do gurus mislead us

Young and beautiful - when aesthetics overpower healthy reasoning, destructive teachings can switch-off our inner alarm bells and sneak inside our souls. We had been warned by many Christian and Hindu mystics, religious books and Yogis, that external, visible beauty is often misleading, but somehow when we get into the situation and the setting, we... Continue Reading →

When Buddhism is a cult

"Ordinary Buddhism depends on the basic practice of mindful attention... By contrast, tantric practitioners need to view every facet of the guru’s behavior as enlightened. Whether or not it’s actually possible to reconcile these two approaches, for all but the most penetrating thinkers they end up being mutually exclusive." "On first contact, Tibetan Buddhism is... Continue Reading →

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