“Now I can even kill!” told Bomjon to Darshan Limbu

In around August-September 2011 Darshan Limbu arrived to Simara's Lama Hotel to give me the latest news and messages from "Guruji". He told that Bomjon claimed he had recently attained the highest form of enlightenment, and "now he can even kill". Apart from this he also told that I should be not afraid from Visa... Continue Reading →


Follower’s brutal lynching to death by Bomjon – a chilling description by Setopati

"Around half a dozen disciples then beat the duo with sticks, pipes and kicks. Bomjon ordered to bury Waiwa’s body on the hill behind the house he lived in after Waiwa died, according to the witnesses. They claim Bomjon ordered to scatter around 25 packets of salt above the body. “Salt apparently helps in early... Continue Reading →

Why did Manu have to die?

“'The follower adds Bomjon's elder sister has also faced the wrath of 'internal action'. "She later died a painful death." Setopati: The State must watch Bomjon closely   What did Manu know what others did not? What was her alleged unprecedented sin for which she had to be "internally punished" by Bomjon-Maitriya? How it is... Continue Reading →

Bomjon was behind the death of his sister?

A new video and shocking article about the truth about Ram Bomjon by Anand Nepal has hit more than 200 000 audience in just two weeks on YouTube.com, while Nepalese mainstream media (Setopati, Nepal TV, Avenue TV) offered themselves to be propagatory tools for the dangerous destructive personality cult... "According to a report published in Setopati,... Continue Reading →

A deadly dharma

It seems anywhere Ram Bahadur Bomjon goes, death is in his footsteps. Buddha Boy's person is connected to 13+6 known deaths (natural ones, naturally looking ones, two suicides, many abortions, but also two mysterious, suspicious deaths and recently even directly witnessed murders), although there is another, 14th case, which needs to be investigated more. Below... Continue Reading →

Manu Ani departed

Ram Bomjon's sister Manomaya Tamang had died. It was announced on khenpo Sonam Gyurme's official Facebook site. According to some people involved with khenpo it was this past assistant lama of Ram Bomjon (Maitriya) who was looking after Manu, the seriously ill nun who worked as a computer staff in Malaysia to support her mother... Continue Reading →

Moore – no more

The articles about Dr. Moore had lost their sense: the mysterious "doctor" had lost his life after he arrived to Nepal to bow to his guru, Ram Bomjon, the alleged "Maitriya". The circumstances of his death had been shared to me by his very nearest family members, and are more than suspicious. After providing proofs... Continue Reading →

Maitriya’s court psychologist

Dr. William J. Moore, Ph.D., MSW, LADC, CCS, alleged psychologist's "diagnosis" had been used by Bomjon and his BSDS USA president Kim Nguyen to defame and discredit the victim of Bomjon's crimes, Marici after her descriptions of Ram Bomjon's crimes became uncomfortable for the "guru". Yet the apparently retired old man had his own interpersonal problems, and... Continue Reading →

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