Police had arrested a man in connection with Waiwa’s murder – one of Bomjon’s two victims!

Nepal's police is very good in arresting the victims of crime, instead of the culprits. I had also been arrested a day after I was released from the chains that Bomjon tied me with for 3 months. With two broken wrists and wounds and bruises, repeatedly sexually assaulted, malnourished, I found myself immediately in detention,... Continue Reading →


Maitriya’s timing problem – delayed public denouncements

Khenpo Sonam Gyurme's public condemnation: Bomjon was always initiating, encouraging and amplifying his most important Sangha authorities to breach ethics and law, and harm many people. Yet, after many years and many victims suffering, he must finally, at least formally, satisfy the need for justice, as the laws of the country an laws of Karma... Continue Reading →

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