10 million cash from Thai devotees for rape, murder and torture accused Maitriya

"Sources say that Bomjan, with his team, is going to Thailand to “collect cash offerings”. “They have been trying to visit Thailand for the past four months. Their passports were made two years ago,” said one of the followers of Bomjan’s ashram in ... Sindhupalchok. Bodhi Dharma Shrawan Sangh Maitri, the non-government organisation founded by... Continue Reading →


Where is Ram Bomjon now?

UPDATE July 8, 2019: Bomjon's new spokespersons had announced in Kathmandu's Reporter's Club on July 4, 2019, that from 16 June, 2019 their "guru" had started a new 3-years long ascetic meditation again, similarly as he (allegedly) did between 2005 and 2011 for 6 years. The venue of his alleged meditation should be his Sindhuli... Continue Reading →

Does Bomjon really have “1.7 million followers and Sangha branches in 163 countries”?

According to  The Kathmandu Post , Bomjon's elite followers are currently pressing leading politicians, parties and the PM to stop investigating his alleged crimes. "The government should think many times before handling this issue as it is very sensitive,” Devkota said, adding that Bomjan has 1.7 million followers and has opened Sangha branches in 163 countries."  ... Continue Reading →

Oregon: first a Maitri Puja, then a shooting

Searching for the word "Maitri", we find out it is the name of a missile. The paradox to call a killing weapon "Maitri" is not far from the paradox calling Ram Bomjon "Maitri Guru" and his dark rituals fueled by torturing and humiliating kidnapped humans, "Maitri Puja"... Disclaimer: any connection between the Oregon shooting tragedy... Continue Reading →

Maha Sambodhi’s Virtual World Tour

On 5 Sep, 2015 violent kidnapper Bomjon had finally established himself in America, Oregon, Ashland, without much publicity, silently, and without his own presence. This is just the beginning...   The "Liberator of the Universe", who Bomjon is considered to be by his followers, is scared to face media with its irritating questions about his... Continue Reading →

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