When the truth was still allowed to tell

In as early as 2005 Daniel B Haber visited the Nepalese "meditating Buddha Boy", to find out, with an open mind, what was the truth behind him. Watching him personally, speaking with local villagers and followers, monks and scientists, Bomjon's Committee, the Discovery Channel crew etc. he shows and entirely different picture of the "Maitriya... Continue Reading →


How Ram Bomjon teaches the Nepali media to lie

What is more harmful for the image of a country: criminal deeds in the name of religion, which go unpunished, or articles and documentaries describing them? The truth will always find its way, and when it is out in the open, everyone would ask: how it is that no one warned us? How it is... Continue Reading →

Former official, later critical Dharma-sangha.com shut down

Finally the "Church of Ram Bomjon" can now celebrate: the Dharma-sangha.com website, warning about "Maitriya's" unethical behavior to girlfriends, violence against men, witch-hunting of female devotees, tortures, embezzling of donations etc. - had been closed! They have what they wanted for years, and they can claim again that the "miraculous powers" of the "buddha boy"... Continue Reading →

The state must watch Bomjon closely (Setopati)

"The follower adds Bomjon's elder sister has also faced the wrath of 'internal action'. "She later died a painful death. Bomjon has taken 'internal action' against a person who had stayed together with him in the jungle in Bara, according to a follower of him. "He is roaming restlessly confused about whether to live or die,"... Continue Reading →

Does Bomjon rule the Nepali media?

One of the most faithfully reporting Nepali media WAS The Himalayan Times. The Himalayan Times is also the one media which was not hiding the dark truth about the kidnapping and torture (with sexual abuse, among others) of two women, Marici of Slovakia and Maata Ani of Nepal. I had been warning long ago about... Continue Reading →

Not free yet

Safety and security of journalists remained a challenge in Nepal throughout the past year BHANU BHAKTA ACHARYA Posted on: 2015-01-01 07:37 by Ekantipur.com Above image: http://www.mikeldunham.blogs.com/mikeldunham/2012/04/nepal-ranks-6th-in-the-world-in-unsolved-cases-of-journalists-murder.html Unlike the previous years, the year 2014 can be assessed as an improved period for Nepal with regards to freedom of the press for two reasons: first, there was a... Continue Reading →

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