The post-earthquake reconstruction which never happened

'If I am the problem, bring someone new, but let's get to work' Dr. Govind Raj Pokharel, CEO of National Reconstruction Authority which does not legally exist...   Even 4 months after the earthquakes, the Government was unable to spend the 4.1 billion dollars donated to Nepal with the purpose to start an immediate relief... Continue Reading →


Why did the earth tremble – according to the Nepali folk

The blood of cow defiled the holy water, what enraged the Naga God residing there, and it appeared in the form of a great snake. One of the men reacted by killing the Naga, while the other became overcome by awe and fear, and tried to stop him.   As someone in constant communication with... Continue Reading →

A blessed district and a blessed helicopter

A blessed jungle which became a den of crime, blessed horses who all died, a district and a helicopter blessed by Bomjon's presence... Featured image: Ram Bomjon known also as Maitriya Guru or Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, or Buddha Boy, or Palden Dorje, arriving to Ratanpuri's Bongjor settlement, his birth place in 2014, on a... Continue Reading →

Facts, links and photos about Nepal Earthquake 2015

A selection of some most relevant links, photos and basic information. The text will be updated. GEOLOGICAL FACTS Update about Nepal earthquakes and aftershocks (Earthquake Track) Update about earthquakes with Nepal's map (US Geological Survey) The possibility of aftershocks exists till the end of May (US Geological Survey) Recent aftershocks THE MIRACLES OF HUMANITY   Images: 4-months old baby... Continue Reading →

Nepal’s failed development

By pumping in money without achievements to match, the donors partly contribute to making extractive politics sustainable. They should recognize that when a scheme doesn't deliver the promised results, the money has still paid for something: such as the empowerment of the corrupt. "Nepal is one of the best examples of failed development aid -... Continue Reading →

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