Higher-than-Buddha Bomjon’s larger-than-life new fake announcement

"Our Great Guru had commenced his new Great Meditation on the 16th of June, 2019, for as long as 3 years, in the Sindhuli Ashram's "Kajogpa"!" Announced his followers in Nepal's Reporter's Club 3 days ago. His new "Tapasya" is for World-Peace, they claimed.   They did not clarify where are the 6 disappeared monks... Continue Reading →


Astrology warns of extreme ruthlessness and brutal violence on Ram Bomjon’s 2018 power-trip!

The astrological predictions about "Buddha Boy" for the last three years had been all proved to be valid, to my utter sadness. For 2018 they show an unprecedented leap towards even bigger power above even larger parts of humanity than the hundreds of thousands of Nepalis who bowed to the ground to him during his... Continue Reading →

Maitriya’s Great Coming Out – 2017

If anyone was waiting for a "Big Revelation" of who Ram Bomjon is and what is his main mission, in 2017 it will be definitely clear. Just watch out so that it is not too late... NEW: Astrology warns of extreme ruthlessness and brutal violence on Ram Bomjon's 2018 power-trip! Based on Astro.com's Short Report Forecast:... Continue Reading →

Ram Bomjon in 2016 – predictions

2016 was a year when two people died, both of whom had been "treated" in Ram Bomjon's premises before their deaths. In summer 2016 US citizen Mr. Moore died in a mysterious death and swiftly cremated by Bomjon's men. In autumn the same year Bomjon's sister, Manu died of her injuries acquired in 2015 after... Continue Reading →

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