Asali, one of Bomjon’s escaped nuns, speaks out about rape attempts by Bomjon

Then Rajkumari told that day to the four nuns "Guru eats food". All the nuns got shocked. They all thought that he was staying in Tapasya without food. Asali asked Rajkumari "So why do you tell to the whole world that he is not eating?" Rajkumari answered that outsiders would not understand this, so they... Continue Reading →


Rita Bot – Bomjon’s first wife have disappeared already 9 years ago

"Bomjon told us that from now on he and Rita are a couple, that he had married her" remembered Rita's relatives."Is it normal that a celibate Ascetic, a Buddha has a wife?" they asked him. Bomjon told them yes, it is entirely normal, there is nothing wrong in it. That time everyone in the village... Continue Reading →

Ashrams as torture chambers, prisons and brothels… What does Nepalese Ram Bomjon have in common with Indian Baba Dixit?

Both are so called godmen, so called gurus. Both claim to be gods: all gods at once (Dixit) or higher-than-any-god-ever (Bomjon). Both require from their devotees a total surrender of Tan-Man-Dhan (body-mind-property). Both have female worshipers in majority. Both build fortresses and strongholds from their ashrams, with tough guards and barbed-wire fences, where even police... Continue Reading →

Face your rape!

India is experiencing a national upheaval against rape. 90 000 people lynched a rape-suspect in Nagaland. Rape became viral on the whole subcontinent. As well as the anger against the suspected perpetrators. Yet only a proper investigation and trial should decide about their punishment. When a mob takes law in its hands, they actually are led with the... Continue Reading →

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