Is Ram Bomjon married?

“Jyampa Yeshe said that Guru had announced that Guru Ama was his wife and that she is now pregnant. But he wants us to keep this information only for trusted members of the Sangha and not to announce it on the internet. So, this is what has been shared, and I feel we are at peace. Om A... Continue Reading →


Is living on herbs inedia? Is walking with sword non-violence?

A miracle happened in Nepal! For the first time from 2012, The Himalayan Times had released one of its archived articles about the controversies of Ram Bahadur Bomjon! And this is really something, as from 2012 till today, Nepalese mainstream media was not allowed to publish any new article about this 'Buddha Boy' which would... Continue Reading →

Another opinion about Buddha Boy (Repost)

When a Partner with Stock in the Company uncovers the Fraud, what then? When a Faithful True Believer finds something amiss, what then?  Featured image and Introduction: Ram Bahadur Bomjon (called also Maitriya Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha) is walking in his birbed-wire-fenced Halkhoria compound with his monk attendants Budha lama and khenpo Dawa, and... Continue Reading →

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