Paedophiles in Nepal and the double-standard of police in dealing with them

What does Peter Dalglish, Ram Bahadur Bomjon and Nirmala Panta's case have in common? They are all connected to accusations of pedophilia, sexual abuse of minors. But while the Canadian had been swiftly arrested and sentenced, Bomjon's rape victim Ganga Maya's police report had been rejected, and Nirmala Panta's rapists-murderers walk free even after nearly... Continue Reading →


Higher-than-Buddha Bomjon’s larger-than-life new fake announcement

"Our Great Guru had commenced his new Great Meditation on the 16th of June, 2019, for as long as 3 years, in the Sindhuli Ashram's "Kajogpa"!" Announced his followers in Nepal's Reporter's Club 3 days ago. His new "Tapasya" is for World-Peace, they claimed.   They did not clarify where are the 6 disappeared monks... Continue Reading →

Police arrests comedian Pranesh Gautam!

UPDATE: Pranesh Gautam had been released from custody after 9 days, on 16 June, 2019. He still faces charges and must appear in court. There are still no news about his state and condition on the media. The below article had been written during the arrest. Thank you for signing the petition and for any... Continue Reading →

The Faultless Faulty Guru: Teachings from the 14th Dalai Lama — Tibetan Buddhism – Struggling With Diffi·Cult Issues

Statements from the 14th Dalai Lama on the Instruction to See All Actions of the Lama as Perfect, from Lamrim and from Tantric Perspectives We are providing these statements from His Holiness below because there is a need for clarity about certain instructions regarding the teacher-disciple relationship on the Buddhist path. At a time when […]... Continue Reading →

Buddhist monk Prem Dorje Lama urges Government to search for Bomjon’s disappeared nuns

Prem Dorje Lama is the General Secretary of the Nepal Ahinsabadi Forum (Non-Violence World Peace Buddhist Organization), founded by the recently departed Gyan Sagar rinpoche of Dounne. The Buddhist monks of this all-Nepal organization are well respected and for many years Gyan Sagar Guru had been speaking on the Nepali radio, promoting vegetarianism in Buddhist... Continue Reading →

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