Anti-corruption activist Gyanendra Shahi was brutally attacked in Chitwan

A gang of around 20 youngsters broke the car windows and started to mercilessly trash Shahi with iron rods, bricks and stones and cut his body with Khukuri knives. This bloody attack also seems to be a collective retaliation including Minister Yogesh Bhattarai and Chitwan Mayor Renu Dahal whom Shahi had criticized.  According to his... Continue Reading →

Nijgadh Airport to be Catastrophic for Nepal’s Tiger and Elephant Populations

“Let’s suppose, even if the government is successful in planting trees at the ratio of 25:1, these trees will not be as valuable as the forest is now. The government lacks an understanding of the difference between ‘greenery’ and ‘jungle.’ The plantation of trees might bring out greenery but not the life of the jungle."... Continue Reading →

How Nepal’s forensics infrastructure lets perpetrators get away with crimes

"Many doctors have never witnessed even a single case before they start performing autopsies,” said Wasti. This has huge implications for criminal investigations— doctors are often unable to provide information that would aid police in their investigations. In reality, police rarely contact relevant medical experts. Instead, doctors in government hospitals, who have little or no... Continue Reading →

Controversial media bill being forwarded

Kathmandu, 13 August: The National Assembly (NA) is all set to  move the controversial media bill forward. The bill has not been submitted in the Upper House after the main opposition party Nepali … Source: Controversial media bill being forwarded

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