Please help me spread the truth!

I had received numerous threats from Bomjon himself and his attendant Darshan Subba Limbu (Jyampa Foonchok) in 2012*, during my captivity by the ‘Buddha Boy’. I have an about 15 years long experience with writing about religious cults and false gurus, so I am not getting so hysterical about this anymore. My great worry is that the truth about Ram Bomjon and his attendants would disappear from the consciousness of humanity, in case those about whom I am disclosing the truth, would silence me and cause this website to be shut down.

Because the previous victims, as well as police and media did not inform the public properly about his attacks and kidnappings on them, from 2007 till 2011, and because the Nepali media deleted those controversial old articles and TV news, as a result I did not know about “Buddha Boy’s” kidnapper-attacker past, when planning to go to Nepal and stay in Ram Bomjon’s mysterious jungle, trusting him totally in 2011!

There was no “Marici” to warn me! Thus we, victims, cannot just lick our wounds in fear, hidden in obscurity, because that enables the perpetrators to continue to harm new and new people. I cannot repeat the same mistake as the Bomjon-victims before me. I cannot take the responsibility, in case my silence would enable new victims to be harmed.

So I am asking everyone who has any possibility, to spread the articles and photos of this website, eventually save the whole website in , HTTrack, TeleportPro or similar website saving programs. Individual website pages, separately, can be also saved by right-clicking on them ->Save As-> and it will save a page in twin-files as “Webpage Html Only”. I would also appreciate if anyone enters the articles into Internet archiving websites. 

Apart from copying, archiving and spreading The Halkhoria Times, those who wish to contribute to spreading the truth and by this ensure that potential next and next victims would be warned in time, can also do it by sharing and posting the links which I had collected on the page of Overview of links and Videos (please note that due to the proactive “clearing-campaign” of Ram Bomjon’s Sangha, when by various unethical means they force or make website pages deleted, whole websites closed down, unsearchable and YouTube versions of TV news disappearing, the links have to be often updated!). Providing the links  my website on discussion forums or Facebook is also useful, yet in case that those who are threatening to silence me would manage to silence my website as well, links are obviously useless…

If you find an identifiable but dead link in my articles, please try to enter it to the search window of or, eventually you can try to find it in Google and click on its Cache, if it was deleted just recently .

Everyone is free to copy my website as a whole or as parts, moreover it is allowed to use it in any media, blogs and newspapers as will, and I have just a few requests to keep: The content of this website is freely distributable, under the below conditions, which I request to be kept:

1. The quoted text is shown in original and full form, without leaving out words and without adding to it one’s own words – quotations should be clearly showing the difference between my words and the commentator’s words, for example with quotation marks (“). When translations of the text are made, the English original should be also accessible (quote, link).

2. The Internet link or, in printed material, the title of this website “The Halkhoria Times”, the author “mareechi” and the date of the article are added always to the quotation.

3. Entire articles are permitted to copy and re-publish, when point 2, is respected.

4. Photos are allowed to publish when point 2, is respected.

5. Embedding or republishing by WordPress sites is entirely permitted in case the original article titles are not changed.

6. Anyone can quote any part of this website in case the exact link and source is added.

Being a victim of a kidnapping and tortures of Nepalis connected to Nepali politicians (including 3 prime ministers) and rich and influential people in the European Union office, USA realtors, Chinese and Korean millionaires, USA factory owners, Nepali and Polish attackers and torturers freely visiting France, UK and Belgium, is equaling to be in danger for one’s life anywhere the victim goes. Yet my main shield is the truth.

I cannot stay silent about the shocking experiences I had with Ram Bomjon and his attendants, which are repeating themselves because they enjoy a total impunity in Nepal. If my warning website had been taken seriously in 2012, there would have been no continuation of his violence against human beings in Nepal: – the attacks in Sarlahi, when 13 youths had been attacked by his attendant to whom he gave his sword, Yonjan (see more here) the 2014, September 2 bloody attacks in Halkhoria on 5 villager men of Ratanpuri – the November-December 2014 violence in Halkhoria (still needed to investigate) This new website is also made with the intention to warn people. Governments are apparently uninterested to protect their citizens from these criminals, so I am approaching by this website only you, the readers.

There is a Jewish saying that if we save a single soul it is like we had saved the whole world...I wish to save a many people as possible, from the unbearably extreme tortures and cruelty which Ram Bomjon and his attendants are ready to impose upon anyone whom he picked out, without any reason. Reasons given by him and them are always made up to cover the attacks (smoking cigarettes, spy, witch, crazy…). In the knowledge that they can any time repeat their attacks on me or fulfill their death threats, I am afraid that the truth about them would forever disappear. I know too much, had seen too much.

A cult based on hypocrisy doesn’t like that I am speaking about their true face, which is exposed only in the shadows of dark jungles to victims and few witnesses, in compounds surrounded by their barbed-wire fences, and guarded by his body-guards. You will not see much signs of this evilness from the stage when Bomjon preaches peace and non-violence, neither from his propagatory websites, yet the truth is leaking out through unexpected sources.

My website has thus also an important role to be a motivation and encouragement to those who had been afraid to speak out until now. I had learned that a few former Sangha members had developed to the stage when they are not able to continue with lying to the public about the past and current activities of Ram Bomjon and his Sangha.

These people should see that they are not alone, and that human goodness, responsibility towards our co-humans around us, honesty, real (not juts verbal!) compassion and concrete applied spirituality are values which can be never subdued, silenced, stampeded on, even not by a Spiritual Dictator elevating himself to be the ruler of the Universe, implementing a merely verbal “dharma” while his acts are unethical and inhumanly cruel…

*One of the plans, as Darshan told during the captivity by Bomjon, was to kill me and camouflage it as a suicide caused by alleged “mental illness”. This could have been “only” for frightening me, or meant seriously. I don’t know. But in both cases it has nothing to do with that “dharma” he is preaching from the stages (and, ironically enough, was eve preaching it during this captivity and threats, just a few minutes from my place they tied me, during his “Maitri Puja”.

Before my release Darshan arrived to my “open-air jungle jail” and forced me, that time already in my ends physically, after a 3 months torture, to write a lot of letters which he was dictating, and to sign them. I had to “confess” in these letters that I was mentally ill and wanted to make suicide, and that I was supposed to disturb Bomjon’s meditation and similar lies… about 10 pages. They would not release me, if I did not write these letters, Darshan told…He then tore the page I wrote and told “write a new one”…I refused to write anything about any suicide, as I guessed that this was because they wanted to kill me later on, so that I don’t describe the hell they did to me during the captivity…But I was desperate to be freed from Bomjon’s captivity, so I wrote anything else that his attendant dictated…


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