Asali, one of Bomjon’s escaped nuns, speaks out about rape attempts by Bomjon

Then Rajkumari told that day to the four nuns "Guru eats food". All the nuns got shocked. They all thought that he was staying in Tapasya without food. Asali asked Rajkumari "So why do you tell to the whole world that he is not eating?" Rajkumari answered that outsiders would not understand this, so they... Continue Reading →


The Last Temptation

Gautama Buddha, Jesus or Ramana Maharishi had passed the test. Ram Bomjon, Virendra Dixit, Rahm Rahim or Asarama Babu and a long list of fake gurus, had failed. The Last Temptation on the spiritual path is not about winning over desires for bodily pleasures, money or fame: it is  about refusing the offer to become... Continue Reading →

Stealing for Dharma by Buddha and Sangha

It is going to be 5 years and Nepal's "meditating" Buddha Boy had still did not apologize for any of his past crimes. One of many o these was also STEALING his kidnapped victim, Slovak Marici's many valuable possessions. In March 21, 2017 "Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru" is organizing one more of his series... Continue Reading →

A deadly dharma

It seems anywhere Ram Bahadur Bomjon goes, death is in his footsteps. Buddha Boy's person is connected to 13+6 known deaths (natural ones, naturally looking ones, two suicides, many abortions, but also two mysterious, suspicious deaths and recently even directly witnessed murders), although there is another, 14th case, which needs to be investigated more. Below... Continue Reading →

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