Faulty Attribution: Why Cult Members Don’t Believe They’re In a Cult!

Sarah Stephanie Landry had left Swami Nityananda's self-deifying "Hindu" cult after Ashram children shared with her the appalling physical torture they go through under the direction of the Swami. While the majority of Indians are strongly critical of the South Indian "divine  incarnate", Westerners throng his Ashrams and willingly pay the 10 000 USD course... Continue Reading →


Higher-than-Buddha Bomjon’s larger-than-life new fake announcement

"Our Great Guru had commenced his new Great Meditation on the 16th of June, 2019, for as long as 3 years, in the Sindhuli Ashram's "Kajogpa"!" Announced his followers in Nepal's Reporter's Club 3 days ago. His new "Tapasya" is for World-Peace, they claimed.   They did not clarify where are the 6 disappeared monks... Continue Reading →

Buddhist monk Prem Dorje Lama urges Government to search for Bomjon’s disappeared nuns

Prem Dorje Lama is the General Secretary of the Nepal Ahinsabadi Forum (Non-Violence World Peace Buddhist Organization), founded by the recently departed Gyan Sagar rinpoche of Dounne. The Buddhist monks of this all-Nepal organization are well respected and for many years Gyan Sagar Guru had been speaking on the Nepali radio, promoting vegetarianism in Buddhist... Continue Reading →

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