The state must watch Bomjon closely (Setopati)

"The follower adds Bomjon's elder sister has also faced the wrath of 'internal action'. "She later died a painful death. Bomjon has taken 'internal action' against a person who had stayed together with him in the jungle in Bara, according to a follower of him. "He is roaming restlessly confused about whether to live or die,"... Continue Reading →


Young children in the compounds of Maitriya Guru exposed to witnessing torture, sexual abuse and to beating people to blood

All dangerous cults and terrorist groups know that the easiest to brainwash are children. Child-members are hired by groups like ISIS, African militant groups, South-American drug gangs.They intentionally involve very young children in brutal violence, tortures and rapes. Bomjon is not an exception: he has a special love for letting children to participate as witnesses... Continue Reading →

Property stolen by Nepal’s Maitriya

Fake gurus often misappropriate their worshipers' money, property, immovables and movables and they hardly ever have to face court trials for stealing, as the "social rules" are irrational and justified by wrongly understood "Karma" and "tests of devotion to the guru", crimes which would be prosecuted by law in the outside world, become socially acceptable... Continue Reading →

The growing trend of brutal child-rapes in Bara

(Archived from 2015).The terrible energy of raping-craze in Ram Bomjon's birth district, Bara, is just not stopping. Six years old Pooja is the third child victim of the recent unleashed hell of pedophile sexual violence against female children in Bara District: adding to the seven and eight year old victims of rape in December 2014 and... Continue Reading →

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