Victims of Ram Bomjon get re-victimized by Nepal’s authorities

Ganga Maya Moktan, Bomjon's rape victims, had been effectively silenced. The families of disappeared personal servant nuns and monks of Bomjon had been threatened and intimidated to take back their police reports. Victims and witnesses of Bomjon's crimes get bullied, cursed and must fear for their lives. Even if they survived the Hell that Bomjon... Continue Reading →


When the truth was still allowed to tell

In as early as 2005 Daniel B Haber visited the Nepalese "meditating Buddha Boy", to find out, with an open mind, what was the truth behind him. Watching him personally, speaking with local villagers and followers, monks and scientists, Bomjon's Committee, the Discovery Channel crew etc. he shows and entirely different picture of the "Maitriya... Continue Reading →

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