The flying horse of Maitriya Guru

Bomjon's spokespersons Mani Lama (ex-health minister) and Kewal Lama (BSDS secretary) explained the interviewer how Bomjon flies on his white horse to the sky. "Have you seen it yourself?" asked the reporter. "No, but I heard it" says Kewal Lama. They ask the caretaker of the horse, Larin Tamang (Shivaraj meme), "Have you seen Guruji... Continue Reading →


A deadly dharma

It seems anywhere Ram Bahadur Bomjon goes, death is in his footsteps. Buddha Boy's person is connected to 13+6 known deaths (natural ones, naturally looking ones, two suicides, many abortions, but also two mysterious, suspicious deaths and recently even directly witnessed murders), although there is another, 14th case, which needs to be investigated more. Below... Continue Reading →

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