“Now I can even kill!” told Bomjon to Darshan Limbu

In around August-September 2011 Darshan Limbu arrived to Simara's Lama Hotel to give me the latest news and messages from "Guruji". He told that Bomjon claimed he had recently attained the highest form of enlightenment, and "now he can even kill". Apart from this he also told that I should be not afraid from Visa... Continue Reading →


Why do people disappear from Bomjon’s premises?

There is an investigation by the Nepalese authorities, Setopati and Kathmandu Post about the "mysterious" disappearances of Bomjon's long-time followers. By now it is about 5 people. In reality, investigators could have found the reasons for why certain people disappear from around Buddha Boy, from my articles on this website long ago. But why had... Continue Reading →

A deadly dharma

Buddha Boy's person is connected to 13+6 known deaths (natural ones, naturally looking ones, two suicides, many abortions, but also two mysterious, suspicious deaths and recently even directly witnessed murders), although there is another, 14th case, which needs to be investigated more. Below is a list of known deaths connected to Maitriya Guru (Ram Bomjon).... Continue Reading →

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