The unbearable burden of knowing the full truth

After Bomjon harmed me so much and so long in 2012, I also wanted just to be alone and get answer why did this happen to me, only from the Highest God. People, they had betrayed me. Those who were my long-time friends in GG, even (or most!)  Andrea Good, joined Bomjon in calling me a witch, an attacker, crazy, an enemy, a disturber of his meditation… All these lies. How could I ever explain them these were lies? It was me who propagated Bomjon to them, it was me who was convincing painstakingly them that Guruji was a saint, actually the greatest saint of all times and all worlds…

Even nowadays some of these fanatics quote my old writings, saying “Look, Marici admires Guruji, she gave him permission to do anything with her he wants, she is saying he is enlightened, a Natha…!”. How to explain them that when I was writing those hagiographic texts, I was still deluded? I was drugged by that magic cloud? I was blind?

When I survived his 3-months torture in his jungle, and was released, deported to Europe, I never got any compensation and Bomjon had been never prosecuted, neither his co-torturers. Instead, he freely continued to hold hostage new and new people, and even beat them. Nepal had long ago accepted that Bomjon is above the law, and politicians consider him an export item, like Gautama Buddha who was born in Lumbini, so Buddha Boy also born in Nepal. They do not want to read and hear about “complications” like kidnappings and rapes, tortures and killings, which would destroy this useful scheme. Foreigners are interested in Buddha Boy, and so politicians only help to silence his victims and subdue media so that no one dares to publish anything about his crimes anymore.

But me, his victim, knows who he is, knows who are his “monks”, and I know what is he going to do. I know that his intention is not good, never was, not holy and not spiritual at all. He is Nepal’s decay, yet people refuse to see that prosperity can never come from accepting crimes, victimizing dozens of people.

Can I stay silent and just lick my wounds, as apparently his other surviving victims are doing? Seeing the gradual spreading of this epidemic, his so called “Maitri Dharma”, a twisted and stained “version” of fake Buddhism with demonic events in its background, a “teaching” of compassion, truth, love only in words but not in deeds – seeing all this happening in Nepal and in the blind minds of Western followers, can I stay silent?

So I created this website to share my own experiences as well as the information from Bomjon’s other victims (3 of whom I have contacted), Nepali locals (I speak the language) and all of these filtered through my whole-life study of Yoga, religions, astrology and mysticism. I cut, inevitably, contact with Bomjon’s most ardent disciples, I was, obviously, kicked out of their online forums already during my captivity by him, and I only have contact with those few remaining ex-GG members who turned away from this cult after they learned what he did to me. But in a network of Bomjon-affiliated people, where some are still one foot in – one foot out, others are staying but with doubts, again others coming and going, these people are still in contact. Some of them provide me from time to time with valuable news concerning Bomjon, not less shocking than the events in 2012 concerning me.

I am not rejecting his followers, as I know they are simply sick people with a blurred vision of reality, simply “possessed”. Many of them are convinced that they are doing their best when continuing to serve Bomjon, even if their co-followers have to suffer from his unexpected wild beatings or prolonged tortures. But, without condemning those poor deluded ones, I cannot stay just silently supporting their decadent work. The horrors of being on a chain near Bomjon for three months in his jungle are not possible to rub out from my memory. I wish to prevent other women, and also men, from suffering as I suffered, simply.

So please accept my website as a means to return truth where lies had been ruling for years, to return humanity where brutality was present behind the nice preaching, and to warn those who can still be prevented from becoming victims of this unstoppable avalanche of personified Falseness and Cruelty.

To those who are still on the “other side” I would just apologize for causing disappointment and anger, I know how it feels, trust me! But the truth will always come out, no matter how much you try to silence it. You too, Bomjon-supporters, please read my articles with an open mind, do not attack and condemn the author without examining the content of what the author had written. Do not threat me with revenge or use rude words in comments, it would just derail you even more from your spiritual principles.

Remember, there is no more a question IF Bomjon attacked, kidnapped, held hostage, tortured and let raped. I am a victim, thus the most direct witness, that he did this all. It is pointless to “discuss” the factual part of his deeds. I also have interviewed 3 other victims, personally, and I have no reason not to believe them, because their descriptions have similarities with my own experience. We can discuss only why, when and where he did all these crimes, and how it is that he is still not taken responsible for them, in Nepal.

With this publication I hope to prevent people from becoming his victims, even if I see how useless my website is for Nepali authorities and media who had allowed him to gradually become the country’s new god and guru celebrity, instead of dealing with his criminal activity. But even if my website prevented only one human being from suffering that Hell of the “Buddha Boy” which I had to suffer in Halkhoriya in 2012, than my website was successful!


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