The Ram Bahadur Bomjon Controversy

“These people do not follow Buddhist advice, Buddhist teachings. Only thing you can do is make public —through the newspaper, through the radio. Make public.” said His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Tibetan philosopher Tsongkhapa had stated, “if the teachings are in discord with the Dharma, then they must be opposed.” Quoted from: Abuse is abuse... Continue Reading →

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10 million of cash offerings by Thailand devotees to rape, murder and torture accused Maitriya Guru

"Sources say that Bomjan, with his team, is going to Thailand to “collect cash offerings”. “They have been trying to visit Thailand for the past four months. Their passports were made two years ago,” said one of the followers of Bomjan’s ashram in ... Sindhupalchok. Bodhi Dharma Shrawan Sangh Maitri, the non-government organisation founded by... Continue Reading →

Controversial media bill being forwarded

Kathmandu, 13 August: The National Assembly (NA) is all set to  move the controversial media bill forward. The bill has not been submitted in the Upper House after the main opposition party Nepali … Source: Controversial media bill being forwarded

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