The Ram Bahadur Bomjon Controversy

“These people do not follow Buddhist advice, Buddhist teachings. Only thing you can do is make public —through the newspaper, through the radio. Make public.” said His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Tibetan philosopher Tsongkhapa had stated, “if the teachings are in discord with the Dharma, then they must be opposed.” Quoted from: Abuse is abuse... Continue Reading →

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Put an end to the Nithyananda cult! Please sign the Petition!

More than 200 survivors of the Swami Nithyananda cult had started an online movement to expose the serious crimes, brainwashing tactics and inhuman treatments in the fake guru's Ashrams. As a consequence, gradually, more and more victims get courage to leave the cult and speak out. YouTube is now a rich source of all these... Continue Reading →

How Nepal’s forensics infrastructure lets perpetrators get away with crimes

"Many doctors have never witnessed even a single case before they start performing autopsies,” said Wasti. This has huge implications for criminal investigations— doctors are often unable to provide information that would aid police in their investigations. In reality, police rarely contact relevant medical experts. Instead, doctors in government hospitals, who have little or no... Continue Reading →

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