The Ram Bahadur Bomjon Controversy

“These people do not follow Buddhist advice, Buddhist teachings. Only thing you can do is make public —through the newspaper, through the radio. Make public.” said His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Tibetan philosopher Tsongkhapa had stated, “if the teachings are in discord with the Dharma, then they must be opposed.” Quoted from: Abuse is abuse... Continue Reading →

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Bomjon has Chinese backing, Travel Nepal article reveals: 尼泊尔灵修少年涉强奸未成年女性,与他背后的中国宗教传销

A detailed article had been written by the investigating journalist of the No. 1 Chinese Blog in Nepal & Bhutan "Travel Nepal" about Ram Bomjon's child-rapes and murders, and the Chinese businessmen in Nepal who are sponsoring his criminal activities. The author was in contact with his Chinese followers. 尼泊尔和不丹“旅行尼泊尔”的第一中文博客的调查记者写了一篇详细的文章。 这篇文章是关于Ram Bomjon的儿童强奸和谋杀案。 尼泊尔的华商赞助了拉姆·邦琼的犯罪活动。 作者与这些中国追随者保持联系。 除了古鲁道的正式成员之外,尼泊尔的华人华侨也早已被拉姆班坚的团队渗透,多名在加德满都经商的中国老板就同笔者联系,尝试为灵修少年辩护,要求撤回稿件。... Continue Reading →

Victim’s petition to stop UN protection for child-rapist, murderer and torturer ‘Buddha Boy’ Ram Bomjon!

On 18 June, 2020 the Nepali Police made a police raid based on the arrest warrant issued by the Sarlahi District Court to arrest Ram Bomjon. In an immediate aftermath, his "official organization" BSDS turned to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, to  stop the police investigation, media coverage and in fact stop serving... Continue Reading →

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