The Ram Bahadur Bomjon Controversy


“These people do not follow Buddhist advice, Buddhist teachings. Only thing you can do is make public —through the newspaper, through the radio. Make public.” said His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

Tibetan philosopher Tsongkhapa had stated, “if the teachings are in discord with the Dharma, then they must be opposed.”

Abuse is abuse – we live in the world of conventional reality

Image: “How I was slapping them…” (Photo: already deleted Nepali online media)

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A SAD UPDATE: Ram Bomjon’s newest 2018 crime cases can be found in the articles:

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Halkhoriya Jungle is the place to search for the disappeared


Media on Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s Controversies – a comprehensive, detailed (long) article with a list of practically all the available media on him , with an introductory explanation how the media coverage about Bomjon evolved and gradually disappeared in Nepal over the years, due to the growing censorship from 2012 till today.

The first balanced, corrected and well-sourced Biography of Ram Bahadur Bomjon, which is not a hagiography with inaccurate and manipulated data (especially concerning alleged “miracles”), like the Wikipedia entry on him. Contrary to the Wikipedia entry, this Biography uses only mainstream media sources, when it comes to controversial issues and does not intentionally leave out the major part of Ram Bomjon’s life story between 2007 and 2017 – that of violent attacks, lies about spiritual claims and legal irreglarities. The Biography is based on accurate birth data, exact language (for example, Nepal’s state language is not Sanskrit, as Wikipedia claims!) and uses only double-checked quotes (clicking back to the source and reading it, if the quote about it is not manipulated). The text is still unfinished concerning the list of Bomjon’s Controversies, though.

Other comprehensive sources on Ram Lal Bomjon’s (his civil name) controversies: – Bomjon’s former official website

A good source of “classified information” about Ram Bomjon and his followers’  unethical and unlawful behavior was his former official website, which turned to reveal the dark truths behind the curtain of holiness.This website had been closed in February 2017 . Its archived pages had been saved on .

The Irregular Times

One of the last available sources of the history of all controversies about Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, with a relatively open discussion forum is The Irregular Times: featuring articles like Ram Bomjon gone wildThe reign of terror continues , Ram Bomjon shows how religious myths are made, Ram Bomjon kicks butt, bloodies critics, Ram Bomjon the Bloody Buddha Boy returns and others (see Reference links below article). Cases “dumped” by the Nepali media and police are still openly discussed here. As of October 7, 2016, The Irregular Times was closed down, but fortunately reopened in 2017 with all the former critical articles about Ram Bomjon, and all the comments!


“Do you think a meditating sage will go to the court to hear a case?” he exclaimed. “I took action against them as per the divine law,” he added.[35]

Ram Bahadur Bomjon (previously known as Palden Dorje, currently known as Maitriya Guru Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha) is widely respected in Nepal and abroad as the Buddha Boy. He has a strong group of followers in Nepal and abroad, from many areas, including political personalities and influential businessmen. Contrary to his teachings about non-violence, world-peace and compassion, his own actions and the deeds of his followers are often reported by victims, witnesses and the media as violent and morally inconsistent. Due to the prolonged political crisis in Nepal the situation still does not allow a valid law enforcement, thus the extensively controversial behavior of Ram Bahadur Bomjon can go unnoticed and often unrecorded, and the perpetrators are enjoying impunity. This situation had been described on The Himalayan Times, asking “Is Buddhaboy above the law?“.

Due to a proactive “reputation-clearing-campaign” (see below in the article) announced by a prominent devotee of Maha Sambodhi Kishore Sherchand, in September 2012, a significant amount of controversial articles had disappeared from the Nepali online media, or had been made practically unsearchable on the Internet, as for example the once regularly updated The Himalayan Times articles dealing with the “Buddha Boy” (See more)

The first victim – Anil Khatri

A clear sign about this activity is a copied post by Niranjan Kunwar on his blog, with a link to the original article about Bomjon’s first known victim of violence, then 22-year old Anil Khatri, where the original text is no longer accessible. According to Ratanpuri locals the shepherd boy had wandered around the meditation site of his former shepherd-friend, Bomjon, whom he surprised when he was playing with his sword (the sword clearly shown on a French Television footage), and Bomjon attacked Anil without warning, causing bleeding wounds on his shoulder area. Realizing the severity of his “play”, he requested his brother Dil Bahadur to drive his victim to a medical clinic on his motorbike. The incident happened in 2006-2007. An article of the Himalayan Times is mentioning this already forgotten sword incident. Bomjon’s sword was clearly shown on a documentary of the French Television called Soujet Romain Destans: La retour de la Little Bouddha when he had been found “meditating” in Bhagjora Jungle (near Hetauda) by some followers and media, apparently after fleeing the scene of his attack and hiding for 10 months. Media was writing about the incident:

“Bamjan, who preaches against violence, hacked a local youth with a sword critically injuring him two years  ago. He disappeared after the incident for nine months. Later he was found in Bagjhor forest with a sword, but no action was taken against him”.[29] Another source, refering to Naya Patrika newspaper, names the victim whom Bomjon attacked with his sword as the then 22 years old Anil Khatri, and the reason as Khatri entering the meditation premises without permission.[33][34]

Bomjon, as it is claimed in the Nepalese media-based blog article, had been absconding from time after his sword attacks.


his sword

Above image: “He has an ash-coloured shawl wrapped across his chest,” he said, adding the boy had a “flat-ended scimitar” next to him.(Buddha boy back, with a weapon)

French cameraman Romain Destans’ own Youtube Channel is showing the excerpt from the film made by him, where Bomjon is shown speaking, and his sword is shown nearby: Sujet Romain Destans: Le retour de Little Bouddha A version of this film named Little Bouddha : “Je méditais tellement profondément” had been archived on  “Little Bouddha, le méditant, méditation “.”

“Bamjan courted controversy for the first time when he assaulted a local youth with a sword. After that, he was also drawn into many other controversies including hostage-taking and thrashing.”
(Structures in Halkhoria demolished, The Himalayan Times)

The Spanish woman

The second widely known victim of the uncontrolled violent tendencies of Ram Bomjon was a Spanish woman, witnessed by Ratanpuri and Piluwa locals, and whose story had been reported on Nepali television in 2006-2007, just after the attack on Anil Khatri. The story of the Spanish woman, according to Ratanpuri residents and Jas Bahadur Waiba from Pilua, Bomjon’s right hand at the time, was that she had been kidnapped and tied in Bomjon’s Halkhoriya jungle for a few weeks, held and tortured on “witchcraft charges“, and then released in bad condition (skin disease), and let to return home. No news had been told about her afterwards. The devotees of Ram Bomjon considered the “punishment” of the woman an acceptable form of enforcing Dharma.

Andrea Good (Jyampa Dolma), the self-styled US/Japanese leader of the group of foreign devotees had mentioned the case of the unfortunate woman, as one of those acquainted with her ordeal, in her book Reflections on Sambodhi Dharma Sangha (formerly Reflections on Palden Dorje, see

reflections spanish woman2

reflections spanish woman

The 17 battered villagers

Another known controversy of the freshly enlightened Buddha Boy is the case of 17 Madeshi men, who were attacked by Bomjon and his lamas (monks) residing with him, allegedly because they were mimicking him while he meditated. The men claimed they were picking rare herbs , which are known to be found in the area of the Halkhoriya jungle (for example Kurilo, Niuro). An article on the on The Himalayan TimesPolice quizzes ‘Buddha Boy’ over thrashing locals” is now unsearchable, while Sanjib Subedi had retained it on his blog: Ekantipur had also deleted its article about the topic titled “Buddha Boy sees red.

My Republica was more specific than others: “Many have fallen ill due to the thrashing. One Prahlad Chaudhary sustained minor head injury. “He struck on our back and head with an axe handle. He didn´t relent even after we apologized,” Dev Narayan Chaudhary, 45, of Manaharwa-6 told mediapersons Saturday morning. Chaudhary said the group couldn´t retaliate against the man whom they have been worshiping till now.”

“There were 17 of us and we could have retaliated. But we couldn´t do anything other than join our hands in apology,” he added.[38] In a two days later article it quotes Bamjan: “The locals have lied. I have just slapped them two-three times,” he claimed. He, however, couldn´t elaborate on how a man sustained head injury with slaps. He said the group didn´t retaliate against him and hinted that he would have used his divine powers if the locals had retaliated. [37]

Later, in 2012, The Himalayan Times remembered the unpunished attack on the Madeshi men once more, just to delete all traces of it again: “Bamjan had beaten up 17 locals of Bara Manarwa about one-and-half year ago detaining them for 24 hours as they had entered inside his fence in search of wild shoots and fruits. The victims filed FIR against Bamjan, but no action was taken”.[29]

The re-published article of the Nayapatrika Daily is preserved here. Nepalnews also published about the incident. The Sofadasala blog writes about the incident on Spanish. The account of the BBC was brief but at least not subject to censorship.

ds after beating locals


The Western foreigner

The next known victim was a foreign boy (his name not published at his request, but his incident with Bomjon is well known for the Nijgadh Police and Bomjon‘s former local followers), who had been severely attacked by the Buddha Boy in the summer of 2011, his head repeatedly banged to the concrete in front of his “office houses” inside the Halkhoriya jungle (currently demolished by Nepali police). Bomjon stopped the beating only after one of the female witnesses broke in tears seeing this. Then the boy had been held one night locked up in an “office house” in the jungle. The next day he managed to climb out the window and escape. After contacting police, he returned to his country.

Andrea Good (Jyampa Dolma), the authority of the foreign followers of Ram Bomjon, had mistakenly commented under a critical article on The Irregular Times, as a reaction to another commentator whom she had assumed was the above mentioned beaten foreigner boy, justifying her guru’s “punishment”:

“April 13, 2012 at 1:35 am ·I am convinced that MS Dharma Sangha is acting with complete wisdom and taking the surest and fastest path to benefit beings. He does not mete out Dharmic punishment in private, but in front of those who would witness. He has no secrets and nothing to hide, …. He is simply doing as the moment requires”

The “official version” was that the Westerner (who does not wish to be named) had disturbed Bomjon’s meditation and that he attacked him physically. The victim denies this accusation as false, instead he told repeatedly that he wished to become the “Buddha Boy‘s” disciple in meditation after inspired by positive news about him from the Internet.

Image above: The house in the “inner compound” where the Western devotee had unexpectedly bumped upon Bomjon in September 2011, when he was searching for him under his meditation tree. Bomjon started to beat him here, pulling him to the public area at the riverbed where he continued with banging his head to the concrete threshold. This house had been suspected by Nepalese media as a place where Bomjon regularly was locking up his victims (this news video was made when investigating the 2012 victim of Bomjon Mata Ani’s case, see below). This and other “office houses” as they called them, had been bulldozed down by Nepalese authorities after Bomjon’s series of crimes against many people, yet he and his accomplices never faced justice for them.

An excerpt of the long and detailed conversation between the victim and an interviewer:

[16:17:00] western devotee  : i think he was saying something in tamang in agitated voice

[16:17:27] western devotee  : he just said sit

[16:17:28] i: he was really agitated???

[16:17:32] western devotee  : yeah

[16:24:57] western devotee  : he beat me there then pushed me down to where all the houses were at the entrance

[16:33:41] i.: u left yourself to be beaten without even raising your hand for defending?

[16:33:47] western devotee  : yeah

[16:34:16] i.: so u were like totally exhausted and just allowing him to thrash you

[16:34:24] western devotee  : yeah

[16:34:30] western devotee  : he hit me first

[16:34:34] i.: yes but while he was beating, he could not try to sneak out of his grab and run?

[16:34:39] western devotee  : i never expected that he would be violent

[16:34:50] western devotee  : he grabbed by clothes

[16:34:58] western devotee  : i tried to escape

[01:07:04] western devotee  : he kicked me punched me banged my head on the concrete and rocks and ground

The Western devotee boy had been locked up in one of Bomjon’s concrete huts built in the jungle, but managed to escape from the window the next morning. Meeting police patrol at the East-West Highway, he had reported the incident to them, but had chosen to immediately return to Kathmandu and fly to his country.

Above image: Bomjon’s Prison Houses – one of the numerous “office houses” which had been built over the years inside the jungle illegally encroached by Ram Bomjon and his cult members. Bomjon had pulled his Western boy victim to this house, banging his head to the concrete threshold and then locking him up in the neighboring room. The house had been bulldozed down by Nepalese authorities after Bomjon had been evicted due to his series of crimes in 2012. 


The Slovak woman

The widely known case of Slovak woman had been reported on Ekantipur, on The Himalayan Times (now deleted but saved in Internet archives and links below) and  Avenue TV (Tv 24). After being kidnapped by Bomjon, she was kept 3 months in his jungle compound tied to a tree, in conditions easily guessed by looking at the below picture made by Kantipur journalist in the Immigration Detention, where Bomjon sent her after he released her in March 2012 (using the fact she could not arrange her visa while tied to a tree in the jungle). (See Related articles for information about the sexual abuse, among others, by which the victim had been tortured at Bomjon’s instruction when in his captivity). As a consequence of the torture, the Slovak victim’s hands had been fractured and she was robbed of her computer, mobile, ID card and other valuables.

(preserved at: )

Image above: The Slovak victim of Ram Bomjon, when she was still living in the Halkhoriya compound and serving as a volunteer in administration and translation. The photo is from the spring of 2011, when devotees were told to line up for the welcoming ritual of Tsona rinpoche, a visitor to Ram Bomjon.

Image above: The Slovak victim of Ram Bomjon between January and March 2011 camping in Halkhoriya Jungle, where she was invited by Bomjon’s Nepalese followers and the cult’s Us-Japanese leader Andrea Good, to assist as a volunteer in translations of Bomjon’s teachings and as a reporter for the foreign groups of followers. Photo taken by Andrea Good.


Image above: Bomjon’s Slovak victim after the 3 months tortures chained to a tree at the order of Bomjon, beaten by Bomjon and his attendants. Two of her wrists had been broken and she was repeatedly sexually assaulted at Bomjon’s order, a few meters from his villa in the jungle. Photo by Kantipur media. 


Maata Ani of Sindhupalchowk

During the time of the Slovak woman a Nepali woman known as Mata Aani (a female recluse, meaning “Mother Nun”) had been held captive, and allegedly locked up in a house, for two months. Her condition was similar to the other victims: apparent malnutrition, broken hand, shortly cut hair and a terrorized face. Her interview had been shown on the Nepali Avenue TV (TV 24) in March 2012, in the first part of the documentary from 2:57 min. An article from Ekantipur had written her address as Nijgadh-8 . Mata Aani is one of the disappeared victims.

The Himalayan Times reported the incident in a few articles.

The below image shows Maata Ani during the release from Bomjon’s captivity by the police a few days after the release of Slovak Marici (24 March, 2012), in a screenshot of the Avenues TV Channel of Nepal. Maata’s left hand also seemed to be crooked after an apparent untreated fracture as part of Bomjon’s tortures, similarly as the two wrists of Slovak Marici.:

maata E best whole body

As a comparison, the below image shows Maata Ani, how she looked like in 2011, a few months before kidnapped and held captive by Bomjon, during the June 2011 Mahadarshan event celebrating actually Bomjon himself (photo: courtesy of Michiel Hegener):

mata from michiel

Tortures of kidnapped women during the 2012 Maitri Puja

According to the above mentioned media, the torture of the chained Slovak woman and the locked-up Maata had taken place during the 2012 World-Peace Maitri Puja of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, just a few minutes from the crowded religious ceremony’s venue. While the two women had been tied and regularly beaten, Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha was preaching about non-violence, Maitri and compassion to a crowd of thousands of worshipers. The timing of the last stage of the 3 months-long lasting tortures had been chosen to coincide with the one-week of 2012 Maitri Puja. This was decided by Bomjon himself, while a few times he changed the Puja’s dates to adjust to the state of the victims held in the guarded jungle behind the big painting of “God Maitriya”. This obsession with the timings gives a suggestion that the prolonged and repeated ritual tortures of the two alleged “witches” had to ensure some “magical result” in the combination with the Puja. For example, Bomjon had ordered to his attendant Darshan Subba Limbu to sexually assault  the chained Slovak kidnapped victim to exactly coincide with his Seven Deities’ Prayers, chanted by an assembly of Buddhist Lamas over the course of the March 19-24, 2012 Maitri Puja.

behind this scene i was tied and tortured and raped


walking from place where marici is chained towards te venue of maitripuja

The second image shows Bomjon walking out of the jungle area towards his preaching stage, together with his most faithful followers where he kept his two kidnapped victims, the Slovak woman and Mata Aani. Budha lama on his left and next to the left khenpo Dawa had been assisting in the tortures.. On his right are Jas Bahadur W. and Mani Lama. All these men knew about the two women kept tied for months against their will, beaten, humiliated and tortured, yet had no feeling of guilt when walking to the venue of the “World Peace Maitri Puja” to chant Tibetan mantras with the crowd of thousands, about love, peace, non-violence and compassion!

Above image: The Forbidden Area, area where the two devotee-women accused of “witch-craft” had been tied and tortured for 3 months had been fenced by barbed-wire fence and guarded by Bomjon’s loyal old Buddhist lamas, who had also seen the women suffering on the chains. The crowd of thousands of followers invited for the 2012 Maitri Puja was not allowed to cross behind the fence, allegedly “not to disturb the guru’s meditation”. The torture places had been just a few minutes walk inside the deeper jungle (West) and in the vicinity of Bomjon’s own house (Kajogpa). Only his main torture-attendants (Tomasz Henryk Tarnowski, Darshan Limbu, Shyangbo Dong etc.) and Buddhist monks were allowed to go inside this compound, especially khenpo Dawa, Budha lama, Molam lama, old lamas called “memes”. Journalists who tried to enter, had been attacked by Bomjon’s attendants.


Bomjon’s own family members as his victims

When Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s family had seen the Avenue TV news (TV 24) on the Nepali Television, showing the two women after the tortures, they became very worried about the safety of the small sister of Ram Bomjon, Ranjita, staying in his compound at the time. His mother Maya Devi and siblings, Ganga, Dil Bahadur, Manomaya, Shyam and Babula had come to request Bomjon that the teenage girl could go away from such an environment. The girl decided to stay, and Bomjon let his own family members attacked by his followers, a few of them himself thrashing, and locked them up for five days in a house in the jungle, keeping them in bad conditions. The police report filed by them had been reportedly stopped due to the intervention by a Piluwa based sponsor of Maitriya Guru Dharma Sangha.

Only Nepalese printed local newspapers mentioned the main concern of Maya Devi, when she learned that Ranjita had been lured to stay with her famous son in Halkhoria, where Marici and Maata Ani had been held captive in torture: she expressed her worries that her smallest, at the time 13 years old daughter had been used in an incestuous relationship by her son, Ramlal Bomjon, the “Maitriya Guru”. Further developments and photos are rather confirming such fears.

The Himalayan Times had deleted its articles, but here is the saved copy:

Above: Ram Bomjon’s family all volunteered to serve and guard him. This picture is made by Andrea Good between 2008 and 2011, when Bomjon’s family members had been looking after all his needs in Halkhoriya. From the left: 1, Ganga, eldest brother, 2, Manu (Manomaya), a sister older from Bomjon (deceased in 2016 allegedly as a consequence of violence by Bomjon and his followers), 3, Shyam, a slightly younger brother, 4, Dil Bahadur, elder brother (who witnessed Bomjon’s attack on Anil Khatri, see above, and took the victim to hospital in 2007). Manu and Shyam became Buddhist lamas and served Bomjon as his main trustees in 2011.

Above image: One of Bomjon;s elder sisters, Rajkumari, who used to be his assistant in the former years (that time wearing a red robe). Later she married in Piluwa and here is with her daughter. Photo: Andrea Good.


Attack on journalists

The Nepali TV had reported the attack of Bomjon’s followers during his Maitri Puja, who had come to film the scene when the Slovak woman’s disappearance in Bomjon’s jungle had been reported to them. On the footage it is seen how Darshan Subba Limbu, Tomasz Henryk Tarnowski (Dorje) and other people attack the group of journalists, leaving their equipment damaged. The article of The Himalayan Times (already deleted) details the incident. The Nepali Himalaya TV made a documentary about the incident: Prime Story – Shanti ki Aatanka. The Federation of Nepali Journalists and organizations dealing with human rights and freedom of speech had condemned the attack, yet recently both had deleted the text in the links. The Buddha Boy Media preserved it:

(preserved at ) (deleted)

(preserved at:

Journalists showing broken camera during attack on him by Bomjon’s assistants
Tomasz Henryk Tarnowski with other followers during his attack on journalists in 2012


The birth certificate forgery

In 2012 Bomjon had requested his Sangha to arrange a passport for him. But for this he needed to get a Nepali citizenship ID card, in Nepal issued only after providing a valid birth certificate. But as he wanted to use the name Dharma Sangha on it, the Sangha had bribed a VDC officer to issue a fake birth certificate in this name. When later they requested Bomjon’s mother to provide documents of his real birth certificate, she refused on the basis that he already had one, forged by the VDC. The VDC officer had been questioned by police, yet no charges had been raised.

zfalsovany certificate

Other links to the saved articles, deleted by the censura, will be soon added here.


The 2012 violent clash between followers and police

As a result of the birth certificate controversy, the Sangha of “Maitriya Guru” had went out to the East-West Highway near his jungle compound, at the village Piluwa, and blocked the main transport-vein of South Nepal for three days, holding banners and shouting slogans, demanding that the Government provides their Guru with an ID card in the “Dharma Sangha” name, as well as a diplomatic (red) passport. After locals became impatient with the road block, an attack started against the crowd, ending in mutual violence, which needed a final police intervention.

Other saved copies of the articles deleted by the censura on The Himalayan Times and Ekantipur are going to be soon added here.


Image: casualties during the clash among Bomjon-followers, villagers and police during the demonstration on the East-West (Mahendra) Highway in 2012


Practically all attacked victims till March 2012 had been Bomjon’s devotees before the attacks on them. Bomjon’s reasons for attacking all his victims, as explained in the media (The Himalayan Times, Hindustani Times, etc.), are always the same:

  1. the victim had allegedly disturbed his meditation
  2. the victim is mentally disturbed*
  3. the victim is a spy**
  4. he victim is a witch***
  5. the victims themselves had attacked him, and he acted in self-defense.*,**,***

*Sourya Daily, The Himalayan Times (interviews with Ram Bomjon, Darshan Limbu)

**Pragyaratna Ghullu’s claims in 2011

***The Himalayan Times, Ekantipur, Hindustani Times, Bomjon’s official Facebook sites and forums

Bomjon’s eviction from Halkhoriya

As a result of the controversial behavior to some individuals, Bomjon had been advised by Nepali authorities to leave his Halkhoriya Jungle compound in 2012. Later on the Nepali Police had demolished his concrete buildings, and only the three-floor “Kajogpa” had remained there. Angry locals had consequently demolished his concrete meditation platform and Stupa, which had covered his underground meditation cellar, where hunters, who became devotees, had deposited their guns in the former years. This cellar had been recently emptied.

Saved article:

The Sarlahi violence

After being evicted, Bomjon had settled in Nepal’s Sindhuli District in 2012. From here he had moved to to the Sarlahi District the same year. Here another violent incident made the headlines, when his follower and relative Ankit Yonjan had used a sword given by Bomjon to solve farmer disputes against 13 local youths, by attacking, them causing injuries.


Reputation clearing campaign

After the amount of controversies had filled the Nepali media with numerous articles, the Official Sangha of Ram Bomjon announced a widespread clear-up of the reputation of their Guru in Sindhuli, Nepal in 2012, by the decision of its prominent US member, Kishore Sherchand. As a result, a considerable amount of articles published in the Nepali media, as well as critical blogs and videos about the controversial issues about Ram Bahadur Bomjon, had been made deleted, or made unsearchable.

Replacing the formerly critical Himalayan Times, a blog site had been founded by pro-bomjonists, intriguingly using a similar name and color of their header as the formerly most critical The Himalayan Times : The Himalayan Voice.

Thus the controversies concerning Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha had been recently re-shifted to an open media-war, using the Internet as its main platform.

The alarming consequences in 2014

As a recent consequence of the total impunity enjoyed by Ram Bomjon and his attendants, the violent attacks returned to Nepal’s Bara District as soon as the Government permitted him to return there in July 2014: as early as on September 2, 2014 he already beats 5 men to blood .

Man attacked by Bomjon and his attendants in 2014 (Source DC Nepal Live)
Man attacked by Bomjon and his attendants in 2014 (Source DC Nepal Live)
Man attacked by Bomjon and his attendants in 2014 (Source DC Nepal Live)
Bomjon attacks 5 men in 2014 (Source DC Nepal Live)

The result of the bloodshed? On October 22 he meets Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, who offers him support in staying in Halkhoria as well as traveling the world (he gets passport). He is planning to visit Canada, the USA and Europe soon, and spread his very controversial interpretation of “World-Peace” and “Compassion”.

Ram Bomjon invited by late PM S. Koirala

The DC Nepal link to the video and article will be soon added here.

The alarming consequences in 2015

Due to the public and authorities not taking seriously my warnings about the above list of more than 40 victims of Ram Bahadur Bomjon and his followers, new victims could have been harmed by him and his attendants Tomasz Henryk Tarnowski, Darshan Subba Limbu, and his robed monks. Information had leaked out from his Sangha about an exceptionally brutal beating of a person in 2015, with consequences to this day. The bribe-network of Bomjon had looked after that the case had been kept secret.

Ignoring this inhuman and unlawful behavior, Ram Bomjon’s followers had successfully organized 3 “Maitri Pujas” in Russia, the Ukraine and the USA in 2015.

See also: Dharma Sangha’s virtual world tour

The violent dharma set out to conquer the world in 2016

Ram Bomjon’s his official website “Maitriya Guru” had announced that after April 2017 he would leave for his world tour and spread similar deeds as we see in the above list, all over the civilized world. His world tour had to be started after the end of his World Peace Mahadarshan Maitri Puja, planned to be held in Bungamati, near Kathmandu between 21 March – 7 April, 2017 (some places show 2nd of April, 2017).

Even after more than 40 victims behind him, national and international authorities do not consider Ram Bahadur Bomjon a dangerous guru and grant him and his violent attendants total impunity and freedom of movement.

Two mysterious deaths in 2016

Dr. Moore and Manu Tamang, Bomjon’s sister both die at suspicious conditions in 2016. Shockingly, Bomjon’s followers consider the tortures and even deaths of human beings at the hands and at the order of their guru a great achievement, which they are celebrating and boasting about, as these cruelties are thought by them as proofs of the powers and divinity of their “Maitriya” (excerpt from Setopati):

‘Guru’ took the ‘internal action’ not physically but using his divine powers, the follower claims. The follower adds Bomjon’s elder sister has also faced the wrath of ‘internal action’. “She later died a painful death.”

The follower says ‘Guru’ teaches physical exercise akin to martial arts to his close disciples. “Guru and the disciples leap very high. We watch dumbfounded,” he adds.

Image: snapshot of Anand Nepal’s video 

New information coming out from the Nepalese digital media Setopati and the videos of “Anand Nepal” (probably a nickname) had confirmed the information about the direct influence of Ram Bomjon and his assistants on the death (prolonged dying) of Manu.




Manu Ani (front right, nun in red robe with white shawl) was under the protege of Andrea Good (blond, behind Manu), an US-Japanese follower of Bomjon. She invited Manu to Japan in 2011 together with another follower of Bomjon, Pragya Ratna Ghullu (front left). When Manu but fell out of Bomjon’s favors, Andrea stopped to support her as well. She bravely tried to confront her “Buddhaboy” brother over his well-documented criminal acts. She had been “punished” by him and his assistants together with 5 members of the family, first time in April 2012: they locked them up for a few days and tortured. Desperate from the immoral behavior of her brother, she left to work in Malaysia after 2012. When she returned, she is told to have returned to Bomjon to question his deeds and this might have been her fatal mistake…More on Manu’s case:

BTMC’s Facebook site of khenpo Sonam Gyurme announcing the death of Manu due to “brain problems”

The archive of the same page, in case they would delete it:

Copy of khenpo Sonam Gyurme’s Facebook announcement:

Mr. Moore’s death:


Image: Dr. Moore (monk with blue shawl) whom the BSDS USA Sangha (Bomjon’s organization) ordained a monk in Kim Nguyen’s home-based monastery in California. Kim is second from the right in first row. it was here where his devotion to Bomjon grew to an extent that he apparently decided to go to Nepal and fall in front if his feet in May 2016, without telling anything to his family members. He died, allegedly, of heart attack in the Family Homestay of Ngima Dawa Tamang (left from Moore, with white shawl) of Kathmandu’s Kapan, who was allegedly looking after Moore before his death. Interestingly it was also Ngima Dawa Tamang who was looking after Manu, Bomjon’s sister, during her critical condition, before she was transferred to the monastery of khenpo Sonam Gyurme (another follower) where she died. More on Dr. Moore here

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Reference links:

NEW: Media on Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s Controversies – a comprehensive (long) article with a long list of practically all the available media about his attacks, abductings and many other unlawful deeds, with an explanation how the media censorship evolved over the years. Wikipedia had second time deleted an article showing Bomjon in any other than holy image. Reading the Talk page to the Ram Bahadur Bomjon Wikipedia hagiography, it gets clear that all previosu attempts of editors to balance the article with truthful deeds, had been deleted by Wikipedia. By this they carry the co-responsibility for Bomjon’s victims morally and according to the law.

NEW: Who is actually Ram Bahadur Bomjon? A balanced informative biography based on sources from his followers as well as the media

An overview of Reference Links and Videos on this website

The irregular Times (keyword “Buddha Boy”)

The Irregular Times (keyword “Bomjon”) (archives of the closed-down website)

The state must watch Bomjon closely (Setopati)

THE HIMALAYAN TIMES HOT POTATO ARCHIVES (a new version of the above article) (collection of controversial videos) (interview)



The followers of Ramlal Bomjon had been working hard to bribe-and-threaten the Nepali media over the years, and as a consequence the links to The Himalayan Times, My Republica and Ekantipur articles, later also Nepal News ones, which I was using in this text, had gradually stopped to work all from 2012 on (you can view them in the Emptied links section below the article), and by now none of their dozens of critical articles are available. Also, journalists who authored those articles, are missing in the current staff of the mainstream media in Nepal.

Finally, the whole online versions of the two most mainstream Nepali media (The Himalayan Times and Ekantipur) had been deleted in June 2015 and August 2015 respectively, and new ones had replaced them! The new versions do not enable access to the Archive (as the old versions did), neither do they show the many controversial articles on Bomjon that they were publishing between 2007 and 2012! Yet, they did not delete the propagandist articles on the ‘Buddha Boy’ from as early as 2006..

Thus the censorship of the mainstream Nepalese media on the Bomjon topic is more than evident, the selective influencing of what is allowed and what is not allowed to publish, is without question.

To tackle these efforts of the Dark Buddha I had saved their articles long ago, and gradually collecting them for public reference in two websites:


Similarly, the automatically archived (not all) articles of the website had been saved.

I am requesting the reader to save these articles privately as well, as a time might come that even these would be hard to find on the Internet anymore.Good ways to save is by right-click on the webpage, then choosing “Save as”.

A lot of these mainstream Nepalese media articles on Bomjon are available on and Archive,org, yet it is difficult to search there.

In general, the Bomjon controversies are still published in some expat online media websites (USA, Canada), personal blogs and local (district or town level) Nepalese language printed media (with a few local Nepalese language online media), thus I am using a few of them here.

More on the situation of journalists in Nepal concerning Ram Bomjon see here.




50 thoughts on “The Ram Bahadur Bomjon Controversy

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  1. The biggest problem is that this criminal guru and his criminal followers are widely accepted and admired in Nepal and supported by politicians and media, as well as some Buddhist lamas … Killing and torture became a “dharma” and acceptable way. This “dharma” is now coming to your land, as Bomjon had announced he is going to spread it to the whole world. Sexual torture of alleged witches, beating people to death, will soon become legal and a way of “Maitri”, as it is unpunished and accepted in Nepal now. … A scene one feels goosebumbs from… Two days ago one of Bomjon’s victims died….


    1. I am from Kathmandu, no one I know gives a s*it about this so called holy person, (my curiosity brought me here, waste of time, but you are doing a great job debunking this). It is baseless to state that all Nepalese approve of him. To claim that this person is widely accepted in Nepal would be a lie. Nepalese also believe in science and logics.
      I am sorry for those two women who fell into it, and got tortured in return. This is criminal act, and it is scary that a criminal is walking around free. I don’t understand why some politicians and industrialists have backed him up.


  2. Imposter GURU! If you take the path of torture and violence then you are anything but human! Oh tortures so cruel that it gave me shivers to read through the articles on his victims! I felt as helpless as Marici in that jungle when I read her ordeal.
    I am just speechless and numb to think of such imposters and yes so naive of the innocent followers or rather ignorant followers.
    I am not much of a religious person but I can tell apart from wrong and right and this person doesn’t seems right in any sense.


    1. Why are you so concerned? (????). You can simply find out on the Internet that he is enjoying his life with his harem of girlfriends, lots of money around, helicopter rides and servants from among very young boy monks and local ladies. was his former official website, now it turned to be a revelation of truth. Otherwise the Internet is filled with lots of pro-bomjonist propaganda.Don’t worry, he is OK, while his victims continue to suffer the consequences of his physical attacks, defamation campaigns and robberies of their possessions.


  3. Guys – actually it is a good sing, cos there is a prediction saying that in the times just before the revelation there will be many impostors!

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    1. Yes, but the problem is that the impostors are so seducingly holy-looking, and have siddhis to imitate spiritual blessings and grace, to do inner and outer miracles and speak in the name of Dharma (God), that even experienced mystics and Yogis often do not recognize them in time. The impostors are considered the Saviors of the Revelation, no matter in which religion we look at it (the impostors are considered Maitreya Buddhas, Kalki Avatars, Messiahs)… It is not that people would not know about the danger of impostors versus “real savior”. It is that they mix the two up, and consider white what is black and black what is white. This is caused by the cloud of ignorance covering humanity now.

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  4. It’s possible to put a plastic bag with glucose solution on the top of your head. The tube with the needle entering your vein (notice his hand is hidden). Catheter for the urine. Dippers for the poop. The brother sneaks through underground tunnel to change the dippers.


  5. As you notice he has big wig (false hair – all other Indians have normal hair cut). Beneath the wig he puts plastic bag full with salt water or other nutritious substances. Its very possible to pierce the tympanic membrane and to reach the throat via a thin tube.
    He has a catheter. His brother enters the tree through an underground shaft to change the dippers.


    1. I personally think he and his cult members did not need such complicated ways as glucose tubes, though certainly such medical appliances had been found in Halkhoria by police, after he was made to leave (because of his criminal activities there)in 2012.
      His elementary school teacher (besides many others) explained in an interview,
      that he was simply eating during nights. Those few days when the BBC was recording him,
      are a trick: Daniel Haber in his book from s early as 2006 explains,
      that when he spoke with the BBC’s Nepali representative in Kathmandu,
      she told they were not allowed to film him at nights and only allowed 48
      hours, and not from such a distance which could reveal much. They were leaving,
      and told her that they felt the whole story about the miraculous non-eating
      “a bit fishy”…There are a few authentic sources, independent (not from the
      “kitchen” of his cult), which show a very different picture about his alleged
      asceticism. His night eatings explain the hysterical strictness when his
      guards were not allowing anyone to come to him at night… Many spiritual people
      would have preferred to meditate near him during night, when crowds are away,
      but exactly this was forbidden. The surest proof for me was his right hand
      and financial supporter Jas Bahadur Waiba, who told me personally: “Guruji is eating,
      though not as much as we do and not as often. But he is eating at nights.”
      But apparently the fact that he was keeping in lies all the public, was not
      a reason for Waiba to stop to deify him and stop to support with money his violent endeavors…
      Lies are around him from the very beginning,
      and lies are following his “mission” all the way until now.


      1. Good comment. One way or another Ram Bomjon is proven fraud. The sad thing is that many naïve people believed him. And paid fees to see him. He managed to deceive even Dalai Lama. It is a huge harm, because ordinary people can not differ genuine guru from imposter!


      2. Thank you for your comment. How did he deceive the Dalai Lama? Can you please write more concretely? Until now we only have hearsay whispered about what the Dalai lama supposedly told about him, from a very biased source: Bomjon’s own followers who allegedly went to Dharamsala to ask the DL about him… DL never gave any official statement about Bomjon, or did he?


    1. This false guru test seems rather silly. Unless the author of the test is fully Enlightened him or herself how can they presume to know how an Enlightened one might or should act? And how can one who is not Enlightened know if an other is Enlightened?


      1. I agree about the false guru test. There are a few on the internet like this, often from sourcse which themselves are rather cults… That link is from a commentator whoapparently considered such tests a perfect way to recognize a false guru… Yet I am afraid that commentator himself did not use that test and fell into the trap as well…


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