Manu Ani departed

Ram Bomjon’s sister Manomaya Tamang had died. It was announced on khenpo Sonam Gyurme’s official Facebook site. According to some people involved with khenpo it was this past assistant lama of Ram Bomjon (Maitriya) who was looking after Manu, the seriously ill nun who worked as a computer staff in Malaysia to support her mother from 2012.

Later she was told to have returned, in around 2014, from when her story becomes foggy. Some said she was in Nepal, some she was in Malaysia. Some said she got ill with brain infection, yet some others said her brain condition was a result of brutal attacks. We will never learn the truth about her tragedy, yet those who knew about the people who caused her suffering are also responsible for her extreme and prolonged condition and final death .

Update: in April 2017, during Ram Bomjon’s Maitri Puja in Kathmandu, Setopati Nepalese Digital media interviewed Bomjon’s follower on the venue. The information from Sangha insiders about Manu’s non-natural death had been confirmed:


On KHENPO SONAM GYURME’s BTMC organization’s Facebook site we read the only notice about her death, although it was way back in 2015 or even before, when her ordeal started:

We BTMC family recently have lost our beloved sister Manu Anga from Bungjor , Ratanpur, Bara, Nepal. She was suffering by brain problems since last few months and passed away 13 Asoj 2073 (29th Sept. 2016).

We missed you Anga a lot, We pray for your peace and enlightenment!

‘Tsede dewa chengi shingdu kewar shyog’ Om ami dewa hri 10000000000000….

Suffering from “BRAIN PROBLEMS” is a diagnosis? When a person dies of an illness, there is a concrete diagnosis of a registered illness. If anyone chooses to publish the reason of death, then the diagnosis is usually shared in clear words. Yet “brain problems” is not a diagnosis. Was Manu ever treated? And where? How it is that her rich Japanese sponsor did not bring her to Japan for high-tech treatment for free, instead she had to suffer without professional treatment cared by only some young Buddhist lama children? There are many questions which a Westerner would ask… Yet asking questions is forbidden in Ram Bomjon’s Maitriya-world in Nepal…

The news that the depressed family, whom Bomjon and his assistants locked up and tortured 5 days in Halkhoria Jungle in the beginning of April 2012, had returned from their Malaysia working stay, we heard around 2014. Back in 2012 and 2013 they were still there: Manu, the most self-confident sister, went first, later Shyam, Babula and Ganga followed, the three brothers. Their family member told me that all of them had good office jobs there, only Ganga, who was the least educated and eldest, had to do some light physical work. They were happy. I spoke with Shyam on phone in 2012. Manu had a good computer job (data entry or similar, we should not imagine a high standard computer knowledge after her basic studies).

But after they returned to Nepal, they were faced again with the disgrace that Bomjon (now called Maitriya) and his criminal Sangha had imposed on them. Mother had become old and weak, and depressed at the fall of her son. There was noone to look after her and the extended fields (the “Ascetic’s” family is Bonjor village’s richest one). Manu was always a direct and face-to-face person, and she most probably once again tried to visit Bomjon, her “Maitriya Maha Sambodhi” brother, to question him about his criminal, violent and sexually sinful deeds which were never clarified.

After one such meeting with Bomjon and his Sangha she never recovered. What happened to her, only Bomjon and his hell-workers know. Manu’s brain became swollen into such extent that she was allegedly unable to look after her own needs, but it was told she was suffering from a brain infection contracted in Malaysia. Can we believe this? From Bomjon and his Sangha, notorious torturers and attackers of more than a dozen of innocent people (including, in 2012, his own family members)…? Some people with psychic abilities suggested that the truth about Manu’s condition was much much more dark and shocking than the story made up for the public… There are people who know the full truth, and did not do anything to save Manu or stop the criminals from continuing their “black dharma”. Knowing too many secrets of Bomjon has but a double edge: if the do not report all they know in time, Bomjon himself can one day silence them as he silenced Manu…

If anyone ever had a direct proof about Manu’s cause of illness, that person is also person is also responsible for her death, as he or she was not reporting it in time. There are many dark points in Manu’s story and the concealing of her situation by Ram Bomjon’s Sangha and also Buddhist monks of BTMC Nepal (Swayambhunath, Kathmandu) allegedly looking after her. But yet again, why a so called “Maitreya”, who is supposed to be the “most loving being on earth”, would keep hidden the extreme suffering of his own sister, who has served him and with whom and her friend Palchen Mo (Bishnu) he had shared many of his secrets during the time of his alleged “tapasya”, six years of alleged meditation? Because the fact is that not a single mention of Manu’s suffering was ever published on Bomjon’s official websites and Facebook sites!  If there is any reason for Bomjon’s concealing of Manu’s ordeal, that reason is certainly not a spiritual one….

Manu was with her brother from as soon as 2007, when she herself was still too young. She and her younger brother Shyam were staging at their Buddha Boy brother day and night to protect him from alleged “disturbers of his holy meditation” he complained constantly about. They were his nearest trustees until 2011, when the family had been discarded as caretakers and khenpo Sonam Gyurme was invited for the position. Manu was allowed to stay, as well as the beautiful nun Palchen Mo, as nearest trustees and holders of secrets that Bomjon neve shared with anyone… They were allowed to come to his “meditation place” at any time, even at night… Were they carrying food and washed clothes to the “ascetic”, so that he would seem fresh and tidy the next day for the crowd to bow to him…? We can just guess… Had they been involved in witnessing his early attacks, like the one against Anil Khatri with sword, back in 2007, or the incarcerating of 17 Madeshis in the jungle compound? We can never again learn.

Manu simply had seen too much about “Buddha Boy’s” past secrets. She was around when the Spanish woman was kidnapped, tied and tortured by her “Dharma Sangha” named brother… She was serving him when all those alleged “crazy people” who “harrassed Bomjon” had been detained by his lamas, ashamed, beaten or – in one the case of Waiba monk’s son and daughter – also sent to mental hospitals… Manu was supporting Bomjon devotedly for years, and was also the main connection to Westerners, through her sponsor Andrea Good, who used Manu to get nearer to her guru idol. Like in the case of a classical crime story, knowing too many secrets of powerful criminals can become deadly…

The chance was lost, with a precious human life which was lost due to the idleness and selfishness of all those who knew about her fate… I wonder where is Andrea Good’s conscience, the Western sponsor who used Manu as a stepping stone to get nearer to her guru idol, as she shared with me once indirectly… Manu was devoted to Andrea as to The Foreigner who took her to Japan and encouraged her studies… Yet she fell out of grace of Andy as soon as she had been attacked by Ram Bomjon and his gang in April 2012, after she arrived with their mother and brothers to Halkhoria to request Bomjon to hand out the smallest sister Ranjita, and ask him why did he take captive and torture Marici and Maata… The honest and brave curiosity of Manu brought attacks and enmity from Bomjon’s side, and as she told to Nepali media, Bomjon hit her by the handle of his sword on her head a few times… That was nothing compared to the ordeal she apparently had to suffer later, after she returned from Malaysia.

All who loved her owe her an investigation and publishing the truth.May she rest in peace and far from the devils she had been so near to by her birth!

In the future I am preparing an attempted short spiritual biography of Manu Ani, the unfortunate sister of the fortunate monster called “Buddha Boy”.






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