Stealing for Dharma by Buddha and Sangha

It is going to be 5 years and Nepal’s “meditating” Buddha Boy had still did not apologize for any of his past crimes. One of many o these was also STEALING his kidnapped victim, Slovak Marici’s many valuable possessions.

In March 21, 2017 “Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru” is organizing one more of his series of crowded prayer sessions, which are always arranged for the same time when he tortures and/or beats some kidnapped people in the background – in most cases, literally behind the stage The World Peace Maitri Puja 2017, in Kathmandu’s Bungamati. In a Third World country which has problems with law enforcement and corruption, he can be sure of total impunity concerning his past crimes against more than 40 people. Police and politicians are not only bribed not to act against his past, present and future crimes, but are even employed as bodyguards to protect him from those allegedly many enemies which are endangering his safety for years (a paranoid claim never proved).

When in 2012 Bomjon kidnapped and held 3 months 2 women, including Slovak Marici, the situation was not different. Though the local police, sent by direct eyewitnesses of the kidnapping, allegedly arrived for a search once, but kidnapper-guru and his attendants,  was not held, even when the witness account confirmed them as kidnappers. They left the jungle and the two women there without any more attempt to find them…

The crimes of Bomjon against the two women had been justified by Mani Lama, ex-health minister as “allowing them to meditate nearby the guru” ,  in the Press Conference held after the women were released, thanks to the pressure from the media and friends of Marici. The fact that the women had bruises, broken bones, shaved heads and were extremely malnourished, was not explained by Mani Lama.

Kishore Sherchand, a long-time US-Nepalese devotee of “Maha Sambodhi”, had met Marici back in 2011, when she was still a volunteer translator for Bomjon and reporter for the Western community, in Halkhoriya Jungle. Later, after her release, he wrote emails to her with confidence that all her stolen belongings would be soon returned., and she would receive a public apology and reconciliation from Ram Bomjon and his Sangha (group of followers). Kishore ensured Marici in 2012 that he would personally look after that her stolen ACER NETBOOK (called “laptop” in Nepal) would be returned to her.

With this mission he went to visit Maha Sambodhi Bomjon in Sindhuli District, where he had to leave after he was evicted from Halkhoriya. He then stopped to write emails and his “correctness’ faded away. Later, when requested by Marici, he confirmed that he came to different thoughts after meeting Andrea Good, Ram Bomjon’s main foreign evangelist at the time. Andrea lie-fully claimed to him that I gave up my stolen belongings because I felt remorse for “disturbing Guruji…

kisho-me-to-kishokishore-answkisho2Needless to say, even if Kishore acknowledged that the sexual abuse, keeping in captivity and stealing were not OK, and he even criticized ex-minister Mani Lama for him supporting such deeds, he did not do anything to conciliate or return Marici’s belongings:

kisho3After this email Kishore did not write about Marici’s belongings, the sexual abuse and captivity anymore. Instead, his next move was to organize a campaign to stop all Nepalese media publishing articles about Buddha Boy’s crimes and deleting all past articles about them. His campaign, backed by rich sponsors, Western devotees and Nepalese politicians and mafia leaders, was finally successful.

(Kishore Sherchand is a suporter of Hillary Clinton in the USA and was organizing a campaign in California to convince Nepalese-US citizens to vote for her. In the meantime, he is organizing Ram Bomjon’s USA tour, its venues and logistics…)

It was foolishness to expect that Bomjon would return property to his victim of his own crimes, which had been never ever even prosecuted. He himself does not need those little things, but for Marici they had been personal gifts and holders of records personally important (photos of deceased family members, books, all-life work). Until now, when he is organizing the World Peace Maitri Puja 2017, there were no signs that anyone would feel it as a crime to rob a foreigner of her property in Nepal: neither the local police, which is said to have held at least the Acer Netbook for a short time in 2012 (though a Russian devotee, Alexander Ilichev tried to retrieve it for Marici, when in Nepal, but without success), nor the Nepali Tamang Buddhists, for whom Bomjon is a god, who is allowed to even steal. Relatives of Ram Bomjon in his family house informed Marici later that they had seen her laptop in the premises of Bomjon’s Sangha again…

Bomjon who owns millions of rupees and is traveling on helicopters, does not need a cheap laptop. It was rather part of his humiliation, similar like shaving the head of his victims, whom he openly called “witches”. Apparently the Buddhist followers of Bomjon think that if one is a witch, one has not only no right for enjoying human rights and law in Nepal, but of course no right for her possession: does the deeds of the “guru of gurus” is apologizable… Ivy Jugoa, the President of International Sangha, based in the Netherlands, had not only called Marici and Mata Ani, the two victims “two evil witches”, but also told Michiel Hegener, a former follower, that the Sangha had found proofs in Marici’s laptop about her witchcraft! Ivy Jugoa is a kindergarten teacher in Holland, but her alter ego agrees with torturing witches and stealing witches laptops… (Would you like her to teach your toddler “European ethics”?)

Below is a list of the stolen belongings, in illustrative pictures from the Internet. Only the Acer netbook has a photo, below, made by Nika L. of Russia in 2011, in the Black and White restaurant of Bouddhanath, Kathmandu.

acer The Acer was a machine with unusually big memory and had 3 external batteries, as well as a headphone to it. Its screen was shiny (mirror-type). It was a new machine, bought in Prague, from by an Internet purchase. 2 or 3 USB drives filled wit personal data and photos, had also disappeared.

Apart from the computer, the GREEN JACKET seen on this photo, had been also stolen while Bomjon tied Marici in the jungle on chains. Her big trekking bag had been left open to anyone in one of his concrete houses in the public area. After Marici was released, half of the bag was missing. Still humbled by the overpowering terror, she was afraid to request for her stolen things, happy to get out from the Hell of Ram Bomjon and out of Nepal, where noone was protecting her human rights, as of victim’s.

The SHAWL Maric had on her, had been first used to fix her broken hand, but when rebroken at the order of Ram Bomjon by Molam Lama, a monk, during the captivity, Marici’s left hand was also broken by Bomjon, she could not make a bandage of the right hand anymore. the shawl was used as the only means to clean away the biologicaldirt caused by Darshan Subba Limbu’s orally forced sexual abuse, as at the order of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha, his captive was not allowed to wash herself all 3 months!

Parts of the shawl had been put to safe places to use it as a DNA proof against the sexual abuse by Darshan Subba Limbu (currently absconded to the United Kingdom).

The clothes seen on the photo had been exactly the ones worn by Marici when she was kidnapped on 28, Dec, 2011.


Image: an example of how the stolen ID card looked like.

One of the things never returned is Marici’s ID CARD. Not of much use for immediate need (her passports had been returned so that she can be deported), Marici did not dare to request it from her captors when released. Yet, knowing that in a Third World country falsification is quite widespread, there is a danger of misusing the iD card by Ram Bomjon and his Sangha. He already has a precedent, when a fake birth certificate on another than his own name had been issued for him in Ratanpuri’s VDC Office. That time, typically, the officer was prosecuted, Bomjon and his followers not…

Possession stolen personal documents is a crime! Even if the robber is the reincarnation of Buddha or the Maitriya!

mp3The tiny silver colored Chinese MP3 PLAYER stolen during the same time by Bomjon and his followers in Halkhoriya, was a gift from the father of Marici’s deceased baby, similarly as the laptop. It had been filled with music by him as well. Apart from it, it was also used as a storing facility for numerous photos and personal files. It was stolen together with the netbook and ID card, and other personal items, during Marici’s captivity in the jungle.

bib2The LEATHER-COVER OXFORD BIBLE was a gift from a Swiss landlady where Marici used to live in 2000. Coming from a Christian backgroun, Europeans have respect to the Bible, even if not especially Christian by religion. Marici, a Yogini who studied Indology at the university, was not considering herself Christian, but the Bible had a huge importance for her personally. Inside the Bible the family photos and religious items had great personal value. Nothing of them had been returned by Ram Bomjon. His followers commenting under videos on YouTube describing the “guru’s” crimes, write regular anti-Christian comments, trying to create a demagogy that Marici (and Bomjon’s critics in general) are Christians who are trying to overturn the authority of the Buddhist Maitriya Bomjon! This is a stupid and evil accusation, not based on anything than primitive hatred against foreigners and Christians, from what apparently many Tamang Buddhist followers of Bomjon suffer.

Marici, studying Hindusim and Buddhism, and having Jewish ancestors, is certainly not anyone of a Christian missionary. But even if she was, would this fact alone justify the torture, beatings, keeping on chains, sexual abuse and stealing her Bible…? The answer that most Tamang Buddhist followers of Bomjon would give, is yes!


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