A deadly dharma

It seems anywhere Ram Bahadur Bomjon goes, death is in his footsteps. Buddha Boy’s person is connected to 13+6 known deaths (natural ones, naturally looking ones, two suicides, many abortions, but also two mysterious, suspicious deaths and recently even directly witnessed murders), although there is another, 14th case, which needs to be investigated more. Below is a list of known deaths connected to Maitriya Guru (Ram Bomjon). This article had been written in 2016, when “only” two of Bomjon’s eye-witnessed murders had been described (to the total disinterest of the police and Government in Nepal!). Yet in 2018 another eye-witnessed murder and the suspected murder of 4 of his followers, two nuns, one monk and his former girlfriend, had hit the police stations. These cases are added to this article in 2019.

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Disclaimer: This article is not a direct accusation of Bomjon of killing these people, of course. Accusing and investigating any mysterious deaths occuring around Bomjon is the responsibility of the Nepalese authorities, not of private people. The below list is rather collected to inspire people to think, judge with intelligence and decide for themselves if to go into the whole thing, because it seems that becoming a disciple, follower and even just a distant supporter of Nepal’s ‘Buddha Boy’ brings too often fatally tragic events to people’s lives…


In 2018 and 2019 Nepalese media had published a series of news about an alleged lynching to death of Ram Bomjon’s long-time monk follower, an elder man named Sanchalal Waiwa. Two eye-witnesses had described how Bomjon himself, with the help of his followers, beat Waiwa so long and so much that he finally succumbed to his injuries. This happened in Bomjon’s Sindhupalchok Ashram in Badegaon:

“Two eye-witnesses, who were Bomjon’s disciples then, have told Setopati that Bomjon himself beat his disciples Waiwa and Indra Man accusing them of sorcery four years ago. Waiwa breathed his last while being beaten.

“Many of us inside the ashram had fallen ill. Guru, therefore, beat Waiwa and Indra Man accusing them of sorcery. Waiwa fell down while taking the blows and died in a while,” one of the eye-witnesses told Setopati. There was a puja inside the ashram from March 22-29, 2015. Many nuns and disciples fell ill on the last day. They would cry and wail without any reasons, according to the witnesses.

Bomjon accused Waiwa and Indra Man of using sorcery to make them ill. He beat both the disciples on March 30 and also ordered other disciples to beat the duo. Around half a dozen disciples then beat the duo with sticks, pipes and kicks. Bomjon ordered to bury Waiwa’s body on the hill behind the house he lived in after Waiwa died, according to the witnesses. They claim Bomjon ordered to scatter around 25 packets of salt above the body. “Salt apparently helps in early decay of the body,” the witnesses reminisce.:

Himali Times: Police reach Bomjon’s ashram in Sindhupalchowk with forensic experts

(Archive.org and Archive.today)

The eye-witnesses detailed the place where Waiwa’s body had been swiftly cremated and thrown to a hole dug in the ground at Bomjon’s instruction. After police was using the witness accounts and sniffing dogs, they had dug the earth in that place and in fact had found 9 plastic salt packets there, and some other biological material. They had not found the body, though, it must have been transferred in the meantime. Indra Man had survived the beating and continued to serve Bomjon.

Image above: The murdered monk Sanchalal Waiwa and the 3 disappeared nuns and monk, who are suspected to be murdered by Bomjon and his disciples as well. Another case appeared in 2019, of a disappeared nun Rita Bot, who was in relationship with Bomjon in 2009, and from that time she never returned home. Her photo is not published, but possibly shown in one Nepalese video (snapshot below). More information and source of this photo: Setopati

Image above: one Nepalese video describes the story of disappearance of Rita (or Sarita) Bot of Kajiram in Sarlahi, repeatedly showing this photo. There is no explanation if this photo is actually showing Rita Bot. It is told that before she disappeared, she came home and burned all her photos, so the family is desperate because they cannot provide police with any photo to search. Yet Bomjon used to stay in their house, witnessed by the whole village. See more here

“The complaint filed by Mahendra mentioned that Sanchalal was murdered in the ashram itself and his body was buried in a patch nearby. It further stated that Bomjan and his followers sprinkled 20 packets of salt on the body in an attempt to cover up the crime.” My Republica 

(Archive.org and Archive.today)

Waiwa’s son had reported the disappearance of his father, as Waiwa phoned home telling to him that the would return home the next day. After long search the family decided to ask police for help, but there was not much success. The Nepali Government is blocking the investigation, and recently announced that as far as the body of Waiwa could not be found, Bomjon and his followers cannot be accused of murder. The government instructed the police to stop with the investigation and not to disturb Bomjon with any questioning or interrogation. They also gave a green light to Bomjon to leave the country!

The news in 2018 and 2019 also speak about the disappearance of 4 other near followers of Ram Bomjon, three nuns (Fulmaya Rumba of Hetauda, Karma Tamang of Nuwakot, Rita Bot of Sarlahi) and one other monk (Suresh Ale Magar of Jitpur). Many Nepali language videos made on this topic, as well as Setopati after interviewing people connected to Bomjon’s Sangha, came to the conclusion that the 4 disappeared followers might have been killed by Bomjon as well.

A comprehensive list of relevant information about the disappeared disciples and Waiwa’s alleged murder can be found on:


(Archive.org and Archive.today)

The Kathmandu Post


My Republica 

(Archive.org and Archive.today)



‘The follower adds Bomjon’s elder sister has also faced the wrath of ‘internal action’. “She later died a painful death.”

Setopat:State must watch Bomjon closely

The below list is trying to give a warning about a deadly cult of the person of the Nepalese “meditator”. The list also includes natural deaths, naturally looking deaths, suicides or suicide-looking deaths, miscarriages and abortions, and mysterious deaths where the reason cannot be proved because the followers of Ram Bomjon had swiftly disposed of (cremated) the bodies (a Hindu and Buddhist tradition is to cremate the dead as soon as possible).  Without any accusation (that would have been the job of police and investigative media!), the very amount and the rather foggy circumstances of at least some of these deaths should speak for themself. At least two of Bomjon’s devotees had to die due to relatives’ inability to cover the cost of treatment, while Ram Bomjon is using helicopters for his trips, and owns millions of rupees from donations… Two mysterious deaths (one US Citizen, the other his own sister) occurred during “treatment” by Bomjon’s followers in their own premises of people who were told to be in extreme medical conditions, yet professional medical care was not provided to them.

May the One and Only God, the Paramatman, save these unfortunate souls from the influence of the Dark One, anywhere they had departed, and bring them to the Pure Light of the Real God, avoiding all false gods!


Update 2019:

The below article had been written in 2016, when the amount of deaths and murder suspicions were still “only” 13. Although, is that the amount which is important? Even one murder would be enough in any law-abiding society to condemn the murderer, let alone punish him by the law. From those 13 cases I am listing here originally, 2 had been murders described by eye-witnesses or proved otherwise, and two very suspicious suicides. The news coming out in 2018 and 2019 about 6 other cases had been obviously not included in the below older article, and I leave it like that until a total rewriting. Unfortunately Bomjon’s hyperactive criminality does not enable me to follow up everything, and in a very tragic way my articles dealing with his murder accusations are becoming year by year outdated! I really hope that the Nepali authorities put away their bribe-culture and stop Bomjon and his cult supporting the killings of next and next people, and that I will never again be forced to update this dark topic anymore…

So please read the below article with the knowledge that it is slightly outdated, as the 6 more deaths/suspected deaths (see above) of the disappeared are not in the list below.

Thank you, The Halkhoriya Times

Ram Bomjon and his followers (Sangha) have a special care about death (concerning other people!). Death seems to be preoccupying their minds. Buddha boy’s newest propaganda machine is called Joan Stanley-Baker (Xu Xiaou Su), an eighty-something years old retired proffessor of Chinese art from Taiwan. She is writing a lot of illusionary New Age style elevated advertisements to attract believers to her guru on the Internet, and she is calling the special focus on death  “holistic spiritual ecology”:

“Gone are tears of wailing, or crying, genuine or commercially performed, as crying would affect the departing soul negatively, blocking, if not preventing altogether, its progress in ascension.  Mourners learn, instead, to nurture the purity of the heart needed to bless the departing soul with unconditional love, to send it onto higher realms in calm, in peace, and in joy. Now, people will gently accept death with gratitude, as the gateway to the soul’s release from cyclical suffering…”

Holistic Spiritual Ecology launched in Nepal

Currently Bomjon is connected to at least 13 deaths, although there is another, 14th case, which needs to be investigated more, and is detailed here: https://halkoriatimes.wordpress.com/2015/04/04/did-bomjons-attendants-torture-a-woman-to-death/

Bomjon-Maitriya’s deceased:


1, In the first years of ‘Buddha Boy’s” activity (2005-2007) his dedicated devotee, the mathematics teacher of Piluwa Academy , DEEPAK LIMBU  died of kidney failure. He was the father of Bomjon’s attendant Darshan Subba Limbu and husband of one of the schools’ teachers, Swapna Subba  . On the more than viral “BBC Documentary” of Discovery Channel titled “The Boy with Divine Powers“, which is used as the main propaganda tool of Bomjon’s followers on the Internet, Mr. Deepak Limbu is speaking to the interviewer about his belief in Bomjon ( approx. 43:51 to 43:53 min.,  https://youtu.be/SPqucLU2s40?t=2631 ).  He is later seen “scientifically discussing” the possibility of Ram Bomjon to sit without moving and eating, with a group of Nepalese intellectuals ( approx. 44:13 to 44:52 min. https://youtu.be/SPqucLU2s40?t=2653 )


Above image: late Deepak Limbu, one of the first followers of Ram Bomjon

That film was made in 2005 or 2006 when Bomjon was still looking like an innocent child yogi. Yet already in 2007 (about just 1-2 years after this video!) he already attacked Anil Khatri with a sword in Halkhoria Jungle, and kidnapped his first foreign devotee, a Spanish lady, torturing her weeks in his jungle! It means that his apparent young age was not to fool anyone about his ability (and willingness) to push through his “new dharma”, which celebrates  violence and other ways of harm. He must have had very powerful supporters to protect him from the law.

Darshan Limbu‘s father was allegedly (according to his son and wife) a very honest and devoted man. He was “saved” by Bomjon from his alcoholism when, they said, Amrit (ambrosia) was dripping from a tree branch above Bomjon’s sitting place, directly to the mouth of the school teacher. Unfortunately his devotion could not be realized too long, as he became fatally ill with kidney failure in the next years. For months the then poor village collected money for the regular need of dialysis, which was then not free in Nepal as is today. Finally the family had to sell even the school built by Deepak Limbu, which was also their home. (Now it is a private school called Bara Academy, where Swapna is still a teacher).  Yet after a time all money and loans dried up and there was no cure for the illness of “Deepak Sir” and he deceased. It could have happened sometimes around 2007-2010.

His guru had already collected huge donations at the time (though a tiny drop compared to his current wealth!), as the book Journey into the Forest (Seeking the enigmatic “Little Buddha” of Nepal) by Daniel B Haber described:

“He (Bed Bahadur Tamang) said that up to the end of Poush (January 14, 2006) they had collected 12 lakhs of rupees (1,200 000 = 10,997.40 USD) but that expenses had been 5 lakhs and that they had 6 lakhs in the bank.”

It is then explained in the book that the so called “expenses” had been food for the bodyguards of Bomjon… (In Nepal, where a whole Dahl-Bhat meal cost that time 80 rps and a tea was 5-10 rps!). The question remains, if one of his dedicated devotees was in urgent need of dialysis to save his life, could not Ram Bomjon or his Committee offer to pay for it?

Image above: Ram Bomjon’s men (calling themselves his “Committee”) in 2005, counting the daily income of the “Buddha Boy” from donations in 2005. Visitors had gifted Bomjon millions, and after the Government took some suspicion, his bank account had been frozen. Later Government had re-froze it though…First from the left in the back is Bed Bahadur, who had attacked Bomjon’s mother and siblings together with him and at Bomjon’s order in April 2012, and is one of Bomjon’s favored follower till today. Source: The Incredible Buddhaboy (GQ)

Bomjon is said to have arrived personally for the “funeral” march, when, after taking his body to himself in Halkhoria, people walked with it to Pasaha, South of the jungle, to place the ashes of Deepak Limbu to a hand-made chorten there (the “chorten” of the poorer Nepali Buddhists is just a small heap of stones inside which the ashes are placed, a kind of grave to remember the deceased).

Darshan Limbu, his son, and Swapna Subba his wife both became fanatic followers of Ram Bomjon, Darshan going as far as assisting the “guru” in attacking and torturing many other people…

Image above: The wife of Deepak Limbu, Swapna, and his son Darshan, both fanatic followers of Ram Bomjon. Darshan played a key role in torturing Bomjon’s victims, including the author of this article. 

2, During the same period another ardent devotee, the WIFE of Jas Bahadur Waiba of Piluwa (who became a devotee too), had died of cancer. In Piluwa, which is the nearest village to Ram Bomjon’s Halkhoria Compound, as it is just 6 km south of it, on the other side of the East West Highway, there had been two main clans who became the young Tamang boy’s main supporters: one was the above mentioned Limbu family, the other was their neighbor, the Waibas (a sub-caste of Tamangs). Paradoxically they were in a rather tense relationship, yet forcing themselves to a friendship for the sake of peace in the village.

waiba-and-wifeAbove image: Jas Bahaduir Waiba with his late wife in the very old (2005-2007?) French Documentary of Soujet Romain Destans, titled “66 Minutes Petit Bouddha“, one of the oldest records of people and events around Ram Bomjon. The couple is seen in approx. 10:30 min. of the film. The link to this part of the video: https://youtu.be/HmPxSt4O3FE?t=632 

Jas Bahadur Waiba used to tell every new devotee that he was a “very bad man” before converting to Bomjon’s “dharma”. He used to be a mafia leader of smugglers, wearing guns and hunting animals, eating meat and drinking alcohol… A similar story as with Deepak Limbu, even Waiba claimed that it was Bomjon who freed him from all these bad addictions. Leaving behind his past, he deposited his guns in the so called “underground meditation bunker” of Bomjon instead, and used his huge money resources collected over the years through his activities as a bribing means to silence police and media, if they were too intrusive after Bomjon’s numerous kidnappings, attacks and tortures against people. Waiba is a “basically good man”, at least this is the image that everyone gets. He was involved actively in supporting Bomjon in his kidnapping of two women in 2012…

Note: when Bomjon had been evicted from Halkhoriya in 2012, the guns deposited in his “meditation bunker” had “mysteriously” disappeared a few days later. Ratanpuri villagers claimed that Bomjon sent back his own people to collect the guns! A distant relative of Bomjon said that at a visit to the guru’s new residence in Sindhuli, he saw 6-7 rifles with him there… Now, the question is: what are rifles doing in the possession of an alleged “pacifist”, who is organizing yearly “world-peace-maitri” pujas…?

Yet Waiba liked to emphasize his permanent need for a woman, even if he was already in his fifties when he converted to Bomjonism. An emotional man, he loved his wife. It was she who first became a devotee of Ram Bomjon, at around the same time when Deepak Limbu. She was so devoted that every morning she woke up at 4 AM and made Puja (ritual prayer) with incense and music in front of Ram Bomjon’s paper posters in her Puja Room. Yet she became soon ill with cancer, and after a long suffering she deceased. Her husband was extremely broken by her death, and thus even more stuck to Ram Bomjon, his miracle-making guru. He was questioning his abilities for a time, after his wife died from such a painful illness, asking why Bomjon did not save her life with his Siddhis… Bomjon’s answer was then that he is able only to postpone one’s bad Karma, but not to diminish it entirely, and that he did try to postpone her death many times, but it was allegedly no more possible…

Waiba’s late wife is seen on many older videos about Ram Bomjon among devotees, a Tamang lady in her fifties with reddish (colored) hair. Waiba had happily remarried only in the summer of 2012, after his guru’s “well-elaborated” torture of two kidnapped women that spring.

waibas-wifeAbove image: Jas Waiba’s late wife on the Soujet Romain Destans, titled “66 Minutes Petit Bouddha” French documentary about Ram Bomjon. The link to this part of the video: https://youtu.be/HmPxSt4O3FE?t=241 She is briefly seen as a devotee visiting Ram Bomjon after his escape to Baghjora Jungle near Hetauda, and welcoming his faithful with an ancient sword near himself. Though he seemed innocent on the video, his escape was most probably a real absconding from prosecution by the authorities after he attacked a Ratanpuri villager (Anil Khatri) with that very sword. In spite of the popular legend, he was not alone on his trip to this faraway jungle: according to one old media article he was accompanied with noone else than his sister MANU (who, a key witness, mysteriously died in October 2016) and brother a certain Indra lama. His sibling had provided him all his needs, while J. B. Waiba, Pragya Ratna Ghullu and his first Committee had concealed his whereabouts and protected him from media and police. All devotees, also the wife of Waiba, were acting in a total conviction that this is exactly what Dharma required from them…

3, An online devotee of Ram Bomjon, member of the Buddha Boy Ram Bahadur Bomjon Google Group, FRED COUTIER died in his chair in his house in the UK, seemingly in “meditation”. He was one of the first members of the Group and an active contributor. A neighbor, Linda who found his sitting body in his house, informed the Google Group about his departure. Andrea Good (LoveTruthJoy) informed the Buddha Boy – Ram Bahadur Bomjon Google Group about his death:


As we can see above, Andrea Good made a mistake and wrote the year 2007 while it was actually 2009, as it is seen from the gmail date itself….

Fred’s was the first death of a Bomjon-devotee that the foreign Sangha of Bomjon had encountered.

This is what Andrea Good (Jyampa Dolma) wrote about his departure in the history of the Google Group:

“Our Group regularly remembers with prayers Fred Coutier, our member who has died in the US with a smile, sitting on his chair while praying for the health of another Google Group member and sending her the mantra of the Medicine Buddha by email. Another Google Group member, Lyndon, has helped to arrange his burial. “

Andrea was going to have an operation and the Google Group, including Fred, was praying for her to Ram Bomjon, the ‘Buddha Boy’…

There is no photo of Fred Coutier, but he has left behind many intelligent emails mixing politics, religion, philosophy. His last post to the Group was a membership granting to Rahul on September 18, 2009, as he was also one of the Managers.

(The Buddha Boy Google Group had been first renamed, then closed down and then deleted by Andrea Good in 2013 and a new one, betraying the former mission of free speech, was created by her. The Google Group was founded on July 13, 2007 by Brad Grace, nicknamed Mu. First its ownership was given from Mu to Joe Schmidt (UK) in 2011, then from Joe to Andrea in 2011, and after the big criminal affair of kidnapping the Buddha Boy Google Group’s long-time manager Marici in 2012, it became a means to organize witch-huntings and collective anger against this victim, by Andrea Good, its factual leader. Misusing the sudden “manpower” of more than 800 online members, Andrea transformed to a sole dictator of the online forum, giving out commands and deleting all criticism… After cutting down hundreds of critical voices, she finally stayed with 2-5 members who stopped to post anything, and the Buddha Boy Google Group died out of its own cancer of fanaticism and censorship. Its history and intrigues had been detailed on the Dharma-sangha.com website).

4, In 2013-2014 a TAMANG BUDDHIST LAMA died in Devgath, Nepal, who shared with the friends of the author of this article that he was suffering from nightmarish visions with the Buddha Boy, whose admirer he was. Bomjon allegedly appeared in visions in every meditation and threatened to cut his head, kill him – while he used to sit in a cave above  the Kali Gandaki  which he was “renting” for his Buddhist retreat. He shared with the  Devgath friends that he could not bear the demonic visions anymore, and jumped to the river to seek escape. He wrote a farewell letter where he explained these reasons too.Nepalese media had published a short article about his death at the time. He had a wife and two children in Kathmandu.

devgatImage: along Kali Gandaki river there are many caves for meditation. Kali Gandaki is but also a favorite place of suicides, due to the rocky banks.

Many Buddhist lamas are deluded to believe that the miracle-maker magician, Ram Bomjon, is actually the reincarnation of Gautama Buddha. Thus they combine the effective concentration techniques of Buddhism with the worship of “Maitriya Guru’s” person, up to the extreme of kissing his feet, etc… Some are using his photos to worship him as a god, meditate on his form, face, connect to his energy… As we see, it is not a fortunate way.

5, TSONA RINPOCHE , one of the only two Tibetan rinpoches who actually accepted Ram Bomjon (the other is Tamang tulku Lobsang Namgyal rinpoche) made suicide in his Delhi apartment in 2014. For those not familiar with Nepali Buddhism, the rinpoches are in 99% of Tibetan origin, and Tamang Buddhism differs in practice from Tibetan Buddhism. Ram Bomjon, a Tamang, has obviously mostly Tamang lama followers. For outsiders Tibetan Buddhist lamas and Tamang Buddhist lamas look the same. Yet when asked, many Buddhist lamas and rinpohces of Tibetan origin express dislike of Ram Bomjon, the self-appointed Maitriya, and keep the traditional views.

Yet Bomjon-devoted Tamang lamas infiltrate Tibetan Buddhism, as we can see from the fact that the Tamang khenpo Sonam Gyurme managed to convince his own teacher Tsona rinpoche about the enlightenment of Ram Bomjon. Tsona rinpoche told to khenpo after his private meeting with Bomjon, that he “remembered him from the other worlds”, and humbly confessed before Bomjon that he had to reincarnate again for making mistakes in previous life. In any case, the venerable rinpoche was of a rather vulnerable psyche, easily influenced by the fashionable cult.



Image: khenpo Gyurme had invited Tsona Gontse rinpoche to meet Ram Bomjon in Halkhoria in spring 2011. A great social event had been organized in the traditional way. Tsona rinpoche felt very humble and honored to meet Ram Bomjon. We will never learn his opinion about Bomjon’s beatings, torturing women, ordering sexual abuse on captive victims, whether he approved all this from a traditional Buddhist point of view… Rinpoche had ended his life hanging himself in his Delhi apartment on 18 May, 2014

See also: https://halkoriatimes.wordpress.com/2016/04/03/maitriyas-timing-problem-delayed-denoucements/


Archive: http://archive.is/fNwBD

Image above: apparently the same Tsona rinpoche “purifying the way” for his guru Bomjon with an incenser, when he arrived to Sindhuli in 2012. It is important to note that rinpoche was bowing to ‘Maitriya Guru” already after the 2012 crimes of Bomjon against two women, Marici and Mata Ani, whom Bomjon kidnapped, tied for 3 months, tortured with various means including beating, breaking their bones and letting sexually defile them as “witches” by his attendants. Rinpoche and his former student khenpo Sonam Gyurme had been aware of these facts, but betraying Buddhism they did not help the victims… Could it be that conscience took a toll on Tsona rinpoche, after more than 40 victims of his young guru could not be justified with Buddha or Dharma anymore…?

6, US psychologist DR. WILLIAM MOORE who went to Nepal in 2016 to serve his guru, not leaving any notes to his family, died of alleged heart attack during the treatment by Ram Bomjon’s Sangha members in their premises (according to the US Embassy which told it to Moore’s family he died in July 2016 in an “orphanage which was also a family homestay“). His body was denied post mortem (exhumation) but swiftly cremated by the Sangha, who claimed that “it was his last wish”.

moore1The image shows Dr. William Moore’s inauguration as monk under Ram Bomjon, and Ngima Dawa Tamang, who happened to be in the US, was “ordaining” him in the name of Nepalese “Maitriya” Bomjon. Dr. Moore has a blue shawl and at his side Ngima Dawa Tamang is with a white shawl. Kim Nguyen, the founder of the USA BSDS Sangha of Bomjon, is shown in the first line, with white shawl second from right. It is more than probable that the place where Dr. Moore had been “treated”, as described as an orphanage and homestay in the same time, was not other than Dawa Tamang’s house, who is famous for keeping his Family Homestay and Chacchari Organization orphanage as his main businesses years.

Though after the death of Dr. Moore there is no direct link shown between Ngima Dawa’s Family Homestays and his orphanage, after a little browsing one can easily find that in fact he continues to be the owner of the orphanage :



The snapshot is from https://www.facebook.com/ChhahariChildrensHomeNepal/



More pictures and writing on Dr. Moore and his connection to “Dharma Sangha” (Bomjon) could have been found on the Dharma-sangha.com website until it was closed down, and now archived on: https://dharmasangharchive.wordpress.com/2017/05/03/confusion-comes-from-lies/

7, MANU (Manomaya) Tamang, Bomjon’s elder sister died of grave brain injuries which she suffered in 2015. Suffering one year, treated by the Sangha of Ram Bomjon (in the orphanage and homestay of Ngima Dawa Tamang, and in the BTMC organization’s monastery of khenpo Sonam Gyurme) she breathed her last in October 2016.

manuThe image shows the late Manu Ani (nun) with Ngima Dawa Tamang and Japanese monk Junsei Terasawa. It was Ngima who was looking after Manu in 2015 in his Family Homestay... Even friendship with Bomjon’s richest followers did not help her to finance the medical treatment of her tragic condition.

manu2Above image: Late Manu with her devotee-friends in Japan in March 2011. From left: Pragyaratna Ghullu, a Japanese Bomjon-devotee and Andrea Good. Andrea invited the two Nepalese to her Japan home, to empower her connection to Ram Bomjon.

Yet when Manu had been harmed by Bomjon and his attendants, together with her mother and siblings in April 2012, Andrea did not rush to help her. She was neither there for her when she needed money for hospital treatment for her mysterious brain condition after returning from Malaysia and meeting with Buddha Boy and his Sangha. Andrea once disclosed that she viewed Manu as a stepping stone to get nearer to her guru-idol, Bomjon…

More about the death of Manu can be found in the articles:

Manu Ani departed

Why did Manu have to die?

8. According to the Dharma-sangha.com website, which had been Bomjon’s former official website. numerous UNBORN BABIES and EMBRYOS had been sent to be aborted during the pregnancy of Ram Bomjon’s girlfriend “Guru Ama” (Dipshika of Mirik, Darjeeling, India) and other girlfriends. More about this topic can be found on the Dharma-sangha.com* former official website of Bomjon:  A girl friend, pregnancies and miscarriages   and the article Announcement of the first pregnancy (saved on Archive.org).

*update 2017: the site was closed and partially archived on https://dharmasangharchive.wordpress.com/ , which was based on Archive.org . See more about the closure: https://halkoriatimes.wordpress.com/2017/05/03/former-official-later-critical-dharma-sangha-com-shut-down/

womenImage above: two most important women for Ram Bomjon from 2012 till 2015: his girlfriend Dipshika (Guru Ama) and his youngest sister Ranjita, both in greenish dresses. The blue monks and nuns are a new invention of Ram Bomjon, from 2013, to distinguish himself from traditional Buddhism.

Many foreigners had been around the couple when the abortions of the unborn babies had been repeated again and again. Some foreigners even seemed to even help Bomjon in arranging abortions in hospitals (like a certain French couple staying with Bomjon long-time, and collecting donations for him through a half-fake charity “Surya World”). Yet, according to reliable witnesses I have spoken to, Dipshika was by far not the only girlfriend of Ram Bomjon who was sent by him to artificial abortions after they conceived. Only God knows if these publicly undisclosed disposing of his own children was a sign of him being fond of death as such, or because of the “traditional” Nepalese reason: refusing baby girls and wanting only a baby boys (abortions based on gender are against the Nepalese law and also against any dharma!). This last reason is quite probable, because, informers say that finally a male child was finally allowed to be born in Autumn 2015.


10. Bomjon’s own FATHER departed in 2011 as a result of overuse of alcohol. Again, one could logically ask the question, why a so called “Savior of the World” could not ensure that his own father stopped to drink, or that he died from such a reason. After Bomjon behaved to his own family which elevated him to the position he is now, in a very disgraceful way, some of his disillusioned family members returned to drinking and eating meat. After he attacked his own mother and siblings in April 2012, locking them up for 5 days in the jungle, even Manu, Shyam and Babula, who were lamas and nun till 2012, put down their monk robes and started to focus on earning money in Malaysia…

father-and-mother-source-longformImage (courtesy of Longform.com) shows Ram Bomjon’s late father and mother on an old photo. Mother is holding her famous son’s picture.

There have thus been many reasons why Bomjon’s own father lived such a desperate life, just a few kilometers far from his world-famous Maitriya-son. Alcoholics are people in depression and Bomjon’s father died just after his son started to reveal his hard and cruel fist to women and men alike. Although totally neglecting his father during his life, when he died, Bomjon used the opportunity to show off in his native village in a huge procession… Anyone new would suggest from that pomp that the ‘Buddha Boy’ must have shown affection to his father during life. Yet the opposite was true. It only served him as a great opportunity for his favorite FUNERAL MARCHES, in which he was already excellent… Such marches invite groups of supporters and donations for the “occasion”, spectacular Tibetan-style Buddhist rituals with music and incense…

Yet all this did not help the unfortunate soul of Maitriya Guru’s father: his ashes had been placed in a hand-made chorten in a shortcut pathway between Bongjor, the actual native village of Bomjon, and the “Ratanpuri Gumba”, the small monastery erected at the spot of his first meditation. That shortcut path inside a dense patch of jungle was used by shepherds and villagers crossing to the only drivable road behind it. Yet after Bomjon’s father’s remain had been placed there, villagers whispered horror stories about ghosts, strange sounds while walking there. On one occasion a passing villager  had been hit by lots of stones coming from the area of the chorten and had to run for his life. At another a dangerous dog was terrorizing the passers-by… Thus soon it became a rule for locals to avoid the ghosty pathway with Bomjon’s father’s chorten altogether…


Image: Bir Bahadur Bomjon, ‘Buddha Boy’s” deceased father



Image: The funeral march for Bomjon’s deceased father in 2011. Bomjon had collected most of the violent attendants and bribers in the crowded event: in the very front is the innocent Melam lama of Hetauda. Behind him khenpo Dawa, who took part in torturing Bomjon’s female victims in 2011 and 2012. Behind Bomjon on his left is Budha lama, who took part in tortures of many people as attendant. On Bomjon’s right is Raju Saha of Nijgadh, a businessman. Behind Raju, covering his nose, is Mani Lama, ex-health minister, who was justifying the Slovak victim Marici’s torture for 3 months, in a press conference in 2012. In the background is Polish Tomasz Henryk Tarnowski (Tom Dorje) who is responsible for the pains and bodily damage of tens of victims of his guru. Right from Raju Saha in sunglasses is Jas Bahadur Waiba.

11. Ngima Dawa Tamang’s ELDER DAUGHTER died in America, of inborn heart problem, in 2015.


Image: Ngima Dawa Tamang bowing before his god Ram Bomjon in Halkhoriya Jungle in 2012.

12, Bomjon’s main political supporter, the ex-health-minister, Mani Lama‘s “Bomjon-created” miracle-triplets born in 2011, but one of the BABIES died. The whole story of how Mani Lama begot a child, had been circulated among Sangha members as a miracle of “Dharma Sangha” (the name Bomjon used at the time). It goes as this: Mani Lama did not have children three whole years, even when regularly trying artificial methods in hospitals. He requested Bomjon to make a miracle in 2011. At the meeting of the Committee, when he requested, his wife was also present. Bomjon pointed to her and said: You are going to get even three children now, because of wishing three years! Soon his wife gave birth to triplets and the “creator” guru was admired even more for his Siddhis (powers).

It is but well-known that twins, triplets etc. are often born to women who use artificial insemination, due to the method used to ensure that at least one embryo survives. A person in Piluwa but shared with the author of this article, that Mani Lama and his wife had been using artificial insemination for many years, and the “miracle” was just a result of the long medical efforts. Yet the official version of the story was that Bomjon had actually CREATED the triplets in her womb at the moment he pointed to her! Everyone (uneducated villagers as well as educated foreign devotees) believed it. The delighted father, Mani Lama, a minister of the last king’s era, then used his political contacts to ensure that Bomjon is accepted as Nepal’s new Buddha, and can enjoy total impunity for anything he does. His devotion to the “creator of his children” did not fade even after one of the triplets soon died…

11, A Google Group devotee of Ram Bomjon, Australian Emilie S. , had lost her UNBORN BABY around 2008. There were private emails by Andrea Good about Emilie’s loss, and a half-public message that the unborn deceased. Indirectly it was then written by Emilie on the Google Group forum. Andrea wrote to Marici, who was praying for Andrea’s successful operation to Ram Bomjon:



A little later Emily stopped to write and came back only later, with the sad news.

12, Marici, who was the manager of the Buddha Boy Google Group, and later became Bomjon’s volunteer-on-the-site and victim of his torture, lost her UNBORN BABY in the 5th month of pregnancy on September 19, 2007, during the time when she was very active as the Groups manager and maximally dedicated to Ram Bomjon’s cause. Connecting energetically (pranically, mentally) to the ‘Buddha Boy’ apparently did not bring her health, neither blessing in her pregnancy… Even exhumation of the baby did not shed light to the cause of his death. He died in perfect health, the doctors said…

The tragedy of loss for the then 38 years old Marici was felt so overwhelming, that this was a main motivation to quit job, flat and relationship and go to Nepal to volunteer and support the young meditator. Preparing 3 years for the trip, Marici left to Nepal to stay in Halkhoria at the invitation of Andrea Good and Bomjon’s Committee in January 2011. One year later she was abducted by “Dharma Sangha” and without reason beaten and tortured unprecedentedly three months as an alleged “witch” who threatened Bomjon’s meditation!


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    1. Unfortunately I have been informed about this, but to protect the safety of the informers in a chain of informers I was not allowed to publish it. It cost me a long-time friendship and trust in Westerners as a guarantee of witness accounts and human rights, in case they meet Bomjon’s crimes. I lost my trust in the Westerners who are witnesses and had been directly informed by eye-witneeses in the case of her death, yet were not ready to publish it, warn the media and authorities in Nepal and abroad. A few of them simply “washes their hands” and do not want to have anything in common with Bomjon… Yet they are carrying a heavy burden of responsibility that they KNOW the truth behind Ram Bomjon – Maitriya – Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha….


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